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Saturday, August 20, 2011

From a HE to a SHE ... Interesting Story of Alicia Liu Xun-Ai

I have a lot of friends who are, straightforwardly, gays and lesbians. Not that I tolerate that but, it's their own free will. Personally, I am not in favor of becoming part of the "third sex" as they call it. Moreover, I do not want to be "converted" to a male. Being friends with a few of them is enough. They're cool and fun to be with. They're also humans.

Alicia Liu Xun-Ai photo collage

Not long ago (about a few months I guess - and I posted a collage of her in my Facebook), I saw a this blog about a certain Alicia Liu, or more commonly known as XUN-AI. In Chinese, her name appears as: 劉薰愛. I would refer to him with a "her" then since she has already acquired a National ID acknowledging that she's now a FEMALE. I didn't think it was even possible but well, she had it! She's done it!

I got interested in her story a little bit so I researched more about her. It turned out that a lot of folks are interested in how she looks like when she was still a MALE. It would be very difficult finding a piece. For me, I found some of these photos from Chinese websites instead. There were stories about her being abused or bullied, esp. because of her gender preference. Back then, she already looked pretty enough, being a male.

She fell in love with somewhat, a business tycoon if I'm not mistaken. From there, she had her sex change sponsored by her lover. I think that was a sweet act. Sad to say, their relationship didn't last long.

She struggled and succeeded. She took on some modeling engagements, which gained her more popularity and fame. She seems to be a nice person altogether, so she continues to receive more blessings, as it seems. Religiously, I am not certain. But I'm glad she's had her successes.

She still receives a number of hate pages, messages, and loads of personal attacks. She's being condemned alive, being called a sinner, and the likes. Transvestite is a true statement though. But I believe I have no rights to do that (i.e. bash her). Who else is not a sinner here on earth anyway?

Overall, I find her pretty and nice. Gosh, she's even prettier than me. She looks a lot more female-like than me. It's a TRAP! LOL. She's sexy and fab. I wish I can get that kind of bod soon! Haha! Dream on!

Anyway, I rest my case. I just wanted to share this information; which I found interesting and inspiring. The photos I used here are found on various websites and forums discussing stuff about Alicia. It's hard to claim copyrights on them so just google them.

May she continue to succeed in life. Do I support her sex change? Probably not. But she's also human and she sins like any of us. I support everybody's right to success. She's one of those. Everyone deserves to be happy.


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