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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program Office Challenge 2011

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The challenge started AUGUST 31!

I so-wanted to join but there are a few parts in the mechanics that make me not eligible to join. Dang! I was actually excited to try it out. The group has setup their booths already and there were freebies given away last August 31 in the office. It was pretty interesting though. This is not an advertorial for them though. I'm just writing about this as I observe the contest.

The very first eligibility requirement as I may quote, says ...
A BMI of more than 25 means that the person is overweight or more. This is the eligibility pre-requirement to officially enroll to the program.
I weighed in actually, on the same day, but it was for my back treatments as I restarted my therapy. And naaah, I'm not gonna post my weight. LOL. But thankfully, it means I ain't overweight yet. In fact, I lost 8 lbs. This is a good sign though since my doctor has been pushing me to really slim down to aid my treatments. This is one of the moves I wanted to try, harhar!

While the program may be beneficial for most, of course this is a contest in the first place so there are certain mechanics prior to joining. They are ...

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  • He/she must be aged 18-50 years old
  • He/she must have clearance from the doctor to take the program
  • Must have a total Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 25
  • Form a group (minimum of 4 members)
  • The group should follow the 14-day meal plan program to be discussed by a nutritionist who will also compute for each participant's Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • After the 14-day program, participants will be measured again, and should register a decrease in weight vs. their initial weight recorded
  • Participant must not go below the normal BMI of 18.5 to be classified as a successful finisher
  • Those who will fall below the normal BMI will not be able to avail the prizes at stake

It really seems pretty exciting! The winning group belonging to the company with the highest percentage rate of pounds lost will get to win a shopping spree at ZARA worth P14,000. That is what I was really looking forward to get hehehe.

Also, the Top 14 employees who has the highest number of pounds lost will receive P1,000 worth of Sodexho Gift Certificate. Not bad huh?

Go check out the Nestle Fitnesse website to get more information about this contest.

I haven't really tried an all-cereal diet. Well, this seems to have other meal plans though but it's mostly the cereal I guess. Currently, I'm working on a fruits and water diet with yoghurt and other health drinks. LOL. Lamest exuse ... I have big bones. LOL. But seriously, yes. It's nice to be curvy too I guess but I'm still a bit "chubby" so I need to really lose some more pounds. That's a requirement from my doc anyway so my spine will be better. Hehe. I'm no longer gonna be a bad girl. (^_^)

So in an aim to somehow comfort myself for not being able to join this contest and see where I stand, I tried their challenge. In the public washroom, they've already set up their measurement challenge. On the floor, you'll see this sticker ...
Close one eye and see where you fit.
Then, you have to check in the mirror where you really fit. For a closer look at what to see in the mirror, I went closer for this shot:


Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Office Challenge Measure Up
PINK - Too hot to handle
BLUE - Eye Candy
GREEN - Uh Oh Borderline

I am thankful that this piece still made me fit in the blue line hahaha. Otherwise, I would've smashed the mirror that time. LOL.

Hmmm ... I guess even though I really didn't join the contest, I can try that meal plan. Hmmm ....


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