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My Bath & Body Works' Warm Vanilla Sugar Signature Collection

8/16/2011 02:45:00 AM Chai Chen 19 Comments

Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar - This is my favorite scent thus far; and it's been my scent since 2009.

Chai's Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Haul! $76.50 Altogether!

I am really not a fan of over-priced signature perfumes or EDT and the likes. I did try some of 'em though and I did love two (2) scents at most:
  1. Versace Bright Crystal  - I think I used it from 2005 to 2006++
  2. Armani Diamonds - Beyonce  - Probably used it around 2007 to 2008++
However, I guess I got too-used to them and their scents died down. Is there such a thing? LOL.

Until I got introduced, first to Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace. I guess it was some time in 2008 as well. I have lots of relatives in the US and they normally send me gifts from the Victoria's Secret Garden Collection; which has been recently renamed with a new look as VS Fantasies.

It has a mixture of vanilla and orchid scents, with hints of amber and musk; as stated in a review I read years back, when I was just starting to use this product. The gifts I used to receive came in different variances like an EDP (eau de parfum) to lotion, to body mists, and the likes. They're normally at random, coming from VSG Collections but when I received Vanilla Lace's fragrance in a small bottle - I can't help but request it again for the next time they send! Hahaha! I demand gifts now! LOL. The photo I used here was even taken using my Nokia 7270's VGA camera way back ... but I lost that phone already hehe. This is the smallest bottle of that fragrance.

Then in 2009, another friend gave me a different vanilla scent as a gift - and yes, that was BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar already, which I guess I'll call WVS in the remainder of this blog then, for the lack of a shorter term. Haha!

Chai's December 2009 - Office Side Table with Gifts for me!
Sta. Claus Red Socks - Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Travel Pack

The site describes it as a comforting indulgence of vanilla absolute infused with basmati rice water and sweet, creamy sandalwood. I honestly do not care anymore about the hints or the base notes, and the undertones, and the likes - which is commonly described in beauty blogs or fragrance review sites. LOL. But the moment I received a Sta. Claus socks pack of this (travel pack with lotion, shower gel, and fragrance mist), I fell in love with the scent.

I used the shower gel everyday and the scent stays long for a day. After taking a bath, I use the lotion as well and with the two (2) combined, I smell sweet & fresh all day! LOL. Not only that, using the body mist does add a bit more fragrance. It's not as long-lasting as oil-based perfumes though but it definitely does the trick. Anyway, I carry on the shower gel's and the lotion's smell so it's the power of three working! LOL.

I easily consumed the pack in a few months! Woot! It wasn't until in 2010 when I got a replacement pack ... this time from another friend. LOL. The pack came in on a bottle dubbed as a Martini Shaker Gift Set with four (4) items - a shower gel, a hand lotion, a fragrance mist, and a lip gloss. I really love this lip gloss. It's so good, I wanna eat it! LOL. It tastes so sweet like vanilla cake! No wonder it's tag line says, "Tasty Lip Color." The contents easily glide on the lips and it gives the lips some radiant shine, with glittery effect.

Chai's Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla SugarMartini Shaker Set - Liplicious (Tasty Lip Color)
This year, I decided to buy online and stock 'em at home already. My good friend in the US received the pack for me and brought 'em back here in the Philippines when she arrived. It was such a hassle for her though since my pack was really big. Haha.

I had a big "cake pack" which is aptly called as a Birthday Set (i.e. Signature Birthday Box Exclusively Online). It's a big cake slice box that contains regular sized BBW products. For a $26.25 value, I think it's surely worth it. It contains:

  1. 2.5 fl oz / 75 ML Eau De Toilette (EDT) - regularly priced at $13.25
  2. 10 fl oz / 295 ML Shower Gel - regularly priced at $10.50
  3. 8 fl oz / 236 ML Body Lotion - regularly priced at $10.50
My body lotion in this set had its "New Improved Formula" with Vitamin E, Jojoba, and Shea Butter. I didn't smell much the difference but I believe it has a stronger scent and it lasts longer hours (the scent). With me not liking the fruity scents but this one vanilla-liscious scent on me for longer hours, I'm more confident everyday! LOL. I guess it is somehow flirtatious and is indeed a very sexy, attractive scent.

The rest of my haul included:
  1. 7 oz / 200 g Intense Moisture Body Butter (over 24 hours of nourishing moisture) - $15.00
  2. 2.5 fl / 75ml Eau De Toilette - $26.50 value and properly tagged, which I got for a $13.25 only from the site
  3. 10 fl oz / 295 ML Shower Gel - $10.50 (yes, I ordered another piece, though there's one bottle in the cake pack already)
  4. 8 fl oz / 236ml Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel Sanitizer - $5.00
  5. 1 fl oz / 29ml PocketBac® Sanitizing Hand Gel - $1.50
  6. 2 fl oz / 59ml HandiBac™ Moisturizing Hand Lotion - $2.50
I bought the PocketBac® for every day use. It's so small and cute; and it's perfect for daily on-the-go usage. If it runs out, it's ok. I have my bigger bottle that I can use for refill.

I bought another  Eau De Toilette and Shower Gel because I know for sure that 1 bottle won't last long for me (LOL) ... so aside from the one in my cake box, I ordered another piece.

Chai's Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla SugarHandibac Hand Lotion
The HandiBac™ was on a buy-one-take-one SALE so I got two (2) pieces of it in the pack. I guess it's beneficial for folks like me who's always working in front of a computer yet face clients from time to time. It's a hand sanitizer and a lotion in one! I love how it soothes my tired hands and gives it a silky-smooth touch without worries of germs then, and the sticky-feel of a hand gel. It saves me time from applying a sanitizer and a lotion drop at most times. It's handy and convenient too!

Chai's Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla SugarBirthday Set Exclusive Online Pack - Body Lotion (New Improved Formula)
And I got a free bottle (1 bottle) of the same size too - considering my total orders!

With the total orders I had, I got a free Body Lotion valued at $10.50! Yay!

So here's my total set once more! The Hello Kitty stuffed toy is not included in the pack of course but it's a toy I got from Stacker Games. I just felt it's cute to add her on the picture since the colors match my birthday cake. Most of my photos here are taken using my Blackberry 3.2MP camera.

Chai's Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Haul!
Missing the other shower gel here - got stuck in my friend's luggage!
No wonder this is a BEST SELLER and a TOP RATED line from BBW!

This line is sweet, creamy, and tasty - I'd say! It's been a fave for me for two (2) years now and my cravings for vanilla has not yet faltered. This one is addictive with comforting fine fragrance where indulgence and innocence meets pure seduction! Yay! Lovely! Hopefully next time, I can collect all items in the "collection."


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