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NuffnangX is Giving Away USD50,000 To The Most Powerful Bloggers on Mobile!

10/23/2012 09:30:00 AM Chai Chen 14 Comments

Recently, I just signed up for NuffnangX. It was just about a month ago (some time September) when it was introduced to us, Nuffnang users which promised a more interactive way of blogging - as NUFFNANGX - The New Frontier of Blogging!

The newsletters I've received boasts of never before seen application for blog stalking and this has been made with such precision and is so user friendly that we can only find in NuffnangX. The application can help us find, follow and converse with our favourite bloggers on the platform with one simple tap on any iPhone or Android phones. And since I have an Android phone with my Samsung Galaxy SII; I was intrigued and signed up right away even before it launched. With a layout that is easy on the eyes and loading time that is snap quick, there is no reason why stocking up on the latest blogs have to offer should be a problem.

This revolutionary application is built for experience. No manual or article can explain fully how it feels in our hands. The ultimate review lies within our palm and so downloading NuffnangX was that big step needed into a world of mobile blogging like no other. And now that it has finally launched - it's Giving Away USD50,000 To The Most Powerful Bloggers on Mobile!

Read more after the cut to know more ...

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50% of Facebook and Twitter users today access their social network on their mobile phones. As opposed to that, only 1% of blog readers in Asia (Data tracked from Nuffnang Network) come from the mobile phone.

NuffnangX wants to help change that and make blog  experience as powerful on the mobile space as it is on the desktop. And they're putting the money where the mouth is as they give away USD50,000 (NuffnangX deserves the right to verify the accounts) away to support bloggers who want to build their mobile readership.

So, if money is the reason for your blogging woes, worry no more! You can do whatever you want with the money-pack your bags and travel round the world. Buy that DSLR you've been dreaming about. Sky dive or climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Whatever you want, NuffnangX give you the cash to do it.

All you have to do is to show how powerful you can be on mobile. Rally your blog readers to follow your blog on NuffnangX and you will be awarded with cash not just for being awesome, but for being among the most influential bloggers on the mobile!

And it doesn't stop there. They have a secret reward for one of the Alpha bloggers and above!
  1. Sign up with NuffnangX
  2. Use all your social networks be it Facebook, Twitter and especially your own blog to build your NuffnangX followers.
  3. NuffnangX will automatically track your follower count and reward you the cash automatically at the end of this period. No submission is necessary.
  4. Final participants followers will be tallied on 11:59:59 p.m. GMT Wednesday, October 24, 2012.
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Isn't it amazing? Visit The Search at NuffnangX to read and find out more! (^_^)

For me, I ain't really hoping that much since I've just been recently active in the blogging scene (then again I mean since I'm normally on and off on that hehe). I only gathered a little readership recently but well, it's best to still share this with you guys!

I believe the application is really promising anyway. It helps keep track of your favorite blogs and love their posts and at the same time, make you comment easily - be it online or from your mobile phone. It's so easy! Do check it out and hope you can also follow me there there - Follow me on NuffnangX!

Check out this video too for more information.(^_^)

EDIT 10/24/12

So I tried NuffnangX and this is actually my first post incorporating the tool as my commenting system versus Disqus. It was a good experience on mobile as I get real-time updates as to who's commenting. I can reply at once and it was very interactive. A few comments I have though are ....

    NuffnangX Conversations
    On This Post (before I removed it)
  1. Comment system isn't threaded. Very hard to understand the sequence of replies.
  2. Cannot post HTML (so for my readers and commenters with URLs, it appears disorganized)
  3. Comments are not synched in Blogger. They're only on NuffnangX so I cannot view them on the COMMENTS section in Blogger.
  4. Disqus cannot import these comments because they're not on Blogger Platform
  5. So I tried to remove my NuffnangX Conversations widget and visited this post again - all comments are gone (thankfully I took a screenshot at least for Page 1). On 2nd thoughts, I guess I should've just disabled NuffnangX conversations on my blog (currently enabled)
  6. When NuffnangX conversations are "enabled" - it will hide the current commenting system. Guess that's ok if we can import / export / or sync at least with Blogger?
  7. On the home page, I cannot see the total # of comments (or conversations?) that this post had. Statistics wise, they were not counted (T_T) It only shows "0 comments and reactions"

Oh well, I guess I'd get back first to Disqus. (T_T)
I am still on NuffnangX on mobile - just not making it my main commenting system for now until improvements are made. I believe it has a promise but needs improvement ... or I just dunno yet how to modify / change my settings and format and all so sue me! LOL. (^_^) I've sent my tickets to the team. Hopefully I'll get feedback. (^_^)


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  1. Testing comment system back to Disqus ...

  2. Never heard of this application before your post. Sounds great.

  3. same with me never heard of this application but sounds complicated to use eh

  4. Thanks. I think it needs a lot of improvement but it's a good mobile experience so far. :)

  5. Haha at first, I thought the same. It was pretty easy though but it does sound complicated. :) It still needs a lot of improvement.

  6. Interesting!

  7. Rowena Rolala LovesOctober 25, 2012 at 10:17 PM

    I'm not familiar with Nuffnang but 50K is no chump change. It would be awesome for whoever won :)

    Rowena @ rolala lovesEnter my Blogiversary Giveaway!

  8. hello beautiful!

    thank you for visitng my blog and following me:)

    I'm following you back!
    new post on my blog:

  9. Indeed Elisa! If you download it, let me know. Let's follow each other there too. :)

  10. Thanks Rowena! :) It'd be awesome indeed. :)

  11. Thanks Coco! Hope we can visit each other often. :)

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