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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kylie Minogue ... A Dream I've Forsaken; The Concert I Missed

Kylie Minogue has just recently held her concert here in the Philippines, dubbed as ... "Kylie Minogue Live in Manila Aphrodite Tour 2011." Sad to say, I missed this concert ... or any other concert I've always wanted to watch, ever since. In fact, I have never really watched a concert. DEMMIT! I just realized that huh? LOL.

Since I was a kid, I've looked up to this lady. I first saw her video on MTV entitled Did It Again. That time, I was only getting hooked up to watching music videos. I got addicted to this artist because of her unique voice, sexy persona, and the girly attitude. I immediately tried to ransack all record bars for her CD. Unfortunately, I don't think Kylie is that big yet in the Philippines back then. I wasn't able to find any of her albums here. I waited for a few months and months and months and still didn't see her album anywhere.

My last resort was my aunt from Rocky, Aussie and thankfully! She found me a copy! That was my very first CD, by the way -Kylie's Impossible Princess Album. My schoolmates were even envious back then coz I was able to get this limited edition album. LOLZ. I could still recall the smirk on their faces hahaha. Kid fight stuff lah~ I mean, well, we're pre-teens or something ... what can you expect? Remember the days? "Who looks like Kylie?" Stuff like those haha. The fandom never stopped.

From there, I started to follow her works. I later learned about her 80s songs and have learned to love 'em as well. Do the Locomotion baby! I was SUCH A FAAAANNN! I also watched her flick Street Figher. Not only was I a fan of the game but because I was also a Kylie fan, that's why I watched it. I was overjoyed when she really made it bigger here in the Philippines as a dancing diva, when she debuted her single, Spinning Around. I wept with her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I also fought together and supported her endeavors about fighting the said illness. I was hoping to see her live in person and watch her concert ... It could've been on her Aphrodite tour ... unfortunately, I missed it.

Kylie Minogue's "Did It Again" Music Video

Why did I miss it? Well ... the lamest reasons here ...
  1. The lamest me wasn't able to hear the buzz about her concert (what in the world???) ... Com'on! I've been mostly out of my social networking life! Geee!!!
  2. I've filed too many leaves already this year primarily due to my scoliosis treatment and therapies so out of courtesy, I woulnd't wanna abuse my remaining credits. I just filed one for Toycon 2011; which was rather recent. Cosplay went first!
  3. It was raining hard that day. There was a tropical deppression in the country; which even hindered me from coming to work on time. Areas surrounding were almost heavily flooded.
  4. I was already starting to get sick this week and I was almost down the same day due to severe colds
  5. Work is still my priority and I have a client visit coming so I need to prepare better for it
Such a drag, right? *sigh*

I just wish to see her again some other time. Kylie is such an inspiration to me and I admire her insights, her aura, everything! I guess a lot of women do look up to her. I took the concert for granted. Unintentionally though ... you bet! I really do wanna see her. (T_T) *sobs* Better luck next time to me then ...


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