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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Smile With Happy Lemon Tea Shop

I had a short trip to Greenhills Shopping Center recently due to a client visit and since my taste buds required me to get a dose of milk tea anywhere (since that day, I wasn't able to have my Serenitea) so I tried searching for a Bubble Tea shop nearby. In my search, I found this shop instead.

Happy Lemon, Promenade Greenhills
I know I read it somewhere and my instincts are right - it's that Happy Lemon shop that offers state-of-the-art (wow!) milk and fruit teas in town. The milk tea business has grown a lot indeed and this one, I know, is one of the few new brands booming! Who wouldn't know it, right? Chris Tiu's name is attached to it. LOL. Although the name reminds me of comedy videos from youtube - Annoying Orange, I thought maybe there's something much more that the store can offer.

So what did I find in this shop, as I had my client check out as well? Click after the cut ...

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While it didn't look as enticing outside, it was more pleasant inside and far more inviting for people like me who'd want to try what they have to offer.

Happy Lemon, Promenade Greenhills
The interiors look more organized. I just find the color combination a bit off. Red + black chairs, white tables look more classy and sassy vs. the natural earth themed-colors of the walls or wall designs.Some of the other chairs and tables have different styles as well. Just by looking at it, it doesn't come to me as a "milk tea" shop per se. I actually can't decipher.

Happy Lemon, Promenade Greenhills Counter
As I reached the counter though, the yellowish themes welcomed me with these cutesy designs. From there, it did make me feel like I'm in this milk tea shop already. The design somehow resembles the other tea shop I visited, Chatime, though their color schemes are different. I guess it's because both shops are primarily "Chinese" in nature and theme, than Japanese.

The menu board had a lot of things listed. I guess every shop I visited so far (different brands),  have alternative offerings yet similar. I actually didn't know what to order and I got confused from their list hehe. My client didn't fancy anything so he went to the shop on the other side (Starbucks). I tried to choose from their lists but due to non-familiarity (I guess I just got confused with the naming hehe); I settled with Taro Milk Tea.

Happy Lemon Royal Milk Tea "Taro" Flavor with Pearls
So far, I kinda enjoyed my drink too. It wasn't the Taro Milk Tea I'm expecting with the "ube" flavor as it's mostly regarded. But it still has that real taro taste. I added pearls on my drink. This was the 1st shop I visited w/o pearls originally included sooooo ... okay I opted to add.

The price? This regular drink costs P100. I guess this shop costs more than the other stores I visited thus far. The regular size seems to be a small size cup for me, I guess. However, the taste justifies it anyway. I loved the flavor and the ambiance. I bet I'm coming for more to try out more of their products. For now, all I can say is, my drink has left a smile on my face. I still like it!

Happy Lemon is a China company brought here by the Smart Gilas Group.
Check out their website for more information: Happy Lemon Website.
For more of their local news, checkout their Facebook Fanpage for more information: HappyLemonPH.


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