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Calvin Klein Provocations with Alexander Skarsgard Does Provoke ...

3/05/2013 08:50:00 AM Chai Chen 22 Comments

The ad has been out for about a month now and even the month before, this commercial has been highly anticipated. So to add some lighter tones from my rather dark posts wallowing in sadness, I give you this!

I've been really eager to watch it and read about it even before it came out. Gosh! I'm such a True Blood fan and of course, my dear Alexander Skarsgard! *drools* I know it's very rare I talk about my fandom and I tried to keep this blog concentrated on my fashion and beauty picks ... but lah, I can't contain it so I'm writing it now hurhurhur~

Alexander Skarsgard - Calvin Klein Provocations Ad
Photo c/o

And since my posts are mostly scheduled / auto-posted (yeah I only write on weekends due to my busy work life and I just schedule them to be posted within the week or further weeks - posts just continue to pile up hehe), I ain't sure when this will be posted as I've paved way for the partner site posts and write ups hehe. But this surely deserves attention so to be safe I am presuming this will get posted mid-March haha. But any month, any season, dear ASKARS get all the love and attention hohoho~

So if there are a lot of stress factors around - this becomes one of my "de-stress-ors" LOL. If this is not oozing with hotness, then I dunno what to call it anymore haha.

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As most Calvin Klein ads are, they are rather "provocative" indeed; oozing with sexiness, passion, glamour, beauty, romance, and a number of hot and steamy scenes. I'm glad they've released a short film then featuring Alex. Have you seen the video? Here, lemme share with you courtesy of Youtube and Calvin Klein official channel.

Alex is the face of Calvin Klein Fragrance "Encounter" and I believe, the CK Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans for spring/summer 2013 as well now. Hope to see more of him then hoho~ Given the high-end class and high fashion that Calvin Klein offers, it's just wise to have Alex as part of the team endorsing them. Wow! Such a fan in me talking! LOL. This "Provocations" flick is absolutely gorgeous with equally stunning model Suvi Koponen. How I wish I was Suvi in this flick BWAHAHAHAHA~ I wish~ Dream on Chai!

The short movie has a lot of dangerous play with fire and fashion! It's flamin' hot! How do we get pat of such short flicks? I will audition! LOLZ. Well that's it!~ I'm provoked now ... will attack Alex in his hotness. Wouldn't you?

This sexy vampire wouldn't escape me nor any girl's dreams I bet. I actually find the ad rather compelling. Lucky Suvi! I could be your double any time! LOL. With effective branding and campaign, I bet this is a sure hit. I didn't even recognize the clothing types anymore ... silly me! Hmmm, let's see. I love the white suits. And the denim collection I guess; the pieces are hot too!
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
Visit the following for more information:

What do you think of the ad? Or Alex? Haha! Can't get enough of Alex.


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