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Saturday, August 6, 2011

"I Was Not Informed," By Christopher Lao

I saw it in the news. I just didn't realize it will get blown out of proportion.

This has been a trending topic in Yahoo and Twitter and everywhere else! The video has gone viral and has been talked about by many. While I truly believe that the "accused" may have had fault, I just don't agree with attacking the person on a "personal note." I mean, if we were put in the same situation (or in the same shoes? Wet shoes due to flood! LOL), the personal attacks are quite uncalled for.

His fanpage has gained a lot of LIKES and not because of him being an intelligent persona or a genius geek or something; but because of people mocking him for his seemingly stupid act - of braving the floods in Quezon City and making his "floating car" act as seen by millions.

Before I knew about Christopher Lao's side of the story, I was first connected with the social networking site news about his "comedian act." I pity him for the result though. Being me, I normally consider both sides of the story before anything else. I've seen the views of many ... and now, I've seen his short but meaningful statement; which makes me think that ... there are far more stupid people that he is, or he was, when he graced upon the deeply-flooded streets of Quezon City.

Since I live in an area that's almost-always flooded as well, I would know when it's most likely not safe to still track the same path or street. I could already "measure" at least the depth (wow genius!) I've seen several cars stranded as well in our area before, because they didn't know that the street goes deeper or there are slopes. The stand-by street folks (i.e. "istambay sa kanto) or whatchamacallit kids would normally help them out get out of the flood and pull 'em back to the main roads. Later on, they'll charge for the help they provided (shameless!) Anyway, I would understand why, if indeed Mr. Lao did not realize how deep it was so he went straight in! But I would also doubt how come he didn't know how heavily flooded those areas were, if he's been driving for long? He should've been familiar with areas that get heavily flooded.

It's been a disheartening experience indeed, but ... I can't blame 'em all. I also can't blame Mr. Lao at all. It was a mistake and he was sorry for it. Now people just need to move on and stop the bashing!

I just think the line "I Was Not Informed" will be a phenomenal line fo sho ...


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