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Outfit Post: Vintage Life and Hearts and Cupcakes

11/19/2012 09:13:00 AM Chai Chen 92 Comments

Looks familiar? Well, this is the other color of the Vintage-style dress I got from Mango. See the look again here: Outfit Post: Vintage Chic

And because I loved this dress' style so much, I got it in 2 different colors. Call my crazy but yeah, I went crazy for this dress and didn't want to let it go anymore. I know the trend may die down but vintage dressing will always go back. Besides, it ain't too-vintage at all so I can wear it without looking so out-of-style. The hearts prints are always a darling! Can't get enough!

So ... Vintage life ... it's something is written in the necklace but now I lost it ... and I can only recall a few lines in there... which included cupcakes. So if you're wondering why I entitled this look and post as such, blame it on the necklace! Hearts and cupcakes are normally associated anyway and this look with vintage vibes all go hand-in-hand. The store I got it is called Club & Spade. Cool stuff with vintage accessories! I wish I could get one again like this. The necklace is a vital piece for many of my clothing so I wish I could still get one hehe.

I like how this outfit can go and match my corporate / office wear taste. Probably not too-corporate since I don't think I need to be too-formal all the time. But this one really has that formal-attire-feel. Balanced look I guess ...

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Life is short ... enjoy it with cupcakes! (^_^) I think that's somehow what the message of that necklace was. Maybe I'm making it up but bleh~ Whatever that is, I gotta move on. That's lost now. Whether I'll have the same piece again or not, who knows? Life goes on ... we can't hold back. Just continue moving forward .... it applies to the same situation I am in now, I guess.

Vintage Life ... Eiffel Tower ... Cupcakes ... Pink!
It's not the end of the world when we lose something as important. It's probably hard to move on but we always have to. We can't cling on it forever. The memories will always be there though they may not be with us physically. With this, I wonder; how was it back then when life seems to be much simpler than how it is now. But well, back then, there was no blogging so lah, I wouldn't wanna go back. I was just thinking ... maybe, life back then was also sweeter with all the loveliest shades of pink!

Paris Vibes? Hearts Prints! Mango Dress Corasao!

See the lovely tiny hearts prints? Instead of just the normal polka-dotted print tops or shirts, it's nice that this dress, from one of my favorite shops, Mango, had it in hearts prints! Having it in this neutral / beige / off-white color with black combination is really bliss! Well, there were only 2 colors for this dress anyway, the other one (which I also bought hehehe) was in navy blue. Adding that coral pink belt made this look even lovelier! I was thinking it'd come off with regular colors but nah, it came with this lovely color!

Cat-Eye Sunnies from Mango!
I always bring shades / eyewear when I go to work. Not that I wear them all day flashing to everyone I meet, lah~ Plain stupid! LOL. But I wear it before and after work; or when we go offsite / outside the office. Of course, it has its purpose. And sometimes, when I feel like crying, they protect my teary eyes from showing my sadness. This cat-eye piece is a fave for me. Aside from covering my watery eyes, it gives off that B|TCHY look, doesn't it? Tougher woman!

Overall, whether from a loss or sheer sadness, we must be tougher and get up again and move forward. Get a piece of cupcake to chillax a little and think, life is sweeter... just get back to your self and live again!

What do you think?
  1. MNG Dress Corasao Printed Hearts in Neutral Black & White, Mango 
  2. MNG Coral Pink Slim Dress Corasao Belt, Mango
  3. CLN Quilted Design Hand / Shoulder Bag, CÉLINE 
  4. Comfit Shoe Heidi in Black and Grey Flats, Comfit by Michael Antonio Philippines 
  5. Indian Design Earrings, N/A, (Gift)
  6. MNG Cat Eye Sunglasses with Star Accent, Mango
  7. Xoxo Accessories Rhinestone Accent Silver Bangle Watch, XOXO 
  8. Pink & Black Beaded Bracelet, N/A, (Gift)
  9. Hermes Inspired Belt Bangles Bracelet in Rose Pink, Hermès 
  10. Vintage Pink Necklace with Eiffel Tower Design, Club & Spade

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    Get this Look?

    And you know what? I think I just got lucky and found the same exact print on one of the accessories from The pink necklace has the exact same texts as much necklace! It's like deja vu! Haha.


    Simitter New Fashion Vintage Bowknot
    Rabbit Photo Necklace Sweater Chain - $9.99
    Korean Ladies Summer Fashion Chiffon
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