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Asianvogue Shop - My Ultimate Fashion Source

Ever wonder where I got some of my ultimately-chic-and-hip fashionable clothing?

Well, there's nowhere else than Angel's Asianvogue Shop Online. I've been a Multiply user for years (I can't recall when I started though hehe). The site has been a good resource for online shopping even before they totally focused on that. And even before Multiply became "the" marketplace, I've been shopping from this site ... and I've been shopping from Asianvogue ...

It started with just a few pieces of clothing. I came to a point when it becomes too tiring to shop around or do window shopping (hehe, no budget!). Online shopping then provides the convenience for shoppers like me. I get the similar enjoyment and excitement at looking for new items without the hassle of traffic, travel expenses, and tired legs!

Angel's shop then has been my favorite online shop because of  ... well ... for soooo many reasons. Allow me to share 'em ...

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Chai at CCAP 2009

I have two (2) pieces of this lovely KPOP-inspired mini dress. This one in black and the other one I got was in white. This is by far my most favorite item. It gives me that gothic yet sweet, punk look.

The photo on the left was circa (wow that long?) 2009 during the CCAP Event. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the Get Shot featured attendees, courtesy of JAG hehe. I didn't win though but this photo is a good souvenir hehe.

The shop features a lot of the in-style Asian clothing and as far as I'm concerned, it has the most up-to-date catalog.

Before I could see her clothes in other online shops, I saw 'em first at Asianvogue. Angel's that dedicated I guess hehe.

The store's price listing is competitive enough, I'd say.

They are reasonably priced as well and if I'm gonna compare the prices of each item to items I could see in boutique shops in the malls, I'd say they ain't too far. Plus, of course, I already saved on the shipping (since when you buy a specific amount, Angel gives free shipping! Hehehe). Or you can take it as if, you saved on travel cost with just a measly amount for shipping. The rates are really apt for thrifty buyers like me too. My budget of P500 to P1,000 is fully utilized! I could get 2-3 pieces of clothing from the shop with that budget - be it tops or dresses!

Kat, me, and Jolay (best buds at work)

And since I'm a corporate chic, wearing dresses in the office is a must for me. I don't want to look horrible at work, especially since a lot of people look up to me as well. I can't look ... uh... like someone without fashion sense??? Hehe. Sorry for the lack of better terms hehe. With that, I normally settle for clothes that fit as dresses instead. I believe my budget will be more suitable / appropriate if I buy dress items than tops with just the same price? Kuripot? LOL.

The photo on the right is one of the mini-dresses I got as well. It gives me that babydoll look without looking too-childish. It's preppy and classy at the same time. I love the black & white combination! I remember I did order the coral-rose-colored piece as well but it was out of stock already hehe.

One thing you'd love about the shop as well is that, the owner, Angel, provides her utmost care to her customers. She never failed to communicate.

I remember Angel gives me recommendations too, via email and SMS / text messages. She's very responsive unlike other sellers. She extends all the assistance she can for her customers.

My sister Jong and myself, wearing Asianvogue Clothes
Asianvogue Shop does not run out of stylish clothes - be it for regular day-to-day needs; casual clothing; formal or corporate; and even party needs.

I did have a versatile stock of  clothing from this shop. I remember ordering rushed items (because of party needs) and Angel did comply as needed, within the timeframe.

VXI Fame Christmas Party, 2009

Loyal customers get more discounts! Believe me! I got them lotsa times!

I love all the pieces I got from this store. I'm not sure if I got photos of the rest of my other stocks (I mean all the clothes I acquired from the shop hehe) but so far, these are the ones I got. I know I have more, since I ordered more than once or twice or thrice if I'm not mistaken ... LOL. I normally order in bulk though so I could save on shipping costs. I'm sure everyone who tries to order here will love their purchases as well.

I'm a satisfied customer - GUARANTEED!!! And I'm sure you will be satisfied too!

Right now, Angel concentrates on selling fab shoes and bags! I'm currently waiting on my batch orders for me and my sis already! I can't wait 'til I get my package! Yay!  Aside from being a loyal customer, I also got a 20% discount c/o Belle De Jour Power Planner! It's sooo wonderful!

Currently, Angel is giving away her Ultimate Shopping Spree Part 2. So all the kikays and fashionistas out there, grab this opportunity to win P5,000 worth of shopping promo and get loads of Asianvogue items at your fingertips! That's probably 5 to 10 pieces of new shoes and bags for you already! Yey! Hurry! Simply check out her mechanics and you'll get into her drawings for free. Promo ends January 31.

What are you waiting for? Check it out now! (^_^) I just did!
Winning her contest is a PLUS for me too but win or lose, imma buy more stuff from her.
It's my ultimate fashion source! Make it yours too!

To get in touch with Angel and her shop, these are the multiple medium for you to check out ...


Happy buying! (^_^)


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