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BB Cream,

Miss Chai, What's Your Secret To Your Glowing Skin and ...

9/15/2011 03:16:00 AM Chai Chen 15 Comments

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I get this question a lot of times from our employees and agents, mostly, and some new friends I met including those in the cosplay scene. It's not like I'm a beauty expert or something similar. But I felt I needed to answer this question for the benefit of everyone asking, hurhurhur~

I guess I'll share it in a "Q&A Format" with the Top 5 Variations of this question and how I normally respond to them. And if any readers out there have a negative mindset or will just think of this post as another "know-it-all-about-beauty-blog" or this is just a self-centered post and the likes, then just leave and don't read hehehe. This ain't for yah. LOLZ. Again, I ain't a beauty expert but I am NOT selfish of my knowledge so I share my thoughts and wisdom to many (Wow ha? Me already~ LOLZ).
Miss Chai, how come you maintain your youthful skin? Looks like you don't grow old ...
The photo above would show you how I look in a span of two (2) years. The other one, I barely have nothing but baby powder and lipgloss. The newest, I had make up on. I am very much flattered to receive such nice compliments, by the way. Anyway, I don't really have any secret. I just wash my face with regular facial wash. I use different brands to check which one suits my skin best. I have sensitive skin so some brands don't really last long with me hehe. I developed rashes so I stop using those other brands. Other than regular face washing, I guess keeping on smiling is one way how I maintained the look. Though as you can see also in the picture, it doesn't look like I've not really grown older. I had fairer skin way back then but with stress, irregular sleeping patterns, unhealthy food, lack of exercise, and mindset has dawned on my skin and it ain't as clear as it could be way back 2008. Acceptance of the fact that everyone grows old is important. And I did! Otherwise, I'll go crazy thinking what's wrong with my face.
Do you use make-up everyday?
You look all-fresh all-day! What do you do?
Globe One Youth 2010
Headshot Clinic
Photo By Niccolo Cosme
If I'd be thankful for one thing I didn't grow old with, I guess that is about not wearing make-up except for special occasions. My mom has always taught me that. I grew up with just using baby powder for my face until highschool. In my college years, I started using eyeliner and cheek tints and lip gloss. When I started working, that's when I learned to use real-make-up-stuff regularly but only a very little amount. I mostly use mineral powder now, a blusher, and a dipliner or liquid eyeliner. Just last year, I started using BB Creams. I'll review the products I use some other time. Hehehe. Dun have time for them now. When I cosplay, I use an airbrush make-up and/or BB cream, concealer and a powder foundation, aside from blush-ons and eyeshadows and the likes. That's all. But daily? Naaah. Coz I know I'll end up sleeping with make-up on after a tiring day and that's not good. Need to clean up daily. The routine would kill me haha. Remember I am lazy for those things? Hehehe. I honestly have experienced it a lot of times - I just went straight to sleeping without clearing up. Leaving make-up on your face before sleeping ain't a good practice. Make-up has a lot of ingredients that may be good for the skin when it's on but it's bad for the skin when it's left there for long. So do you need to have make-up everyday just to stay pretty? Prolly not. It ain't necessary. Inner beauty is much more important! Naks!

You have very white porcelain skin, Ms. Chai.
Do you use glutathione? Or did you get treatments?
No. As much as possible, I don't try out vitamins nor other medications to care for my skin hehe. I'm lazy for all those maintenance ... in fact, I'm very low-maintenance on these. I guess I was able to retain this complexion only because I rarely get hit but the sun's rays hohoho. My work shift pays a lot of role in this. Plus, I inherited my parents' roots ... half Chinese dad; half Spanish mom (and mixed with Filipino and Indian blood). Call me blessed, but yeah, that's all I got. I am very careless actually, when it comes to caring for my skin soooo ... don't try to follow my beauty tips. LOLZ. And nope, I ain't getting any Belo or Calayan and the likes treatments. I'm scared to do anything to my face and body just to keep myself "beautiful" hehe.

What do you look like without make-up on?

I don't look the same. With BB cream, mineral powder, and dipliner at the maximum daily, I'd say I still look different without them. Even just using an eyeliner alone makes the look different. This comparison photo tells you and shows you what I mean. I normally apply a very thin line on my eyelid and the waterline, or just one of the two. Applying it on both areas really make me look like a B*@tch! Dang! And people then start calling me a snob, or a misfit, or simply, a B! Name-calling game keeps on rolling. LOLZ. Without it, I look like a kid. In this photo I'm sharing, I was even called a highschool student by an elder in the neighborhood. While it's nice to look and stay young, I do not like it when they think I'm too young to do some things grown-ups can do ... like wearing the fashionista clothes I wanna wear. I remember there was once an incident as well in college, when I was denied entry from a cinema because I didn't look 18-enough. Demmit! It was a hassle despite showing my ID. I needed that for a movie review lah~ So there are advantages and disadvantages as well.

How do you keep your flawless skin?
It's not like I really "keep" it. LOL. And my skin ain't flawless. I have freckles on my face and back. I have uneven skin tone. I have dark spots. OMG! Signs of skin aging!!! LOLZ. But thank you to all those who appreciate it. If I really have tips how to have the skin / looks I have right now, I'd just summarize them in these points. You'll see them in beauty-experts' posts, trust me! So trust them and don't be sooo stubborn. If you disagree with me, that's ok. These are my POVs anyway and this is what I do ... in case you're interested. (^_^)

  1. Have a regular facial washing routine. It helps clear out impurities.
  2. Eat healthy food. Let go of the junk foods. Keep fruits and veggies in your diet plan.
  3. Have a sound sleep as much as possible. 6+ hours on average. Though I sleep 3-4 hours regularly anyway, I keep longer hours during my rest days hehe.
  4. Do not regularly use make up. Just use 'em on special occasions. 
  5. BB creams nowadays have make up function. If ever you use one, make sure you still cleanup daily. And use a brand that's trusted. BB creams help regenerate skin renewal or something as proven in a Korean successful surgery. 
  6. Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. I normally finish 1 liter of bottled water while at work. 
  7. Stay out of the the sun or use sunblock / sunscreen specially for the face if you'll go out with the sun's peak hours out. UVA/UVB rays = no no!
  8. Think of inner beauty. It's more important than the looks we have. :) Keep that and the beauty will transcend. It stands out more than anything else. That's the standard of beauty and not what society dictates.
  9. Accept the fact that everybody grows old and we all have imperfections. Non-acceptance may lead you to more complex makeup, hence making you look even older than needed. It will also lead you to believe there's always someone better than you ... chillax! That's normal!
  10. Keep a positive vibe and thinking! Stay happy. Keep on smiling! Enjoy life.
Chai on Facebook - As Years Go By ... Keep On Smiling!
It feels more natural without anything on the face anyway. That's my true glowing skin. (^_^) That's the secret!


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