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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Footzyrolls - The Rollable Shoes

I recently visited an event and this is where I got my 1st Footzyrolls pair. This was during the I'm SHOE In Love Event Part 2. I've been seeing them from a few of my fave fashion bloggers like Camille Co, Laureen Uy, and the likes. I was intrigued of its promise - the comfort with style flats.

My 1st Footzyrolls Pair - Candy Striper

So as you've read my story how I got my pair and why I also considered buying one, let's talk about the actual experience of using it hohoho~

The brand actually promises a collection of foldable and rollable yet STILL stylish flats. It's about time all Filipinas unroll into comfort, as their copy says. The original rollable, street-walkable shoes are now here in the country! Whenever we want to soothe our feet after a long day in heels, we can always stay chic and fab, without the ouch! That would be the time to roll into Footzyrolls - it's the perfect purse companion ... right? Hehehe.

I used it for a few days now ... by the time I wrote this post, it's been three (3) days (and today, it's been more days now since this is a scheduled post instead due to my backlogs hohohoho~). I find it really good as well and very comfortable ....

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The packaging is slick and cute. In fact, it's one of the things that also attracted me to their booth that time hehe. It features my favorite colors - black & pink. It has a display pane that also makes you view the actual design of the shoes inside. The window-like transparent sheet is sturdy enough so I can say it's not made of cheap materials hehehe.

I liked the fact that the box is very handy and I can bring it anywhere. I can also probably use it for some other stuff whenever I'm using the shoes. Besides, I wouldn't be bringing my shoes everyday with that box lah~ It would be bulky.

The whole package comes with a stylish pouch bag where we can keep our Footzyrolls and bring along on a daily basis - if needed. As for me, I don't think I would be using it often since I planned to use it just for my daily office work.

I was forewarned by the sales lady during the event anyway that this is NOT really ideal for a daily shoe pair. It's only intended for indoors, as driving shoes, or similar. It's limited to that function. Although I wonder how our fave fashion bloggers are able to walk around all day as they write in their blog posts, still, I trust my instincts. I wouldn't consider going out with them. They just stay in my office.

Candy Striper (Black) - Footzyrolls
The design I picked is similar to what I saw in Camille Co's blog post - though what she has is in red color. This pair does show off that nautical vibe - so I think Camille's title channeling the "sailor" in her is but appropriate. LOL. But I chose the one in black & white stripes so it's much easier for me to pair it with more office outfits I have - I don't have a lot of other colors and vibrant ones in my closet anyway hehe. I have a limited run of clothing. LOL.

Candy Striper Foldable Footzyrolls
The shoes appear to be highly flexible and foldable and as per the line itself, "rollable." Once folded and ready to get packed, it fits into its small pouch; and will take up very little space in your bag ... as it does in mine. I don't really do it all the time though hehe. As I said, I just leave 'em in my office. The brand has Footzyrolls which promises the "rollable" function; and there's another one called Footzyfolds, the "foldable" ones instead. I haven't tried the latter but I'll give an update once I chance upon it hehe. So far, I'm okay with mine being foldable and rollable at the same time.

One thing I regret in buying it though is the fact that I did not check the package when it was handed over to me. I only noticed the detachable bows are "changeable" and with mine, I have a spare black bow. I didn't even recall that when I read Camille's blog post hehe. I regret it because ... with not checking, I was also unable to see that the other bow pair is already rusty.

Rusty bows and snapped garter / lining (T_T)
After two (2) days of wearing it in the office - the garter / lining snapped! I dunno what or how that part of the shoe is called so I said "lining" heheh. You can see it in the picture anyway. This happened in both of my shoes. Demmit!

I know I am blessed with wider feet hohohoh~ but I didn't expect my shoes to snap after a few days of wearing it. It's not even worn that much since whenever I roam around, I still wear my shoes, esp. since I still attend meetings. So I dunno ... maybe the one given to me was an old stock?

I actually didn't notice as they were packing it. You can see from my event blog post that I tried it on but it looked really new. I dunno what happened. (T_T) And I don't think it's just because of my wider feet ... duh! It got the medium sized pair and it's a bit loose and not-too-snug-fit anyway so I dunno. I guess it ain't too durable. *le sigh*

Oh well. I'm glad it's still "wearable" anyway.

As for the price, I find it a bit pricey compared to other flats of the same kind. I got it from the event at a sale price of P658 from an original P940. It's discounted, yes, but it costs even double than the others I saw, ranging from P300 to P450 - P500.

Footzyrolls Luxe

The shoes delivered its promise of style and comfort. No doubt. But I guess, I doubt its durability and value. For shoe that price, say, consider the original price; this type is not something I'd really buy. But still, I wanted to try anyway and I was dead tired so I bought it. Good thing it's cute and stylish "still" so that would still pass hehe. It cannot be used elsewhere - cannot be used on wet floor, etc. Lots of limitations so if I'll assess its use, it ain't worth it with that price. Just a thought ...

Anyway, it's something to try ... and I'm glad that somehow I can still use it anyway sooooo ...

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ (3 Stars!!!)

Check out their Facebook Page for more information. (^_^)


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