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Etude House Stylish and Drawing Pencils for your Eyes!

7/27/2012 10:06:00 AM Chai Chen 5 Comments

Etude House
Drawing Eyebrow and
Styling Eye Liner
The only piece of make-up I use everyday, I guess, in probably my most recent office years; say 4 years ... is an eyeliner. Believe it or not but yeah that's it. I guess that would be evident in most of my photos online hehe. When I started cosplaying, I didn't even use BB creams until a year after so BB creams are just a staple skin care piece for me in the recent 2 years; going 3 ...

I've tried different pieces of eyeliner brands and types - from pencil, to liquid, to gel ... I can't say I've tried everything though; but I did try quite a number. Not all of them have fitted my lifestyle and eye shape and needs. Some of them smear all over my eye lids. Some of them caused me irritation and rashes and allergies and what-have-yous. There are some brands that suit my sensitive skin type though ... and one of them is from Etude House! Yey!

Last year, I've also tried their eyebrow pencil to tame my wild brows. I ain't really a make-up junkie you know? Haha! But I can say some times, when I need to look more stiff and formal, I need to put on the eyebrow pencil; esp. with my work. I'm glad to use both of these pieces, coming from Etude House. If you follow this blog, you'll observe how much I love products from this brand and how I post my reviews, after trying them for quite some time. Allow me to share my experience with these two (2) amazing products for the eyes!

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First, let's take a look at the eye liner.

I have the Etude House Styling Eye Liner in black. I'm not familiar with the number codes so excuse me for that hehe. In terms of quality; this one is a plus! It's smooth and dark as I want it to be. I have small, chinky eyes so putting an eyeliner does help make my eyes look bigger. This one achieves that look.

It stays black as I want it to be. Unlike some of the other eye liners I used, the color fades. Right now, I don't have those products anymore so I can't review them hehe. So far, using this one, it's good enough for me. It lasts me a whole day's work so that's another factor I consider.

Sometimes though, when I do apply more of it and makes a thicker line, it smears. :( Sad to say. So I have to be cautious and make a thinner line instead to avoid it. Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to achieve that. I guess it's one of the cons when using eye liner pencils; especially for girls with smaller eyes like mine.

Overall though, when it comes to the glide and smoothness of the pencil; I give it a good score. It's very easy to use and it doesn't break. Sometimes, my hands are firm and tight and my grip loses control. I used to have eye liners before wherein I broke the pencils a lot of times hehe. Well, not to mention that they're not as good as Etude House products though hehe.

And what's perfect is to partner it with my Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in brown color. I tried a black one but it makes my face look sooo snobbish. It makes me look more b|@tch! Haha~ So I opted for a lighter shade. The brown one does give me that look.

The shape of the brow pencil is perfectly cut to draw that slim brow line. I dunno what kind of "cut" is it really called but it's angular - the best way suited for my brows. LOL. Well, you can see how "wild" my eye brows are so I normally shave them to keep it looking better. I ain't the best one in shaping brows so you can see in the pic how poorly I do them all the time. LOL.

Despite how I cut and shave my eyebrows though, this darling does the trick. It gives my eyebrows that sexy line to keep me looking good. Not too-fierce! LOL. I've used them in most of my cosplays though and it gives that natural brow look perfect for my characters. I don't need to be overly dramatic! Haha!

The price is very affordable for both. They retail at around P130 (more or less) if I'm not mistaken. I don't memorize haha. But as far as I can remember, they don't cost that much. It's budget-friendly for both working / corporate girls to students and teens! It's the almost-perfect companion to keep your face neat & sexy-lined out for the eyes and brows; without overspending and the clutter! I always keep them in my daily kikay kit.

Overall, these products suit my needs. Whether I use them daily or on special occasions, they come very handy in my purse and my lifestyle. (^_^) I'm definitely recommending this product.
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)
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