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Black & White Soiree and Firmoo Eyewear Voucher Giveaway Winners!

12/19/2012 09:27:00 AM Chai Chen 83 Comments

Last December 16, our company celebrated our annual Year-End / Christmas Party dubbed as "Black & White Soiree." I have to make this quick post in the middle of my queued / auto-posted blog entries just to make sure I announce my giveaway winners too! *wink* And while we were all left with a fashion dilemma of limited choices for our company party because of the color, we decided to play around with the materials / fabric of our outfit and accessories. Call me "OC" (read: obsessive compulsive!) on things but yeah, me and my colleagues are really OC when it comes to our party dresses!

Tricia Gosingtian
in Apartment 8 Clothing
Not to the point that I really carefully plan each and every item duh~ I guess I'd go crazy haha! But at least, at one point or another, I consider the style that goes with it. And I believe, Style is more important than the outfit itself. Agree?

It was just a week before the party when I accompanied a few of my friends to shop for their clothes, shoes, and accessories. Of course, all fab and pretty! I started looking at stuff for myself too but hmmm, I didn't want to spend that much ... and then I remember I had this outfit from Apartment 8 Clothing that I'm waiting for to shoot - a work outfit awaiting photo opportunity hehe. Unfortunately, it was too short. Yeah ... I was inspired by Tricia Gosingtian and her outfit looks ... uhmm, rather normal. To me, it was too-snug! Ehem ... the chubby girl in me thought ... well, this can be a party dress instead and voila!!! The right opportunity came with the right theme, at the right time! Woohoo! So this one definitely did not get wasted! Woohooo!

Ain't the dress lovely? I'll share my outfit post soon! For now, I'll share with you my outfit set. And yes, to announce the winners of one of my giveaways!!! (^_^)

Before I post more about this  ... have you joined my 1st giveaway yet? *wink*

Join My Giveaway!
Chai's December Birthday Bash
- 1st Giveaway!!!
About Php 3,500 ($88) Worth of Prizes!

Ok, click after the cut to find out more ...

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Okay ... without further ado, allow me to announce my beloved winners with whom this giveaway is awarded too ... tadaaaaahhhh!!! Ice Goddhez x Firmoo $500 Eyewear Voucher #ChaiChenGiveaways

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My special picked recipients (as promised, I'll randomize 20 winners and 5 special recipients:
  1. Lev R.
  2. Rick H.
  3. Mariana R.
  4. Carolyn R.
  5. Marlyn S.

Congrats guys! Please check for my email to each of you to check how you can claim your prize and send validations (^_^)! Thanks a lot for joining! (^_^)

Note: There are some winners who won twice (2x)! I have no issues with this - I personally validated those entries and they've had a lot of entries for required steps and additional steps to earn more points so congratulations! The hard work really made you guys deserving for the win. *wink*

Giveaway period was from Dec. 9 to Dec. 16 (12MN) Only.
Voucher not inclusive of shipping fee and expires on December 25! 
And remember that FIRMOO is offering each new customer a pair of eyewear free!
Your first pair of eyeglasses is free so register an account from Firmoo now!
You can use your voucher from my giveaway for a 2nd pair on your next order!
Use it ASAP before it expires! (^_^)
And due to questions raised to Firmoo regarding these giveaways, allow me to share their responses (courtesy of Antonio from Firmoo Free Glasses / Bloggers Program):

  1. QUESTION: Can I use my Firmoo giveaway voucher even if I participate in the "First Free Pair Program?"
    • ANSWER: If some winners have already claimed the free glasses via First Pair Free program, they still are able to use the voucher to get a second pair.
  2. QUESTION: Can Firmoo ship to my country?
    • ANSWER:  Winners are not able to place an order if they are from countries we do not ship to. We ship to US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand...(visit for more countries)
  3. QUESTION: I also won vouchers from another blogger Firmoo giveaway; can I use your voucher for 1 order? 
    • ANSWER:  Winners cannot use 2 vouchers for one order / one pair. Each person can use the voucher only once. If they win more than one voucher, they can use one and share the left with friends or families.

To those who did not win yet,  don't worry! I have another giveaway ongoing until end of month. Please make sure you follow the REQUIRED steps and enter using the Rafflecopter Tool. If not, your entry will be invalid, sorry! (T_T) I followed the same rules for this Firmoo giveaway. But don't fret, my other giveaway is still running! So do try out in my current ongoing giveaway and see if you can win! (^_^)

And now, let me share my party look ... my Black & White Soiree!!!

So, since I already have a dress from the wonderful shop Apartment 8 Clothing, I only needed to worry about my overall "style." I can't just dye my hair like Tricia's and copy her overall look (including bleaching my hair and doing those lovely curls - long locks and blonde and brown ...). I wanted a bit of my own fashion sense (if there's such a thing! LOL) and experiment on the look a little bit. And without much pressure 'til the day before the event, I thought I'd just channel my "inner Kate Middleton" with those fancy "cocktail hats" or "fascinators" as they're aptly called.

I thought (with my little crazy imagination) that it'd still look good with the dress so, off I went, searching for my hat. I didn't know it would be my hardest search as there wasn't much of it available in the shops I looked into. Thankfully, on the day itself, when I dropped by the nearest department store, there was this Occasions Store - specially catering to "special occasions" with dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories! Whooooaaa! So cool! And there I found my little own fascinator at such an affordable price! Definitely a steal!

The exact items I wore are thankfully clipped to my Polyvore and now I was able to share them with you! Weee! Well, except for the hair accessory - I found a different one to clip and include in the set (since I can't find the shop's website or any online portal - I'll just share my outfit shot soon!) Also, the silver bracelet was just a similar piece - except that mine was extremely stretchable! Plus, the rhinestone necklace was in "dark grey" for me (silverish!) and not blue as the photo shows. Other than that, this has been my entire look! Wow! I can now be my own stylist! LOL.

I was wearing some fancy rings too, which are all included in my jewelry box already so nothing new hehe. All my accessories including the bag were from another favorite shop - Forever 21! I'm lucky to have caught all these items ON SALE too with the holiday glitter and glam! Woot! Lotsa savings for me!!! Yay!

I will post my look soon, promise! For now, here's a sneak peek of my makeup / look. Hope you like it!

Christmas Party Look!
Black / Dark Smokey Eye Effect Rodarte -inspired
Lighter smoky look; darker winged outline
Etude House Underlash
Shawill Falsies

Get and Shop the Look Here!!!

So what do you think of this style? Do you think I made it look good too? Hope so! (^_^)

And now of course, don't forget to join my giveaway to get your shopping spree for shoes, clothing, and accessories (^_^) Click this photo below to find out how to join!

Don't forget to join my giveaway (^_^)

Happy shopping and good luck!


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