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Monday, August 13, 2012

Outfit Post: Flavor It Mint

I dunno but anything green and minty appears too cool in the eyes ... and I'm cravin' for more mints recently! Yay!

Office outfit can be so much better with greens and mints! Partner it with black, it brings that classy look! Woot! (^_^)

I don't have an infinite closet but I think I do have quite a number of clothing now hehehe~ When I do check my stocks, my most common colors are normally neutrals - black & white and a few greys. It's only late 2010 I think when I started stocking on other colors. And this year; I started to get more playful with the colors in style. Normally, I'd have blues and greens and pinks but not in other shades like mint green or aqua and stuff ... as much as possible, I kept the colors plain ...

I got bored ... plus, my job needs a highly presentable look without going super outlandish ... I don't need to look like I'm going to a party all the time anyway hehehe.

Here's my business casual take on it! The color can go beyond playful ...

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The dress is obviously a summery breezy item intended for, probably just summer indeed. LOL. It's actually a sexy, casual item that fits an outdoor activity I think. Pair it with a sexy inset top in florals and dainty looks; I guess it's a perfect picnic dress as well.

I chose to dress it up the other ... and pair it with black & silvery items. The outcome? I think it's pretty cool. It could go well in the office and match the dress code. (^_^)

Tear Drop Earrings from Forever 21

Doesn't it show as well how I love the brand Forever 21? Hahaha! From dress to accessories, I'm all F21-ish! The dress is actually a gift from a good friend and team member / colleague, Melanie. Instead of going all sexy and dainty with this dress; I made it look more formal. I didn't know mint and black will go so well anyway until I did this hehe.

Whether this is turquoise, aqua, or mint green ... I dunno ... I guess I'm getting color-blind hahah. But this one does achieve the minty feel! Did you feel it too?

  1. Black Suede Strappy Heels, Charles & Keith 
  2. CLN Quilted Design Hand / Shoulder Bag, CÉLINE 
  3. F21 I Love H81 Heritage 1981 Scoop Back Aqua Dress, Forever 21 Philippines 
  4. F21 Tear Pointed Drop Earrings, Forever 21 
  5. Black Bangle Bracelet Set, SM Accessories 
  6. Xoxo Accessories Rhinestone Accent Silver Bangle Watch, XOXO 
  7. Aldo Accessories Black & Silver Rosette Ring, ALDO Shoes - Philippines 
  8. Black Inset Tank Top, Buffalo David Bitton

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