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Friday, August 10, 2012

Outfit Post: Vintage Chic

Can I do a vintage look now? Hope this one can pass! (^_^)
It's been rather gloomy these past few days and it's just now that we're actually seeing "sunlight". Aahhh! That feeling again!

I've scheduled this post long ago but due to more, rather urgent news, this had to wait and now ... it'll be posted ...

Since this one went out in Mango stores, I can't help but love it! Polka dots trend is "in" again and having hearts prints instead gets much more "love" from me so I really had to get this one! Makes me think how fashion & trend was; years back.

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The dress was a bit bigger. But this is the last piece in the smallest size that can still fit me so I already bought it, though it's loose (just at the back). Can't let go of it anymore haha!

Mango has become a fashion essential for me. They have the loveliest pieces of clothing I can't find elsewhere. It's my favorite stop for my office wear and some casual clothing too.

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I don't know why but the overall look of this outfit makes me remember the movie Pearl Harbor. Hmmm ... do I look like Kate Beckinsale here? Hahah! Kidding! Alright kill me now! :p

I guess the movie just has some of the elements relating to this outfit. The prints and the colors.

Mango Dress Corasao

Even though the dress was a size bigger, I really did not let go of it. See how lovely it is? I guess rare finds at Mango stores shouldn't be let go easily. Like right now, there's this dress that I regret I didn't get and now it's gone forever. (T_T) *sobs*

Did I say I got this dress in two (2) different colors? Yes! Because I loved it so much, I also didn't let go of the other variant because it was the last piece in my size at least (or closest)! Woot!

When I'm in the mood to really dress up, especially on days dubbed as "corporate wear" days or formal business attire; I make sure I do power dressing too. It comes with the job so I must always uphold the dress code as well. Vintage looks always get the feel of a somewhat-corporate setup ... I guess!

What do you think? (^_^)

  1.  Bronze Leaf Design Bangle Bracelet, TOMATO
  2.   Twenty Something for Comfit Shoes Nude Cheri Flats, Comfit, Michael Antonio  Philippines, Trinoma Mall
  3.   Guitar Music "RJ" and Bronze Dogtag Chain Necklace, Thrift Shop, Megabrands Sale
  4.  MNG Dress Corasao Printed Hearts in Navy Blue, Mango
  5.  MNG Brown Slim Dress Corasao Belt, Mango
  6.  Plaid Burberry-inspired Ribbon Headband, Burberry
  7.   Aldo Accessories Nude Eyeglasses, ALDO Shoes - Philippines
  8.   Pearl Earrings, SM Accessories
  9.   MNG Black Leather Flap Wallet / Handbag, Mango
  10.   Golden Jade Dragon Bracelet, N/A, (Gift)
  11.   Xoxo Accessories Rhinestone Accent Silver Bangle Watch, XOXO
  12.   Bronze Pearl Beaded Bracelet, Tomato

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