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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Introducing the DEL MONTE FIT 'N RIGHT Calorie Counter!

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Del Monte Fit 'n Right brings you a fun and intuitive app for counting calories and sugar content in everyday meals. The Del Monte Fit 'n Right Calorie Counter also shows how much calories and sugar you can avoid by drinking Del Monte Fit 'n Right.

Just using the app gets you a coupon that you can use to claim a free Del Monte Fit 'n Right Iced Tea which has L-Carninitine and no sugar and calories! Visit any 7-Eleven store, present your coupon and claim your Del Monte Fit 'n Right Iced Tea with a single purchase of any Del Monte product.

Steps are pretty easy!
  1. Just log on to Facebook
  2. Head to the Del Monte Fit 'n Right fanpage
  3. Install the app, and count away!

With the Fit N' Right Drag & Drop App, simply drag & drop your favorite food and beverage into the different meal boxes. Hit the calculate button to see your normal calorie and sugar intake. Hit the Fit N Right IT and replace the beverage with your favorite Fit NR drink. Hit Recalculate to see how much calories and sugar you'll lose.


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