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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Going Gaga Over Gargling!

We all know that we need to take care of our pearly whites a.k.a. our teeth and keep them strong and healthy. This is a lesson we learned since gradeschool. We knew that we had to brush our teeth three (3) times a day or even more, with the right kind of brush and toothpaste.

As we grow up, we also learn that brushing is not enough anymore to fight those cavities and gum problems. After brushing, we don't stay 100% protected from those germs and bacteria and what-have-you. For a cleaner, fresher, and healthier mouth, we all have to rinse and there's no other brand that perfectly does it for us than Colgate Plax!

What benefits do you get? Rinsing with Colgate Plax after brushing does ...
  • Help you clean those hard to reach places in your mouth (that no amount of brushing can do
  • Kills 99.9% bacteria (by Laboratory Test Bacteria Reduction Study, 2010)
  • Protects for 12 Hours
  • No burning sensation

Being equipped with Colgate Plax's protection will not require you then to gargle all day or many times a day as you would with any other mouthwash out there! Want proof? Here's for my beautiful smile (LOLZ) ... See that photo on the side? How can I maintain that fresh, smiling face all day without the hassle?

Do you think you need to gargle as often as you could in a day just to achieve that beautiful smile (like mine, ehem?) or that fresher breath? There's no more need for that actually and here's why ...

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    For me, being in a call center is a tough job. Agents and management personnel-alike talk a lot all day and what would be awkward is when you talk to friends, colleagues, and other acquaintances with a bad breath caused by probably, staying long enough on the phones without talking (and yes, the saliva gets to stink? Ewwww!) ... or by eating too much without even brushing ... maybe some folks prefer to smoke after eating ... or to some others, they get to drink for fun after their shifts ... All these can affect our breath and we all can't prevent that yucky-smell ... unless we have protection, right?

    I myself, am involved in a lot of conversations ... be it on client conference calls, to business meetings, random coaching / talks, and a lot of final operations / client interviews. I face and talk to a lot of people from different walks of life and levels and it's tough for me to maintain that fresh breath every now and then. Outside my work, I am involved with a lot of other activities like cosplaying and of course, some bonding time with my dearly beloved! Yay! Despite how tiring it is, I can't afford not to smile at all. I know I should always radiate that "grace under pressure" and I'm happy to say, yes I can! Even sitting down right now and writing this post or any ads or even an advertorial, and scheduling this one to get posted takes time and effort and me not talking ... and yet I still have fresh breath (naks!) lah~

    Of course, being a busy woman like me; I can't afford to brush my teeth like 100+x a day and gargle at the same time, or right after, I mean. But with Colgate Plax, I don't need to worry! Why? Because Colgate Plax has an advanced antibacterial protection for that longer lasting fresh breath! My shift at a regular rate runs for 8-9 hours a day but with my job requirements, I extend from 12 to even 15 hours a day. My activities may be too random that sometimes, I may not have the luxury of time to brush again or gargle again. Good thing I gargle with Colgate Plax (yeah, I have that mini-bottle in my kikay kit every single day!) as it protects up to 12 hours, giving me that fresh breath all day long ... and don't forget, that beautiful smile!

    Here's how it works:

    And here's to add up to everybody's excitement ...

    Wanna win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? You bet I do! I'm sure it's gonna be a good partner for my Samsung Galaxy SII phone (hurhurhur~) And outside of that all-day protection and all-smiles like me, each of us can get a chance to win that awesome gadget in cool simple steps!

    Nuffnang and Colgate Plax are holding this contest dubbed as "Colgate Plax Gloo Gloo Your Friend Bloggers’ Contest" open to all Nuffnangers! Go check out that page to find out how you could win!

    As for me, I did try and I had fun using that Gloo Gloo animation tool! I chose a pic of mine in a funny (but mind you, CUTE way!) pose, and in an-unlikely-to-gargle-place (of course, I was in a photoshoot in that picture - a BTS or behind-the-scene by the way ...) and had fun with my animated self!

    Here's my funny (but ehem ... CUTE) pic, as I doodled with it with the gloo-gloo tool
    And here's my chubby cheeks, animated as I "gargle" for once ...
    and stay protected for 12 long hours with Colgate Plax ...
    I can't imagine how I could've lasted that photoshoot with Chalk Magazine as well if I haven't gargled with my Colgate Plax! Imagine coming off from my regular (and extended workshift) in that morning and then jumping off to that shoot until late evening ... all straight without much boohoos anymore! I still had to be all smiles! (^_^)

    Wanna do the same?

    Follow these simple instructions:

    Simple right? Check out the app now and gloo gloo your way to that healthy smile and fresher breath without the need to gargle all day long like mine ... and still sneak in that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from the raffle! (^_^) All the more reasons to smile a lot!

    I shared mine via Facebook and ohhh boy ... I still need to send this to more of my friends! Hopefully, I'll win this one hehe. I deserve it right? *Chai-All-Smiles-Now*


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