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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kenny Roger's "Mini" Solo Orders?

And yes I just called it "mini" because I believe, the quantity of their servings is diminishing ... in some of their branches I guess.

Kenny Roger's Solo B Order - Too Small? Mini Order?

Recently, I ate out at their Trinoma Branch and I was not too happy with their servings. While I am on diet (and the quantity serves me right, pffft), I believe it still does not match the quantity and quality of food they used to serve years back ... or at least in terms of the "standards" I know of, from some other branches.

My favorite stores would be those from Glorietta and SM San Lazaro; and the now defunct UST branch (in front of the UST Hospital). Their servings are enormous! The presentation is also enticing! The quality of the plates, the condiments, and other kitchenware are in good shape ... and in good taste. The design still preserves the quality that Kenny Roger's Roasters had for years! This transcends from both their dine-in and take-out orders.

This photo shows what I ordered. A Solo-B order with chicken, two (2) side dishes and a drink. The price does not match the quantity. The chicken piece is too-little for a hungry me (LOL). The macaroni & cheese siding was served cold. I prefer it hot with the bell-type pasta (if that's what you call it, lah) and this is the first time I saw it served this way. The other side dish I chose (fresh fruit salad) was served in just a super-mini-bowl, which is probably just appropriate for sauces, not even a soup order! While I do appreciate it that the rice order seems less than half a cup (and just a scoop ... coz again, I'm on a diet! LOL); it still does not equal the standard I know of. The plates / condiments / glass don't even look like I ate from a Kenny Roger's store ... looking at the photo, it looks like I just ate from a nearby cafeteria.

I may be wrong though ... or it's just Kenny Roger's Trinoma branch that serves this set. Hopefully, it ain't going that way. I love Kenny's food servings and this dissatisfaction shouldn't be a standard for a store that's been a favorite. But the order I had at that branch is really showing the deterioration factor ... I don't like it.


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