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#ChaiChenGiveaways, Black & White Ensemble and Winners of my 1st Blog Giveaway!

1/07/2013 09:03:00 AM Chai Chen 50 Comments

After this fiasco with this post Indressme Online Store: Rude Chat Support, I guess I need to contradict this bad start for 2013 with a good and better post, right? And so let me bring you a few good stuffs to keep your 2013 alive and kicking!

When it comes to shopping, us shoppers of course are looking for good quality and price at the same time. Sometimes, they go together. Sometimes, they don't. Sometimes, you can even get poor customer service from shops you thought are great ... like what I experienced. I know we all want customer satisfaction and great service from shops and it takes a good company with training to have the values shared with their personnel too. With the booming online shopping industry offering convenience of shopping at the tip of your fingers, customers are also looking for safety of course, as all transactions with the use of credit cards and other modes of payment are offered; leaving potential risks to us shoppers-at-home.

I'm glad to find a few good shops around like this shop serving as a dropship from China and promising to be the one stop source for first-quality products at rock-bottom prices! I'm sure you've also heard from them at one way or another! Yes, I'm talking about and I'm loving their products to bits!

This is good news I believe so before I continue with my fandom, allow me to congratulate as well the winners of my 1st blog giveaway! It was a tough decision actually and I'm grateful for all the participants! 

ClothingLoves - Fashion Clothing Online

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And the winners are ...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Can't thank you guys enough for your participation and support for my blog! With that, I'm sure I'll be offering more of these giveaways as a form of my thank you for all the love and support! (^_^) Here's my congratulatory announcement on Facebook:

Ok ... lemme continue writing about this feature ... Upon browsing some of their products, I know that their offers really match my taste and sense of style. Recently, I had this fascination over white dresses / clothing probably brought by our Christmas Party theme. You can see how I styled my look here in this post: Black & White Soiree and Firmoo Eyewear Voucher Giveaway Winners! And definitely offers a wide variety of that, including chiffon dress white and in other cuts and style too! It's also great to find matching accessories from the shop as they offer wholesale jewellery with a vast selection of pieces! Here's a few items I loved ...

My picks!

Lovely white chiffon dresses and tops! Beautiful outcome! Here's my Top 3 Picks!
  1. White Chiffon with Lace Shoulder Peter Pan Collar Dress @XYZ9641w - only $12.87
  2. Women Chiffon Horizontal Neck Feather Print Beach Long One Size White Dress @MF9870 w - only $29.35
  3. Women Pearl Neck Tank Sleeve Chiffon Free Size Pleated Sexy White Dress @A2003w - only $20.73
My Top 3 Jewelry Picks! Great accessories to mix & match with any outfit!
  1. Black Lace Bow Coins Preparation Bracelet 09080225 - only $5.99
  2. Wild Diamond Tassel Stars Earrings @11042830 - only $6.99
  3. Punk Metal Harbour Fashion Short Necklace @ 08092466 - only $6.22

Here's how I envision the look from some of my fave picks. I present my Black & White Ensemble all from!

[NOTE] The prices I indicated in this blog post may change depending on other discounts and offers or company changes that apply...

Black & White Ensemble from

How do you find it? Doesn't it look chic and fab? The items and style are perfect for everyday casual look and even offers party looks, special occasions, and loads more! I am definitely shopping whole lots from here! They're really affordable!

Do check out the following links to start your shopping right now! (^_^)
I'll share with you my review of this shop once I receive my items from them too. I love shopping and it shows on my posts right? Hehe. And I share with you the good deals I get so definitely, I will share how I find their products soon. (^_^) If you did experience shopping with them too, share them with me in the comments field. (^_^)


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