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Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE!

10/16/2012 11:03:00 PM Chai Chen 26 Comments

Followers of this blog know for sure that my KPOP music fandom has inspired me a lot in my Asian fashion inspirations and style. 2NE1 is my most favorite music and style icon from the scene and of course, talking about music, their male counterpart aptly called BIG BANG is yet another fave for me. Who wouldn't fall in love with these cuties? Tell me! Aside from their groovy music, they're obviously overflowing with hotness! Do I sound so biased?

Courtesy of YG Entertainment
I first got to know them when I saw T.O.P. featured in the music video by GUMMY in the song entitled  SORRY(ごめんなさい)when I was just watching 2NE1 videos; and this one had Sandara Park in it - she was trying to get back in the scene then. Eventually, I got interested with 2NE1 and so on ... I saw their collab-video called Lollipop with uber-cuteness tune and such a colorful music video ... and the rest is history. Need I say more? I just got hooked and boom! Been listening to their music since then ...

This time; with many of my fellow countrymen (wow, so formal! LOL) getting hooked to Korean music and fashion; it's great to know that big brand names such as SAMSUNG are willing to bring them over; live in the flesh, for fans like me to feast on! With the advent of the group's latest album "ALIVE," my favorite brand for now (since I'm such an Android fan and a user of Samsung Galaxy SII hehe) brings us BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012!

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What's exciting as well is the fact that we can get a chance to see them in their rehearsal by simply answering the simple question ... Which Galaxy SIII color do you think fits each of the Big Bang members best and why?

The group has obviously grown and matured in the music scene as singers and producers overall and with big brand product endorsements like this one; it's a sure-ball hit to bigger success. Samsung Galaxy SIII comes in a variety of colors - that delights users like me (who's a fan of the S series too hehe). My Samsung Galaxy SII is black - I wanted to get the coral pink one because it matches my personality and lifestyle but it wasn't available in the Philippines when it was introduced. Phone users are so diverse now and each one of us want to have our own individuality and style incorporated in our personal things; including these gadgets.

BIGBANG is surely creating a big wave of influence towards their fans and Samsung users alike. Given the promotional tagline for S3- Designed for Humans, Inspired by Nature; I must say I am also enticed to switch phones - even now hehe. I am already playing favorites with the colors! How about you?

So which colors do fit each BIGBANG member? Well, it must match their personality and favorites as well. Like what I said for myself, that's how I wanted to customize or have my phone, it fits the need for S3 as well ...

I give Marble White for G.Dragon and Amber Brown for Daesung. White is G-Dragon's favorite color while Daesung likes green - oh so natural! But since there's no greenish color with the S3 range, I guess he'll be ok with this color. G. Dragon has been pronounced as the most fashionable in the group and it has earned him an award in 2008 as the Style Icon of the year. He does play around with a plethora of colors with matching hair style. His contributions to the music industry plays a pure role in his success hence, white fits him well. Daesung on the other hand could be close to the colors of nature - admittedly being socio-phobic in the past though thank goodness, his condition got better with the group. Doesn't he look cute in this?

Seung-ri likes purple so I'd give him a variant shade - Pebble Blue. He's known for having great dance skills and a colorful music + dance + acting career. The irony of feeling blue is obviously out of the options - he has a colorful life and was triumphant in becoming a BIGBANG member after his trials. Out of the blue now right? Taeyang on the other hand would get his favorite color red, in Garnet Red. Aside from it being his favorite color, he's also the embodiment of being fiery and feisty since he does rap. He braved the odds and established a solo career as well in the R&B scene, more known for Western influences. Regardless, he showcases extreme hotness in red!

And last but not the least, T.O.P. in Sapphire Black. Obviously, he's into black. The sophisticated elegance of black combined with his goth-like fashion sense and deep voice makes it so much fitting for his persona. He's not a dark character, per se, mind you. But he does look better and more handsome in black, don't you think? It adds that sexy look & feel to him as well. I don't mind the dark / black eyeliner he always has. Do you?

Samsung Galaxy S3 also has Titanium Grey which would be fittingly-mine soon I guess haha! Dream on! Why not? But regardless of the color, I must say this phone is also a must-have!

One of the features I like is the Smart Stay - which waits until I get asleep before it totally blacks out. How smart can that be? Being a user like me who does continue to use the phone before going to sleep; I need such phone intelligence! LOL. This, and much more with the new Samsung Galaxy SIII!

I'm sure lots of users are drooling over this phone since it has arrived in the Philippines not-so-recently ... and a lot of girls are even drooling more with BIGBANG who are really gonna be here soon! Such hunks ALIVE! Woot!

The Samsung Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note 10.1 Promo grants us (well ok ... lucky winners teehee!) access to the BIGBANG CONCERT! In collaboration with Nuffnang, five (5) lucky winners ... hopefully including me ... will get the chance to win a pair of rehearsal tickets to BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY Tour on October 24, 2012 - Bigbang SIII Back Covers!!! How close can we get? Keeping my fingers crossed! Woot!

Find out how you can also get the chance to win here!

* Excited fan girl mode * BIGBANG PICK ME! LOL. (^_^)


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  1. thanks for your comment sweetie <3

  2. My Scrambled StyleOctober 17, 2012 at 8:00 AM

    I had to laugh so loud when i read Kpop. My BF is a big fan, and i'm getting crazy about it. Now i read it on a fashion blog, it chases me :-P.

  3. That is soooooo cool! They are cuties! I definitely wanna check out their music that you recommend <3 Thank you girl!!!

  4. Hi :) You can take part in the new giveaway on my blog :)

  5. Jo from StyleAt30.comOctober 18, 2012 at 9:21 AM

    I love Korean soaps! My favorite is Secret Gardeb and I am looking for something new to start right now. :) Just don't know what!

    ♥, Jo
    {Style + Travel}

  6. DressCode:HighFashionOctober 18, 2012 at 10:15 PM

    These guys are really into colour-blocking :)

    Best, Jen

  7. Love the Jackets from the 2 last Pictures ,great!

    kisses :)

  8. I don't know this band but I will have a look on YOUTUBE

  9. Лидия ФроловаOctober 20, 2012 at 1:50 AM

    Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

  10. Weee thank you girl! :) You really always look wonderful so I comment. :)

  11. Hahaha their style is cool too hence I love it, aside from their music! :)

  12. Thanks a lot Ania! Yeah their style is so cool! :)

  13. No problem Minda! They're indeed great! :)

  14. Of course Ania! Always,anything for you. :)

  15. Haha Kdramas have a lot of stuff in store for us. Love their soaps too. :)

  16. Thanks GIgi! I love them too! :)

  17. Hahah nice of you to notice that Jen! They have nice sense of fashion somehow. :)

  18. Hahah they look really hot and cute. :)

  19. Great! I'm sure you'll love them too. :)

  20. oh wow, i thought galaxy s3 only comes in 2 colours, the other colours look amazing :) and wooo Taeyang is soo sexy <3 thanks so much for sharing this, great post! <3

  21. I adore an Asian style :) these phones are so pretty! :)

  22. Yeah Christine they are oh so lovely! :)

  23. TOP in black SIII is just purrrrrfect! <3 Taeyangiie oppa! <33
    Were you in their concert last night? I didn't go. TT^TT
    I like music but I was never good at playing instruments. :(
    I followed you via bloglovin' and nuffnangx btw. :3

  24. Thanks dear!!! *hugs*
    I wasn't able to come too. Got work! Just drooling over their photos waaaahhh!


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