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3 Day Suit Broker - Where the Smart Money Goes

3/13/2013 08:48:00 AM Ice Goddhez Blog 51 Comments

Readers of this blog would know that when it comes to my fashion statement, I'm into the corporate chic look, given the fact that I work in a corporate setting and image plays an integral part to the role I portray. While it's been pretty challenging to balance, as I oftentimes say - the difference between dressing too young for my post or dressing too old for my age; it's been pretty fun trying to put together outfits that fit the environment. Overall, jiving with the company dress code has been fun and exciting.

Image c/o Men’s Suit Buying Guide For Dummies

The art of corporate dressing takes passion in fashion as well in order not to look too sluggish or have lackluster dressing. It's been easy-enough to find trends for women clothing nowadays; as we see more fashion statements that may even fit the work environment coming straight from the runways. However, I wonder how it would fair for men fashion too. I ain't a fashion guru but observing the fashion arena out there, I guess I can say that it's been a rather rough road for men fashion. While there's been an improvement lately, as seen in big events like the Oscars or what celebrities wear in red-carpet events; the style still seems bland but very plain. Isn't it?

I may be wrong though. Maybe, it's just because it isn't an easy task to choose great styling for men? Or there isn't too much choice out there unlike the fashion-frenzy women (like me) where we have lots of choices from malls to online shops? Especially for corporate dressing where suits, tailored outfits, ties, etc. are required. Well, fret not! There's a great place now providing suits for men in los angeles closer to where celebrities are right? Seems like a great choice!

Read after the cut to find out more about this ...

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It's high-time that we see specialty stores that cater to these types of clothing; with much more! Thanks to 3 Day Suit Broker suit outlet los angeles providing this easy access to suits, tailoring, and all its needs in one convenient, shopping experience to men and women altogether. Reviews of this shop has panned out well; given feedback from wives and girlfriends alike - I believe they were able to target their audience well. The women are satisfied too, as to how the shop helps their "men" get the right fit, the right style, color, with highly supportive staff and a wide range of high-class suit selection!

Most men comment on how fast and even enjoyable the entire shopping experience is at 3 Day Suit Broker. It could be that with over 5,000 suits per store, they have the largest men's suit selection per location of any retailer in Southern CA, maybe even the nation. No doubt it also helps that 3 Day Suit Broker carry the latest styles and colors in virtually all sizes. And when you consider that the suits are priced from $99 and up, it’s easy to see why they make finding a suit that’s a perfect fit for your style and budget a painless process!

They provide good deals for suit tailor los angeles and can do all the alterations you need - be it from from pants getting hemmed; or sleeves needing shortened length; waist area to be taken in, etc.All these, to get the style and fit you want, can be provided at highly affordable pricing. Visitors have commented at how satisfied they were with the service and the cost savings they get!

Imagine looking like a CEO; or an executive; a Hollywood actor ready for red carpet awards night; or the handsome Alexander Skarsgard whom I wrote just a few posts back in that sexy white tuxedo suit ... or even simply like attending a formal event for a friend; or your graduation ... any event at all, at just a fraction of the cost!

It's truly remarkable to have such a place for men nowadays. I think it's fun to shop in these stores be it with my dad or uncle/s or the love of my life! LOL. My dad normally complains ... well, used to complain actually when he shops with me and mom and my younger sis; that it takes us a lot of time to choose clothes, dress up, and change our minds later on in buying things! Wow! Dad is so judgmental about women and shopping ei? LOL. *kidding* I can't imagine how my dad would shop in such a big space like this; with all his needs in one (1) shop - suits, sport coats, dress shirts, pants, ties, shoes, accessories, sportswear, formal wear, tuxedos, everything! Well, he used to be an AVP in one of the big local banks; I'm sure he'll enjoy it here too.

Getting 2 suits, 2 shirts, 2 ties, 2 socks = all in value for just about $199 (an estimated $670 value) is possible from 3 Day Suit Broker! Visit now and see for yourself why this shop is said to be where the smart money goes and how men fashion can also be fashion forward as the fashion industry goes!


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  1. AWESOME POST!! :)) thanks for sharing this Ate Chai! Might use it in the future. hehe :DD

  2. Sam @ Frills & ThrillsMarch 13, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    I know very little about menswear, so this was interesting to read, thank goodness the days of oversized suits are over! A dapper dressed man in a suit is always charming.

  3. Hi Chai!:) Nice post about men fashion! I didnt know this store and looks very interesting and good!:) Have a great day dear, kisses!

  4. Awesome review!

    Thank u so much for your amazing comment.

    Lots Of Love,


  5. very interesting post my dear :)))

  6. Rowena Rolala LovesMarch 14, 2013 at 9:22 AM

    I'm into the corporate chic look as well. This site sounds like a great resource for mens suits. Thanks Chai!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. Great review, hun.

  8. haha looks like a great place. an ill-fitting suit is not very professional!

  9. Wow! It s great :)

  10. My Scrambled StyleMarch 16, 2013 at 5:20 PM

    Wow, must be an amazing store. My husband wears a suit for working. I love it :-).

    Happy weekend!

  11. Haha true enough Izzy dear! :)

  12. Thanks for visiting me again dear! :)

  13. Vanessa Billie-Jill-JeanMarch 16, 2013 at 11:25 PM

    Thanks,for your lovely comment.^^
    I already follow you on bloglovin.
    Hope we keep in touch...:-)

  14. Agnieszka Guerrero OlesinskaMarch 16, 2013 at 11:29 PM

    Really elegants looks. Really impressive blog, love your style. If you want check mine and we could follow each other:-)



    New post

    Tiger and gold in attack!

  15. This is awesome. I love that same style too!

  16. nice post! :)

  17. great post Chai! i really like men who wear the perfect suit for them :)

  18. Great review Chai! Men's suits usually have crazy prices: this looks like the ideal place to get smart on a budget. Lots of love my dear!

  19. My Scrambled StyleMarch 17, 2013 at 4:44 PM

    I just read it about Google Reader :-(. I follow you with Bloglovin', Facebook and GFC :-).


  20. Yup of course :) Following you on Bloglovin, and we are connected in G+, besides :)

  21. Great review Chai!

    Follow you on bloglovin!

  22. Hey babe, I was already following on Bloglovin' too don't worry! kisses

  23. Handsome looking men!! Wish more men would actually suit up!

  24. Thanks my dear! We'll keep in touch :)

  25. Nothing like a suave and smartly dressed man. The right cut and fit is as stylish as they need to be.

    Stay Stylish,

    TL. Xx
    Twynkle Loves

  26. Hi Aga!

    I'm already following you. Just waiting for you to follow back dear. I also joined your giveaway :)

    I think I commented on some of your other posts but now I couldn't find them :( Maybe went to Bloggers' spam comments due to links? Awww sorry dear! Hope you can approve :)

    Looking forward to you following back :) Followed you on GFC, Facebook, etc. :)

  27. Great men style right? Thanks dear Anna :)

  28. Oh yeah! Thanks dear! Following you too to keep in touch :)

  29. All platforms hehe. Of course keeping in touch with you :)

  30. Thanks my dear! Of course want to keep in touch hehe :)

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