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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PSY - GENTLEMAN Song Beats Gangnam Style

It's been weeks since it was launched. A lot of people have anticipated that Psy would actually be just a one-hit-wonder with his GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) song. However, he's proven us all wrong. And since the launch of his new video, it's been successful and has surpassed the charts. What song? Of course, none other than Gentleman.

The beats are not all good as others observed when the single was released. A lot of speculations spread that it will not be as successful as Gangnam Style. It was a down trend; won't be as popular, yaddah-yaddah-yaddah. Psy did promise he'll teach a new "dance craze" which may not be entirely new; as it's been popular in Korea already. It was dubbed as the the Arrogant Dance and it would be as hit as the Horsey Dance Step popularized in Gangnam Style. This dance step was originally popularized by another Korean Pop Group, the Brown Eyed Girls or more known as B.E.G. in South Korea, as the "Saucy" dance where they move their hips from left to right. Since 2010 when I saw it in their video Abracadabra - I've been so hooked to it. And seeing it in Psy's video is actually cool, especially as he features another girl in his vid, who happens to be Ga In from the same girl group that showcased that Saucy Dance.

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It seems Psy's videos are havin' a trend now - partnering with popular KPOP girls as well and team up for a cool dance video for his songs. It is pretty awesome! And in this video, Ga-In (가인) (born Son Ga-In (손가인) is really hot as she was in the Abracadabra video. I can't help but dance to this as well. Me and my sister ... well, when we planned to do Gangnam Style, we were never able to shoot it haha. So maybe this time, we can.

Have you seen the video yet? Here it is ...

Consequently, as the video became so hot and popular; it also helped boost the stats of BEG's song where this crazy dance step came from. Watch it here:

I can't wait for me and my sis to shoot our dance version of this! You've just seen our GWIYOMI / KIYOMI Song (귀요미송) by Hari (하리) video right? It's amazingly cool! LOL. For now, I leave you with styling and clothing to use if you want to achieve the looks of the hot saucy dancing girls in this video, and Psy.

Do you like Psy and his songs too? How do you find this video? (^_^) Are you addicted to this video too now? As I am? LOL. I wish he does a vid with 2NE1 soon too (^_^)



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