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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple Unveils iPhone 4S (Sorry, Not iPhone 5)! RIP Steve Jobs ...

What's been dubbed as the "iphone 5" is now officially called the iPhone4 S. There were earlier rumors of the new iphone as their invitation to media groups tagged it as their commonly known line, let's talk iphone. There have been a lot of talks since summer about the new iphone since they've always released a new iphone since 2007 during the summer time and this year, fanatics had to wait 'til fall.

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The long wait is over then! Although, the features are really tempting. I believe the iMessage is something to die for! Ok ... that's too much though haha but I guess I'd love to have that functionality. That's one tool I love the most about my Blackberry too, the BBM. It's an easy access to all your contacts. While it limits the ability to message everyone as in "SMS" function and can only message users with a Blackberry too, it's still a powerful ability that BB users have. Adding it to the iphone makes it a superb smartphone then. This new service will allow iOS 5 users to send text messages to each other over Wi-Fi or wireless carriers' data networks. I guess Nokia tried this system via their PTT (push to talk)-ala-walkie-talkie mode but carriers weren't ready for that back then. And now, this new service entices users, even Android fans like me. Does this call for a switch?

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    I'm still due for a review for my Samsung Galaxy SII (I know, it's super late already haha). I guess I've been lazy enough to write something as comprehensible for it since ... I just really like it that much haha. The iPhone4 S challenges that "liking" though.

    The new iPhone4 S features an 8-Megapixel Camera, which is the same as the one I have now. The current model has a 5-Megapixel rear cam though which is why I opted for the Android. This one seems pretty attractive though. However, I'm not sure if the new phone model has a front-facing cam which is but a requirement for me since I love to take selcas (i.e. self capture photos) and do camwhore a lot. Hurhurhur~

    The event's live blogcasts have been helpful for curious folks like me. While I am not as hyped as iPhone die-hard fans, I have to say I'm pretty much intrigued by what the phone has to offer. It doesn't look as extravagant and as futuristic as how some videos envisioned it to be (hello hologram) and the actual looks is pretty much the same as the iPhone 4G. The screen size makes me STILL choose my current phone though I have to say though it has some pretty neat functions too that makes me still a bit interested.

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    One of the issues I have with my Android phone is it's battery life. The iPhone 4 S seems to have promised a bit more than what I am currently enjoying (or not really enjoying). Still too good to be true with a faster processor, I guess.

    I've always believed that I am not really a Smartphone fanatic and my SGSII is the first (and I'd like to say, should be the last?) though I might regret saying that. Aside from the new iPhone that caught my interest, I am liking the new Samsung Galaxy Note too. It looks and functions as an upgraded SGSII I guess, well, for me. 5.3 inch display is a WOW factor. But then again, it's too early for me to decide on these. I just had my phone replaced a few months ago ...

    Samsung Galaxy Note

    Sheesh! This smartphone craze makes me crazy all over! Dang!


    And just like that, Steve Jobs passed away ...
    Just right after this new model was released ...
    I ain't really a Mac / Apple / iPhone user but this man does deserve the respect.
    He's a legend on his own. His legacy will always be remembered in history.
    He revolutionized the way smartphones need to function.

    To Steve Jobs ... may he rest in peace ...



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