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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Get CHAI a Vespa Scooter From Yellow Cab Vesparade!

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Texting without touching the phone? Awesome! #SamsungGalaxySII 
I personally own one and I have to say, this is the smartest phone, ever! <3


The moment I read about this How to win one of ten Vespas from Yellow Cab! from Chuvaness Blog, I really had the urge to win indeed! And of course, my choice would be the pink one! It's super cool!

Chai's First Batch of Vesparade Raffle Coupons


Dubbed as the One Great Decade, One Great Vesparade contest by Yellow Cab Pizza Co. and co-presented by Coca-Cola, Fonterra and 2GO; it's a pretty-exciting way to get one of these cool scooters, limited edition designs primarily for this event. Each of the Vespa designs match a specific product from Yellow Cab's menu offerings and each has distinct color scheme.

I personally love the pink one one though. If I couldn't get the pistachio colored one; then I must get this light pink scooter! Demmit! It's super-girly and I believe it matches my personality. I'd use it daily to get to work if ever I'll win it haha. Some of the consequences would include me getting wet on the way though, in case it rains. But still, it's a darling I can't afford not to have!

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The promo runs from July 1 to September 30, 2011. Had I known about it since July, I would've bought more pizzas (or have given away more of it hehehe ... I'm on diet, right? LOL). I am even open to tipping or contributing for a group just to get a pizza ... then I'd get the coupon. A few friends said it may be even cheaper to just buy one (1) Vespa already that buy more pizzas. But well, it's the fun of the game I didn't wanna miss!

The first draw has been done already and three (3) scooters have been most likely given out already. I wonder which ones have been won already ... hmmm ... hopefully not the pink one yet. (T_T). I gotta get on to their Facebook Page to get updates lah! Haven't found much time yet. Pfffft!

So far, I already had five (5) raffle entries. I dropped 'em off in different yellowcab branches I pass by. I got my tickets from delivery orders, mostly. I'm really hoping to get more. RAWR! For sure, I'm gonna get more entries and order more pizza. For a P500 worth of orders anyway, with at least (1) Coca Cola Product, I'd get a coupon already. The more people to share, the merrier! Though I'm the merriest since I get the tickets. LOL. Naaah~ freely give it to me then hehe.

Draw dates are as follows:

c/o Fierce Blogs
So I still have two (2) chances! Yey! If anyone out there would like to help me out, please do! Send me your raffle tickets and I'm gonna join them in! Really dyin' to have that pink scooter! (^_^) Many thanks in advance! LOL. :p


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