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Friday, August 26, 2011

Missing Smurfette From Mcdo Happy Meal Sets

Since this promotion started at Mcdo, I didn't skip a chance into getting each toy from every Happy Meal I purchase. Talk about getting the kid in me huh? From the set of eight (8) toy collectibles, I've already managed to get seven (7) of them and I'm only missing one piece left - the ever-popular Smurfette (Hair Care) item.

I've already scouted every McDonald's store for this freakin' Smurfs Happy Meal Set Smurfette thingie ... okay I was exaggerating ... but I mean all nearby stores and I still can't seem to get my Smurfette (T_T). The crew members have a unified answer: IT'S THE MOST POPULAR ITEM AND IT'S STILL OUT OF STOCK. Demmit! I still hope to get one though ... this collection wouldn't be complete without it. *sobs*

Here's what I have so far ...

Chai's Mcdo Happy Meal - The Smurfs Set (Missing Smurfette)

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I'm trying to be strict in having a no rice diet but lah ... I failed! >.< I only had these fatty-food options:
  • 4 pc Chicken McNuggets with Small Drink
  • 1 pc Chicken Mcdo with Rice and Small Drink
  • McSpaghetti with Small Drink
  • Burger Mcdo with Small Drink
I ordered mostly the first two (2) Happy Meal sets just to get my toys. LOL. Imagine the salty food + softdrinks = bloatedness! Eeek! But I thought ... there's only 8 pieces of 'em ... I must sustain it! Lah~ It's good though that each of them has different functions. I personally love those with lights (Papa and Clumsy). The rest are mostly having movable parts ... that's all.

The Smurfs Happy Meal Set members from Philippines' Mcdo are:

    McDonald's Happy Meal - Let's Get Smurfy Collection (Philippines)
  • Clumsy (Magic Wand)
  • Vanity (In Love)
  • Gutsy (Dancer)
  • Hefty (Weight Lifter)
  • Papa's (Potion)
  • Brainy's (Toast)
  • Dizzy (Baker)
  • Smurfette (Hair Care) - the only piece I'm missing *sniffs*
The set came along with the then-upcoming movie The Smurfs in 3D. This live action animated 3D flick came into cinemas last August 10. I deeply wanted to catch it in 3D theatres but I was too late, I guess. I wasn't able to find time for it due to my busy schedules (what's new?). I guess I'll catch it on DVD or ... download some other time. >.< Too bad I missed it!

I didn't grow up watching the show though (Smurfs) but I guess I simply love collectibles like this one so I took my chances at Mcdo now. Hehe. Some of my other colleagues grew up watching the show though ... guess that means ... I'm still younger than all of them. LOL. And this is the generation I fit in - 2011 in 3D haha!

I saw from other blog searches that other countries have a different set of Mcdo Smurfs Collectibles. In Australia, they have four (4) more members added. In the US of course, they have a far larger collection than the rest I saw. Oh boy! Good thing they didn't bring that here. Otherwise, I will eat more rice meals than needed! LOL. These collectibles are crazy!

I just wish I'd get my Smurfette soon!


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