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A Saturday Habbit - Salcedo Market Food Trip!

8/14/2011 08:00:00 PM Chai Chen 12 Comments

Ever since some of my colleagues invited me to join them in one of their food trips way back 2009, and it so-happened to be at Salcedo Market in Makati; it has become a routine for me as well to drop by and have our breakfast/lunch or at least a short break from work; knowing that it's just near our office.

The place offers a wide variety of food and other things you'll like. If there's a Banchetto Night Market on some days, there's a Salcedo Morning Market on Saturdays and a Legaspi Morning Market on Sundays. I've never gone or visited the Leviste Market yet in Makati but it's mostly similar organizations and sellers as the Salcedo Market (or at least that's what I was told by one of my favorite sellers at Salcedo).

It's not like I'm always at that place every week though. Sometimes, work eats me! LOL. But whenever I find time, I go there with my friends and colleagues who love some different ambiance than what we have in the office; or those who love to "food trip;" or even as simple as ... just taking a quick break, as a reason. But anyway ... regardless of the reason ... me and my folks do drop by the place to bond and eat together! Nuff said! LOL. But there's more to it than what you could've heard ... it's always best to pay a visit ...


With my frequent visits to this place, I can't help but play favorites. My favorite stall is that one called "Manvy Foods" who serve just one menu item - spinach noodles! At first I doubted that it'll taste any good, knowing it's made of spinach; but the first time I tried it, it was awesome! It doesn't taste awful at all. I personally witnessed how they make their noodles too. Dang! It's manual labor! Yay! It seems pretty hard to be managed by just two (2) people every weekend though - the owner and the cook. But luckily, they're able to get through every weekend event! Wooohooo!

Salcedo Market, Salcedo Village Makati Philippines
Manvy Food's Spinach / Veggie Noodles Paired with Juice It! Mango-Banana Shake!
Spinach Noodles + 2 Big Meat Balls + 3 Dumplings + Chichen and Tofu = P140 Good Deal!

The noodles aren't too starchy. The taste is just right. Without the sauces, it tastes like normal ready-to-eat noodles. The strands are thick and each serving is big enough for one meal. In this photo I had with the owner, you can see a big bowl of noodles! It's filled with good veggie noodles that you'll surely love! Some of my friends don't like how it tastes though but a bigger number of them have been "converted" to eating healthy noodles like me. And we all normally order from the same store, among other stores haha. Demmit! Now that I look at the photos - I'm more chubby now than last year! :p

The store offers two (2) toppings to choose from and your own choice of sauces. There's chicken, dumplings, big meat balls, sea food (mixed), and some others ... I guess! I normally get chicken with tofu, dumplings (3), and big meat balls (2). That's three (3) different toppings altogether! Any additional toppings will cost you just P20 so I don't mind the cost anymore. I'm always full when I leave the market then haha!

I prefer having their "pre-mixed" sauce as my base sauce so the noodles don't stay dry, it becomes a bit "soupy" for me. Then, I would add a mixture of the other sauces: 5 tbsp teriyaki sauce, 3 tbsp oyster sauce, 1 scoop peanut sauce, and 1 tsp. chili sauce on top of the toppings only. This is the BEST TASTE for me and every customer can choose from the available sauces as well - to their likings. This customization is very favorable for me so I get to have the taste I want. Yum!

Recently though, probably for like 3-4 weeks now, they've been "absent" for unknown reasons. Hmmm ... I kinda miss their noodles now. I hope to see them back soon!


My other favorite store at the market is this spot - TITA OPE. They offer different types of pasta! Wow! Initially, I thought it was costly but considering the hefty amount you'll get and compare it with the other vendor, a French one (which costs 100% more); this is way better then! The cost is just apt for the taste.

My favorite dish is their Spinach Lasagna (am I too-spinach-y now? haha). I can also recommend their Meat Lasagna and Cannelloni (Did I spell that right? Haha. Not sure if I even called it right - yah know ... that pasta with sausage and liver spread / paste I think? Lah! It's delicious!). Pardon the photo as it doesn't look too-presentable hehe. I just took this from my Blackberry and it only has 3.2MP camera. It's also not in its full resolution since ... well, I'm trying to save up space from my phone.

Salcedo Market, Salcedo Village Makati Philippines
Tita Ope's Meat Lasagna for just P150!

I did try the Eggplant one but I didn't like it that much. However, all of their pastas have the same cheesy goodness which I really love!

Aside from the pastas, they offer the best-tasting apple pie! I always make it a point to order it ASAP whenever I plan on ordering it. It sells really fast and normally, when we arrive there later, it's no longer available. My and my friends would share one big serving of authentic apple pie (not kamote or anything else hehe) with a delicate taste of cinnamon flavor in it! Eat it while it's hot! LOL. The photo doesn't look too decent since everyone was sooo eager to almost om-nom-nom everything so it looks like this. I gotta make it quick then hehe. Turned out, I eat the most part of it. Forget about diet then! You gotta have this apple pie!

Salcedo Market, Salcedo Village Makati Philippines
Tita Ope's Homemade Apple Pie. P150 as well! Yummy!


There are loads more stuff that this market has to offer. From fresh meats and fishes - as you would find them in wet markets; to different goodies like blankets, fruits, different cooked meals, wagyu shawarma, the biggest burger made with a whole beef meat, French / Italian Cuisine, sorbetes, shaved ice dessert, yogurt, lychee sherbet (one of my fave desserts too), gourmet bread, fruit-filled suman with their best-seller "kabog," Himalayan-finds, Turkish pastries (esp. baklava!) and loads more!

It's always a good escape from the busy work life. Here, you can find peace and quiet for a short break time and eat good food while chatting with different groups of people. It's pretty safe in the place as it's manned by guards who roam around the vicinity. Not sure if they're part of the Salcedo Village Security though (Makati) but it's good to know they're there. The organizers are very accommodating as well. They have a welcome desk at other end. I've seen a number of local celebrities there too and they walk like normal people ... no pun intended! It's like, they're nobody and they freely enjoy their quiet time with friends and families without the fans following them. Yay! There's also a playground where kids can play without worries! A lot of residents there do their normal morning exercise or jogging around as well. A number of folks do their routine walks with their dogs and oh! You'll love the dogs! I enjoy watching them - different breeds! Soooo cute!

Salcedo Market, Salcedo Village Makati Philippines
Dave's Natural Premium Frozen Yogurt. P90 - deliciously healthy!

It's too far from home though but at least, I can find time to visit it when I'm at work. It's a good place with lots of good food! I'd recommend it to anyone! Who wants to join me next time? Let's all go there ... NOW!


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