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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cosplaymania 2011 Is the Biggest Event, Ever!

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This has got to be the grandest event to ever happen in the Philippines' Cosplay Scene every year! I ain't no expert nor am I affiliated with Cosmania organizers. I'm simply a cosplayer who have high hopes and a fan of this spectacular event. Personally, I'd say it's really the best I've ever attended in all conventions I've been at. I am no-newbie in the scene anymore and yet, I am also not a veteran. But my personal experiences in the past events have been my benchmark for what a grand event, and a successful one to be exact, should be. And this is it!

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Photo by "maskedcrimsonrogue"
I started attending cosplay conventions in 2008. I guess I can say that my first "official convention" could be Cosplay Mania 2008 where I debuted my Lili Rochefort cosplay, a first as well - or sort of hehe. I could say it was a success. I enjoyed the event. I went with my sister Zhong that time, and a highschool friend, Vander, who also loves anime and games and cons like that. That was also where I met notable individuals in the cosplay scene and have made friends with them; Ate Jac, Gene, Homer (who was Paul Phoenix from Tekken as well); Cykah, and of course, my cosplay sister Naoko... and many more! A lot of people were also mistaken though ... and they kept calling me Alodia ... not that I look like her or anything but because we cosplayed a similar character I guess. Well, she's already a star haha. I'm flattered! LOL.
More photos of me and these amazing people at my MULTIPLY ALBUM (yes I still keep that site for photo stocks hehe):

The event was really fun. That was my first real "catwalk" as well. As awkward as it may seem, I guess I can say I am honored that it was even featured in ABS-CBN's then show, The PROBE Team. Full cosplay videos are available at my Youtube Channel: (^_^) Credits to for keeping a copy of this vid. Here it is ... go check it out ...

The fun didn't stop there. I guess I considered this event as my cosplay birthday therefore, debuting my newest costumes, and never wanting to miss them! In 2009, me and my cosplay sistah Naoko went on as the Beatmania IIDX partners - DJ Lilina Hinazuki and DJ Iroha Umegiri. It was a pretty tiring event yet fun altogether. It was also the first time, I guess, where I've worn more costume pieces than ever. The materials I chose with my tailor were also a careful choice. I really just wanted to portray my character well. I had to prepare for the props and accessories too, to be true to the game. Also, as Naoko puts it, no Beatmania cosplayer is true to his/her character without that giant disc hohoho ... so thank goodness I was still able to scout for one! Harhar!

Beatmania IIDX - DJ Iroha and DJ Lilith Cosplays
Photo by Jan Castolo
That time, Cosmania 09 seems to really have offered more. More booths, contests, raffle prizes, plus the exhibits, the space, and loads more. Kudos to the organizers who really worked hard in improving this event!

By Z3ll Photography
I was saddened by the fact though, that in Cosmania 2010, or better known as Cosplaymania X; I was only able to attend the 2nd day. The 1st day was my graduation from my Six Sigma Class and Project Management Class. It's still work (yes I'm workaholic) but I can't miss that one for leisure. It's also another milestone for me and my career anyway so I gave Day 1 a "pass." For Day 2, I made sure I didn't miss it. Hehe. It was the first time the event moved from being held at SM Megamall to a bigger and bolder space - SMX Convention Center. Surely, it's more convenient for all of us cosplayers. Naoko and I were supposed to be together in a group but my costume didn't make it. So, I just launched my new costume as well (worn in a Photoshoot only) that time.

International guests Clive Lee and his partner, and Jesuke were part of the main attraction that time. Oh boy! It was awesome! I didn't get a chance to take a picture with them too (T_T) T'was the first time that this event had international guests.

It was another first for me - a character I did portray in her original version and this time, a "fan art" version. It was also more daring and sexy, I'd say (LOLOLOLZ). I am unable (until now) to upload any albums / photo sets yet for this so just stick with this one I'm sharing. Haha. I went with my good friend, Jonx that time who's also my "official propsmaker" - if there's such a term bwahaha. He's a fan of game and cosplays and art hence the skills, I guess! Go give him props! (And he better pay me up for promoting him hahaha!)

Photo by Kira Hokuten
And this year ... 2011 ... it has to be BIGGEST, EVAAAAH!!!

If last year, there were international guests already; this year ... make that double the number!

Award-winning International guests:

Pinky LuXun, JiakiDarkness, YukiGodbless, and Clive Lee are coming over! I am soooo excited with this! Dang!!!

Photo from:
Pinky is an online friend (we've gotten to know each other primarily from Deviantart and Xanga Blog) and I am just sooo excited to meet her in person. This girl is nuts sometimes (kidding! hehe... Me loves♥ Pinky! Yay! It's just an expression!) ... and posted about her excitement to meet me in person straight from my Facebook wall. Dang! Friend requests started to soar once more! LOLZ. I managed to tone it down already from the more hundreds and now, it went double the count ... and coming triple soon! Yikes! More profiles to check haha! Not that I'm a snob or something ... just wanting to organize my contacts hehe. Facebook privacy is not 100% trustworthy nowadays, yah know? But for sure, Pinky girl ... I'm gonna glomp yah! Haha.

The event has loads more to offer. Checkout the official website or their Facebook Fan Page for more info. From TORCH Finals to AFA 2011 representation, to more stores, more space, more contests, more prizes to give ... what more can you ask for?

It's gonna be another first for me though. I always wanna try out new things. Otherwise, I'm dead to the world. Lots of things in store for me so I might as well maximize it! Hurhur! I can't contain my excitement anymore ... can't wait to see again my other friends like Zell, Yuu, Markee, Kira, and many more! (Sorry dears if I wasn't able to mention all of you hehe.) I will try hard to keep mum about the plans nyahaha! Just wait and see ... Mark your calendards ... OCTOBER 1 TO 2, 2011 ... SEE YOU THERE! (^_^)

Note: Schedule is subject to change without prior notice. 
Day 1: October 1, 2011 (Saturday)
10:00 AM – Event Opening
Project Cosplay: Solo Category
Team Cosplay Checkmate
other contests as announced
Day 2: October 2, 2011 (Sunday)
10:00 AM – Event Opening
Costume Building Contest
Project Cosplay: Group Category
Cosplay Tournament of Champions II (TOrCH II) Finals
other contests as announced
Finale / Closing of event
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