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Outfit Post: ~ Pink Paradise ~

2/03/2013 09:18:00 AM Chai Chen 99 Comments

Pink is every girl's color. Agree? And I love items in every shade of pink. Perfect colors to combine with it include purple, lavender, light blue, white ... pastel colors! And this look I'm sharing with you all right now is full of pink and girly stuffs! Yay! It's fun being a girl!

Followers of this blog would know that my outfit style is really into corporate chic look or just a simple casual outfit, being in a corporate environment. Loud colors and prints wouldn't work. Skimpy outfit, revealing clothes, or those that have hints of "sexy" in them are not allowed. But of course, when it's "off work" or related to outings and team building activities, it's the time when I can wear outfits just right for the occasion and the season!

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I'm a fan of blazers and cardigans as they are very versatile and can add more life in the outfit, especially when we choose a color that has its own personality. And when I saw this long cardigan from one of the bloggers I follow, I immediately grabbed the chance to buy myself one ... and got two pieces in different colors, to be exact. I got this in both black and purple.

And who's that blogger you ask? Kryz Uy! (^_^)

Kryz Uy wearing this long cardigan ... Ain't she pretty?

I was thinking if I should wear it in other colors since the color might be too overwhelming already and that it might not look good but meeeeh ... I threw in all pinks in the look!

Bright and sunny days call for the coolest eyewear you can get. We need to protect our eyes with the proper sunglasses from those UV Rays right? And of course, stay fashionable! This cool shades in cat eye sunnies frame is one of my faves now! That star accent imprinted on it adds character!

I didn't over-accessorize anymore as they might steal the attention away from my pink top and the long cardigan of course so I just limited them to one each section - a watch, a bracelet, a ring, and a necklace. All with shades of pink!

This necklace is one of my faves too. And unfortunately, I already lost it. *sobs* I've only worn it twice - the other one you've seen in one of my outfit posts too - Outfit Post: Vintage Life and Hearts and Cupcake; and the other one, in this look. But I can't recall where I placed it after so ... oh well! It's lost now.

My top is one of the stuffs I own since I was in college if I'm not mistaken. That was like ... well, years back hehe. I'm happy to see that while the color has faded, it's not too much and it's still in good condition until now. It's also one of the few clothes I was able to save when fire struck our house in 2006 ... so the girl in me still shows here ... the little girl in me, I'd say! (^_^)

And with all these in me, I believe I was able to showcase a nice, carefree look with the lovely colors that show my very-personality! The shoes were so comfy and my bag is the perfect canvas bag that embodies the "cute" girl persona that I believe, is in my core! Wow! Too deep huh? Haha! I guess that this girlie feel will never escape me even when I grow older. (^_^)

It's fun being girl ... all these mix and match stuff we can do! My colleagues actually were somehow, well, concerned that I might be dressing too-young and that this might suit teenage girls instead. My stand? Well, who said so? In fashion, there's no age limit. But I am still cautious though because, well, as you'll always hear from me - I'm cautious whether I'm dressing too young for my position or dressing too old for my age. So this look, is actually just right, I believe ... given the occasion! A casual, dress down, outing day perfect for team building activities! (^_^)

What do you think?

  1. Hot Pink Headband, ACCESSORIZE 
  2. MNG Cat Eye Sunglasses with Star Accent, Mango 
  3. Vintage Pink Necklace with Eiffel Tower Design, Club & Spade , http://
  4. F21 Love Earrings, Forever 21 Philippines 
  5. Purple Long Sleeved Long Cardigan, I ♥ Basezoo, Clothes for the Goddess 
  6. MAD by Kidrobot Watch, Swatch 
  7. TRN Baby Pink Tank Top, Terranova World 
  8. MNG Jeans White Tattered Skirt, Mango 
  9. Comfit Shoes Kaeko Peep-Toe Slingback Sandals in Coral Pink, Comfit
  10. Comfit Shoes Sleeping Beauty Japanese Collection Canvas Bag, Comfit
  11. Stars Ring, Bedazzle Accessories 
  12. Bvlgari - inspired Pink Chain Rubber Bracelet, Thrift Shop
  13. Hearts Prink Pink Cuff Bangle Bracelet, Thrift Shop

Where to find this look?
~ Pink Paradise ~
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Get this Look?

Do you like this look? Hopefully! (^_^) Valentine's Day is fast approaching! I have something in store for you guys. Stay tuned! (^_^)

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