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Chinese Apparel Halloween 2012!

10/29/2012 08:55:00 AM Chai Chen 32 Comments

Online shopping has been far better in the recent years. Given the convenience it offers and the pretty affordable prices you get, without the hassle of traveling and queue to pay your purchases. It's best when you find great shopping sites like this one I recently discovered.

The shop is called The shop features Japanese and Korean ladies fashion. They aimed at providing a wide range of trendy products - having a good business relationship with many Chinese suppliers, factories.This gave them the opportunity to provide really great prices for lovely customers like me because the products are coming directly from factory to customers. Being a trading company and on-line store based in Chine with management from Russia, they are still always working honestly across the globe and trying to provide trusted and high quality service to customers.

Browsing from their catalogue online, I can't help but compare their prices from other online shops I signed up with and the first thing I noticed is indeed, their much lower prices. Judging from their photos too, it doesn't look like quality is sacrificed so that's another quality factor +++ added to their reputation points - well, I mean for me as to how I judge online shops hehe.

They're also having loads of online promotions for great deals like the one they're running now ... Check after the cut to know more ...

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You probably guessed it right already - Chinese-Apparel Halloween Promo 2012!
We're all expecting it and for sure, you're all excited as to what you can get, right? Simple ...
  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Purchase at least $50 worth of items (all items are in US$)
  3. Like the site's Facebook Page
  4. Follow them on Pinterest 
  5. Wait 'til November 1, 2012 to see who'll be the winner!
What's in store for you if you do this? A whopping $100 VOUCHER from!!!

Isn't it exciting? I am excited myself! So you wonder what your cart will look like? A $50 purchase gets you entitled to this so check out my TOP 5 PICKS below ..

Nice Women Pink Dress - $7.90
Black Long Sleeve Lady Dotted Dress with Belt - $19.10

Women Lady Sexy Thin Retro Flower Rose Print Leggings - $13.99

Here's how to contact Chinese-Apparel for your reference:

Enjoy your purchases! (^_^)


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  1. Great post :)

  2. My Scrambled StyleOctober 30, 2012 at 3:23 AM

    Clothes look great, but the sizes are to small for me :-(.


  3. oh they really have cute stuff :)


  4. great picks! the rose pattern leggings is soo pretty! i love floral prints :) and the dresses are cute too <3

  5. Such awesome share!!! They do have a lot of affordable goodies :)

    The Closet 365

  6. Joyce Posas QuiramaOctober 30, 2012 at 8:51 PM

    Hi Chai!

    Sorry i was sick :(

    But i'm here!

    Love the zipper skirt is sooo niceee! Crossed fingers for you


    My blog By Joyce ♥ My blog By Joyce ♥

  7. Thanks as always Anna! Really appreciate all your lovely comments. :)

  8. Awww ... well haha somehow Small doesn't fit me too but there were items I found that have sizes too. :) I can fit in Medium to Large. Hope you can find ones good for you too. :)

  9. You bet CHristine! All lovely pieces! :)

  10. Yeah so affordable and lovely items. :)

  11. Hahaha no worries dear Joyce! Hope you feel better now. Take care always! :)

  12. The leggings are so pretty! <333 Love it.
    Re: Yea. Although I didn't really hate Severus in the film. He joined Voldemort's clan so I really thought he was really bad.

  13. Thanks to share them my love! Cute ideas :)


    yours Carolina

  14. Wish I can get those leggings too. :)

  15. Indeed! Such lovely items to giveaway. :)

  16. Gorgeous pieces! I love the flower leggings!


  17. Hi dear!

    Thanks for your sweet comment back!
    I am your newest follower. Hope you will
    follow me back!


  18. Of course dear! THanks a lot! :)

  19. happy halloween!!


  20. happy halloween!
    great post~! ^^ looking forward to your upcoming ones~!


  21. the skull clutch is so cool. but i am certain i will get a fright each time i take a glimpse at my clutch if I own one. hahaha.


  22. Boo! Halloween sales blasts dear!:) Thanks for visiting!

  23. Hahah too cute and funny! The skull trend is in :)

  24. will check on that store..:)

    thanks for dropping by my blog Chai..I am following you now :) Hope you follow back as promised..:)

  25. Thanks Regina! Following you back. :)


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