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Ice Goddhez x ROPE Accessories Valentine Giveaway #ChaiChenGiveaways

1/25/2013 05:35:00 AM Chai Chen 177 Comments

First, I'd like to say that I am very grateful for all my readers, friends, and visitors who have made my past two (2) giveaways a success! It's really overwhelming and even I, myself, have not anticipated the amount of participation I got. I am also very grateful for my partners and sponsors who have made those past giveaways a sure hit, internationally. For reference these were the past two giveaways just last year, last month.
And now, I bring you with a new partner site. Allow me to introduce this new site - ROPE Accessories. I announced this on my Facebook Page that I'll be having 2 Big Giveaways ... well my dears, this is one!

This is online shop is great and is owned by a dear friend. It has just recently opened and now, it's ready to take on the online shopping market by storm and give a full-blown e-commerce venue for all of us! I can personally attest to this shop as it's been a wonderful journey all over! They offer well-crafted accessories at highly affordable prices, that cater to the young and young-at-heart. The jewelries are always in-style and in-season. The shop also offers original designer products like bags from Tommy Hilfiger, Nine West, and loads more.

Given that February is fast approaching and that I did not have any giveaway in store yet this January, this one is hopefully one of the many others I'm giving away with for all of you ... do you have what it takes to prep for Valentine's Day? Join this giveaway and you might just be in luck! Check after the cut to find out how ...

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I'd love to say that I am my own product or the concept of it, that is! Because when I do partner with websites, especially those who sponsor me; I make sure that they are trustworthy first; and they have good quality. Of course, given my marketing and advertising background as well; the effectiveness of a campaign relies on the team that built it; but is largely concentrated on the one that endorses it too. That's why; I make sure that I only tie up with trusted brands and companies / shops. We help each other. And this one is from a dear friend who has her passion in fashion and accessories, with her advocacy to share her love of such with her hard work. Thus, I support her!

Here I am sporting my own piece ... ain't it gorgeous?

The shop also offers authentic designer bags and here's a few good picks!

Chai's Top 3 ROPE Accessories Designer Bag Picks

Nine West Reno Signs

Tommy Hilfiger Leeds Shoulder Bag

Nine West Colorado Satchel

Okay okay hang in there! I know you're all excited now about the giveaway haha! I'm giving away this Valentine Necklace Pick to 1 lucky reader! And we made the mechanics so simply but you still get more chances of winning!


Required Steps - Total of 5 Steps for 20 Entries!

  1. LIKE on Facebook: ROPE Accessories (5 pts); Chai Chen Cosplay, Fashion, Blog (5 pts)
  2. Follow this blog on Google Friend Connect - hit Follow This Site on the GFC column here or click this link - Follow Blog via GFC (5 points)
  3. Follow on Twitter: @ROPEaccessories  (3 points); @chenmeicai  (1 point)
  4. Leave a Blog Post Comment: Needed infos appear in the Rafflecopter Tool (1 point)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Easy peasy right? Now once you've filled this all out; these other options are available for you to earn more points.

Extra Points / Entries - Total of 30 more Points!!!
  1. Follow on Instagram@rope_accessories (5 points)
  2. Follow my blog on Bloglovin' - if you don't have one, it's easy to create it dears! (3 points)
  3. SHARE this Blog Post on Your Facebook Status - complete text appears on the Rafflecopter Tool (3 points)
  4. TWEET about this Giveaway - complete text appears on the Rafflecopter Tool (2 points)
  5. Become a FAN on Lookbook (1 point)
  6. Follow me on Google Plus (1 point)
  7. Give +1 for this entry on Google+ by hitting the icon below using the tools (1 point)
  8. Follow me on Tumblr (1 point)
  9. Follow me on Fashiolista (1 point)
  10. Follow me on instagram @chenmeicai (1 point)
  11. Follow me on NuffnangX (1 point)
  12. Blog about this giveaway (on blogspot / wordpress / tumblr - any!!!) and get more points! (5 points)
  13. Follow me on NetworkedBlogs via Facebook - you can see that tool on the lower right section of this blog and you can login there via Facebook (2 points)
  14. LIKE this post on Facebook using the LIKE tool on this blog post below (1 point)
  15. Follow me on Polyvore (1 point)
  16. Become my watcher on Deviantart - if you have an account there (1 point)
Good luck guys! Hope you like this giveaway! (^_^)

Giveaway starts TODAY until February 15!!! So hurry and join now (^_^) 
Enjoy your Post-Valentine Date with this lovely jewelry!
Winner will be announced on this page and immediate blog post after the contest period.
We will randomize the winners users the RAFFLECOPTER tool.
Please make sure all your entries are done via the RAFFLECOPTER tool.
Giveaway is open to Philippines residents only.
Winner will be contacted by shop owner for shipment.
Check out the following links to start your shopping right now! (^_^)
Good luck! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.
Thanks a lot! I'm excited for you all! (^_^)


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