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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Officially Addicted to Android Toys!

Android Toys are cute! That little green thing with its horns in all its glory! Yeah that type!

When I first received my Samsung Galaxy SII (and my personal review on it is still due ... some other time), my first thought was really, to accessorize it the best way I can, like how I planned to do it for my Blackberry. From keychains, to matching casing, cellphone charms, cellphone holder, etc. I love it with a tinge of pink! I dunno, but the urge to really personalize my phone has been a "must."

Creature Android eats Apple iPad!!!
The decision to get which phone then has been a tough task as well. Top choices included the Nokia N8 Pink, iphone 4, and the SG S2. With SG S2 being the cheapest at the new postpaid plan I was getting, considering the features I wanted, I grabbed it then; that time being exclusive to Globe. Oh boy! I must say, the reviews about it are really true! It sure does eat the iphone alive! RAWR!

In my shopping sprees to customize my phone and get the accessories I wanted, I chanced upon this store, King.COM who's selling these cutesy toys at a very cheap price. Well, not-so-cheap really, but it's cheaper compaired to how much they sell them at online stores. My first worry was that, it could be a bootleg toy though. *sigh* I researched about Bootleg Android Toys and how I could ensure that mine wasn't. It's a slim chance that the one I got was bootleg but ... who knows?

The shop was on sale that day and I got these two (2) Android collectibles for the price of one. Me and my boyfriend Fafi Emman chose the ones that match our personalities the most (and he's the one who took the 1st pic of his Creature Android on top of his ipad. Although the one I got is just my 2nd choice (I really just wanted the plain, green one, the real Android lah~), I still liked it. He got the Creature Android and I got the Worker Android from the Mini Collectible Series 01. These fuzzy robots will give me a sure run for my money!

King.COM Android Mini Collectibles Series 01
Creature Android and Worker Android P375 set

In my search (and yes, I am too late already on these tech stuff! LOLZ), I just found out that there's a Mini Collectible Series 02 already and whooooowwww! It's much cuter than the first series! The Cupcake Android by Gary Ham is a sure-get for me! It's too cute, I wanna eat it! Hehehe. DYZ Plastic must stop creating them or else ... I can't help but buy 'em all! LOL. The special edition ones are must-haves too! This boy Andrew Bell is a genius! He knows what collectors want haha!

I'm still thinking if I'd get the whole sets or buy per piece. I really want them all and the box sets have pieces that'll surprise you instead. Either you get the last piece for your collection or a duplicate. For sure, I will need to use my cash fund somehow for these adorkables!


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