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Chai Cosplay: Silk Spectre II (Watchmen Movie Version)

8/23/2012 09:21:00 AM Chai Chen 31 Comments

It's true as they said ... once you start cosplaying, you'll get addicted to this hobby and never stop. Yes, there might be "pauses" but you'll always be true to this hobby and continue improving your craft ...

Chai as Silk Spectre II / Laurie Jupiter
in 2009 Watchmen Movie Laurie Wallpaper

I'm dedicated to do the same and I believe I've done my part.  (^_^) I did two (2) more trial cosplay looks but never really attended a con in them yet. So as part as terminologies are concerned (especially to sensitive ones like myself, included hehe); I'd rather not call it "cosplay." Maybe closet cosplay? Hehehe. But they do deserve a separate post. I have stock photos that I haven't found time to post yet hohoh~ But definitely, I will post when I grab a chance.

For now, I bring you you my Silk Spectre II Cosplay from the movie Watchmen. I'll tell you more about the reasons why I chose this version under the cut. Her alter ego Laurie Juspeczyk is so "me" too in many ways. So both - one lady anyway, is a perfect "cosplay" for me I guess. Hurhur~

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I'm not really an avid fan of graphic novels of novels per se and I am admittedly saying that. I am not a poser. But I am somehow a fan of comic books - not to the "geek" level though (but I am a geek in my own way hehe) but when I heard of this movie from another geek friend, Rocky (as he blogged about the comic book -, I was intrigued and decided to wait for the release and watch it.

Me and my friend, Dan
Dr. Manhattan
He's a walking encyclopedia con movie reviewer whatever hehe. Early on, I tried to read online about what this comic's story is all about. I find Laurie's character interesting. She's a bit stubborn like me (just sometimes hehe) and doesn't stop until she gets what she wants. And so the movie came out and I watched it. I loved it!

The story is moving and tells a lesson that's, well, though mostly applicable in that era, it still evokes the same morale needed nowadays. What makes Watchmen such a compelling story is the fact that while it's set in a world of superheroes (albeit, not necessarily very super ones), the point is not some big battle or amazing action but instead a deeper look at the work of power and authority ... and just how far you'd go in the name of the greater good. Should I say, make peace not war? LOL.

I became a fan of Watchmen then. And of course, Laurie. I agree with the actress Malin Akerman who said that this is a lovely character regardless of her being regarded as a whiner in the story. This young woman who's coming of age, finding her independence, finding love - it added softness to the film, though she's just an afterthought as I read on some write-ups about the comics. Adding a female character to the line-up was brilliant!


The sexy outfit! All of it!

With "Dark" Nite Owl LOL.
Photo by Zell Photography
Yellow is not my favorite color (though I think way back gradeschool, I really loved it)  coz it makes me look very pale but that combined with black, I think it's an awesome combination. Talk about fashion sense now lah~

I chose the fabric carefully as well and I loved being picky! Yes. I am very "OC" with my costumes. While latex isn't really something I could afford that time; I had alternatives. Hohoho~ This is something I can say ... my firs "sexy" cosplay hohoho. Admittedly, I am chubby. Not all sexy. I have big bone structures (ehem, excuses?) so I cannot really be uber-sexy. But I'm glad that when I cosplayed this, I was slimmer woot! So the overall look I wanted to achieve was somehow a SUCCESS!

Wearing high-heeled boots is another fave aspect; consider that thigh-high, and wearing them while doing those stunts is uber cool, especially for women. First time I'm wearing this type of outfit hehe.

While I primarily bought the boots for cosplay, I also had other things in mind. Fashion! Dual purpose right? I am able to wear them in other events like parties anyway heheh. I am thrifty as well, mind you, so that "other" purpose was also a priority when I bought it.

How did I wear it? Here! The look outside the costume hurhurhur~

Original Character - Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre IIWatchmen Movie 2009 Poster
Credits to


Well, I had to make alterations on the design. The original costume is too short on the bottoms. I had to make it longer so I won't expose too much booty. Although the actual costume outcome was longer than I expected ... er ... I had to get it cut off next time. Needs to be a little shorter hehe.

Chai as Silk Spectre II
I've worn the costume thrice (3x) for 3 different events. You can check the alterations in the photo albums below for the 2 events. (^_^)

Straps were falling off while I was on stage!
Photo from
The material had to be changed as well. Malin, the actress who portrayed Silk Spectre II had a hard time wearing her costume and developed bruises since it's made of latex. There were nip markings too which I couldn't pull off lah. So I have to request the tailor to use a different cloth.

I specifically chose the this black fake leather material instead that will make me more comfortable in moving; than latex over latex. Instead, I used spandex over spandex. The yellow spandex is in its perfect shade that matches the real latex version, I guess. I chose this over the canary shade - that one is too bright hehe.

When worn long enough though, it's not that much of a comfy outfit. The measurements were bigger ... I guess I slimmed down too fast that time. I got my measurements taken 4 weeks before I wore it and it took my costume maker 2-3 days to complete the set. And when I wore it, whooaaa ... I got slimmer indeed! LOL.

One more thing I had hard time on the suit itself is the black leather suit. The straps on the gloves and the boots kept on falling off so I had to always pull them back. The chest area was more exposed than needed. It's because the black leather spandex wasn't attached to the inner yellow suit. I tried to pin it but it doesn't look good coz it just stretches like it's pinned, not stitched. In the end, I just left it loose and I kept pulling it inwards. LOL. I had a hard time keeping the balance! Wardrobe malfunction that is!

Who Watches the Watchmen?
Photo by Kiko Francisco
I also had to practice some fight scenes. My tutor? A Mixed-Martial-Artist in the office, Jay Dacer. He couldn't say no anyway hahaha. Talk about power-tripping now. LOL. Thanks Jay! I had to make it special so as not to affect my back problems.

When did I do them? Only during PCC 2009. It was supposedly an "individual" cosplay contest but I kinda tagged with the one before and after me. Too bad I didn't have videos and photos anymore of that (T_T) *sobs* but I did get a videos when I formed the group already. (^_^)


This is the first costume I had done by Mang Carding and since then, I've been a loyal customer. Tiya Helen has gone to the province already and I've heard of this shop so I tried and tested it. Really good! Cargin's Dance Wear. Boots c/o That's It shop (I had this since December of 2008) in Tutuban Mall.

Watchmen Cosplay Group # 2
Metro Comic Con 2009
Photo by
I also had the opportunity to form a cosplay group / team in two (2) different conventions. Initially, I was alone but I found other peeps who were interested in the comics or "Watchmen" per se!

If you're interested to read the whole story of how I got this team together, these are old journal posts I had. I will just be linking them here then. (^_^)

Watchmen Cosplay Group # 1
Toycon 2009
Photo by


  • March 29, 2009 - 2nd Philippine Cosplay Convention
  • June 14, 2009 - 8th TOYCON 2009 Day 2 Group Cosplay Competition
  • August 8, 2009 - 1st MCC Metro Comic Con Day 2 Group Cosplay Competition 
Ara, me, and Naoko at PCC 2009
Dang! I miss these girls!


I did not get personal awards for this costume but I'm happy that my group has been somewhat considered as "finalists" in the contest we joined - group cosplay. (^_^) Congrats to my team!

You can read more about there here:
Each blog post before had snippets of other infos too that may interest you. I also posted there all the relevant links so instead of duplicating them here and that my old work won't be put to waste, hop over those links and check 'em out. (^_^)

I did receive my Best Female Costume of the Year 2008 for my Lili Rochefort Cosplay that 1st day I've worn this costume though; at the PCC 2009 Event. You can read about it here:
Me and the CCY 2008 Board
Female Contenders for "BEST FEMALE" Category (see my Lili Cosplay?)



Funny moments! Our stage skits! Woohooo! Though I didn't get to have a video of my cosplay catwalk on the first time I've worn this costume at PCC 2009, I got these awesome vids from the two (2) events when I had the team do our group cosplay stint! I love these folks! (^_^)

Ahhh the memories!

I did have help from the team in brainstorming the skit, as you can read in my old journal posts. (^_^) About the music scoring, I did edit them using Audacity only. I am not too familiar with other tools hhehee. Talk about being a geek girl! :p

Check out my videos from my Youtube Channel:

BONUS:This photo was featured in Cosmode 2009 under their COSNAPS project where they showcase wonderful cosplays around the world. I'm so honored to be on the same page as one of my Cosplay idols - Maridah Cosplay in her famous, doll-like pose, as Saber.

Chai as Silk Spectre II on Cosmode 2009
I did have a post last year about my cosplay vs. Anne Custis' "cosplay-ish" ad. Anne vs. Chai! LOLWUT?

Alright then ... there you have it! That sums up my Silk Spectre II cosplay. I'm not sure if I missed out other pertinent information since I wasn't able to back up my Cosplay resume from (T_T) But I hope you liked it here for now. (^_^)


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