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Sunday, April 21, 2013

GWIYOMI / KIYOMI Song (귀요미송) by Hari (하리)

So, who hasn't heard of 귀요미송 Gwiyomi or Kiyomi Player yet? That fun and cute song with this cute voice, accompanied with these cute hand signals / gestures type of dance / action popularized by Korean signer Hari 하리 ... as of yet? I'm sure in one way or another, you've heard of it. It has become the new dance craze! The "Kiyomi" or "Gwiyomi" as it's spelled romanized or in English (whatever), is a Korean slang meaning someone who is cute and it has become the latest web-viral sensation, taking teens across Asia, among others. And it didn't escape me and my sis so we did our own rendition hohoho~

Mostly popular in teens and the younger generation (although we believe this would be ageless and there's quite a number of versions from young and old-alike ...); a multitude of users have uploaded their own videos as well, doing the same action steps following the cutesy finger routines. Youtube has been taken by storm, which such a gazillion hits by these videos.

Have you done your version yet? See after the cut to view my version, together with my sister. Yay! Don't laugh!

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The routine is very easy to follow so that's why there's been a lot of popular actors and actresses who have done this and were also captured in video. Netizens have shared a number of celebrity videos, primarily from KPOP stars; though it has also spread to neighboring countries like Thailand ... and also of course, the Philippines. I, myself, have developed a few favorites from online videos and those shared in other social media networks.

The internet meme was started by Korean teenagers in February, if I'm not mistaken. The series of hand movements was originated by Korean boy band BtoB member Jung Llhoon, and the song, Kiyomi Song, was sung by Korean female artist Hari. Although this has been disputed who started it first ... right now, it's more commonly known as a song by Hari as she has popularized this version.

The song describes the love of a girl and a boy. The hook can be translated as "1 + 1 = Cute, 2 + 2 = Cute", etc. While the message of the song may be too-shallow to some, it does translate into a cute love story. And it seems that netizens didn't care anymore and just went with the flow anyway.

A few folks called it the "Next Gangnam Style" though it hasn't really reached that type of stardom as of yet since it ain't really a full dance craze; still, it has gathered such an audience. It's more of a "meme" type ... probably not even close to Harlem Shake but it has its own charisma or charm hence becoming even more popular.

Here's a few of my favorite versions ...

So ... me and my sister have done it! Woohooo! We enjoyed recording this video - quite a long time since the last one we recorded. I missed this bonding moment with my sis! We thought of styling our looks like those of KPOP artists too to match the theme. And given our love for cosplaying as well, we added that bit of "cosplay" in the look. The wigs helped us achieve the look more. Without further ado ... here's our video ... gosh! Hope you won't kill us! Haha!

Watch in Youtube:

So, what do you think? Hope you liked it! (^_^) Do you have your own version too? Share it with me on the comments section and I'll check it out too. If none, let me know which one's your favorite! (^_^)

Thanks for watching!
Chai and Jong Kiyomi
Original Song
Hari (하리) Cutie Song (귀요미송) GWIYOMI / KIYOMI (whatevs!)
陳美彩 (Chai) ala 2NE1 C.L.
陳力中 (Jong) ala 2NE1 Bom


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