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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NAPBAS 2011 Contenders & Blog Winners

Last Thursday, the Nuffnang PH Team has already formally announced the four (4) bloggers who won exclusive tickets to the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 (or NAPBAS 2011 for short) happening this December 16, 2011 in Malaysia. Surprisingly, two (2) of my originally nominated blogs for NAPBAS 2011 have bagged the prizes as posted in the Nuffnang Blog. 

Kring Elenzano's FUNNYSEXY.PH blog site was my nominee for Best Lifestyle Blog; while Hannah Villasis's FLAIRCANDY.COM was my pick for Best Travel Blog. Though both of them weren't able to make it to the cut in the final blogs for voting, I'm happy that they were chosen instead (or their blog posts) to be one of the 500 bloggers as guests to this prestigious event. I did join the same contest though ... too bad I didn't win hehe. My blog post entitled "Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come" concentrated more on why I should be picked instead. Looking at the winners now and their blog themes, they chose the other blog option and that is to write about their Nuffnang Story. Hmmm ... well, this becomes part of my Nuffnang Story then next time hehe. So now, lemme congratulate the four winners, esp. Kring and Hannah! Yay! You girls blog about the experience next, ok?

So ... what's so enticing about this anyway? What was up for grabs for them? Oh boy! You wouldn't believe what ELSE they got!

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What got me hooked was the entire package:
  • One invite to the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011
  • A 3D 2N stay at Putrajaya Marriott, with breakfast included; 
  • a semi-guided itinerary around destinations in Kuala Lumpur; 
  • and One invite to an exclusive Blog Awards after-party at a secret location in Kuala Lumpur
And this time around,just because Nuffnang has been soooo nice, they're adding this:
  • The Invite does not include flight ticket to Malaysia 
That is a once-in-a-lifetime deal that nobody would ever give up! The team has added the flight ticket to the package! That's like OMG! No ... ZOMG! Zuper OMG! (^_^)

Now I get more excited for the blog contest winners more than ever! Hopefully next time, I'll also get this chance *keeping my fingers crossed* 

Anyway, aside from this excitement for the blog contest winners, I am also excited for the actual category winners for NAPBAS 2011. Out of the twelve (12) categories, not including the highest ranking award of Region's Best Blog, there were ten (10) Filipinos who made it to the cut! Wow! And of course, they got all my votes, except for the other two categories where we didn't have Filipino contenders. Although my nominees didn't make it all, I still vote for these folks to bring pride to our nation! NAKS! Hahahah! Nationalistic in here ei? LOL.

So these were the FILIPINO FINALISTS:
BEST FOOD BLOG (By Erwan Heussaff) –
BEST TRAVEL BLOG (By Nina Fuentes) –
BEST GEEK BLOG (By Geekout) –
BEST GEEK BLOG (By Abe Olandres) –
BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG (By Jenni Epperson) –
HIDDEN GEM (By Ponggo & Tipsy) –
It wasn't obligatory but I did have my picks as well on other categories where we (Filipinos) did not have a contender. My votes were for:
BEST MICRO BLOG - kennysia (By Kenny Sia Twitter)
BEST ENTERTAINMENT BLOG - Beautifulnara (By Beautifulnara)

And since I'm auto-posting this, I know I've scheduled this later than the voting deadline (unless it was extended hehe), I'm sure I ain't bribing enough readers to vote for more haha. But I hope this is enough support from me that I can show for fellow Filipino bloggers; the pride of the Philippines (and my other picks) who made it to the finals! Way to go guys!

My fearless forecast says, these contenders are sure winners! They'd bag the NAPBAS 2011 Awards fo sho! (^_^) So good luck and congrats in advance!


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