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BB Cream in Powder? Yes with Etude House Precious Mineral SunBB Finish Powder

3/30/2013 09:34:00 AM Chai Chen 53 Comments

So I've been out for a few days. Got darn busy at work lah~ And while I still have a number of posts in queue and schedules, I decided to postpone posting them and this is one those post hehe. I wanted to keep up with the comments, my readers, and the posts in my Google Reader before I revived my postings hehe. So, this time I'm back. Who said I'd be gone for long? And who said that BB creams are just in cream / liquid / foundation-type form? That my dears, is my next topic ...

Well, I thought it would be like that. Little did I know that it's possible to be in powder form. Where else but from my favorite Korean skin care brand - Etude House.

I've tried other powder forms from Etude House (and I'm yet to provide my review ... sooo overdue hehe) - from compact type to loose powder and mineral powder forms. I've read good benefits of mineral powders so I prefer that form. For some time, Etude House has been out of those types for long until late last year I think (or so in my nearby areas). So when I saw this, I grabbed the opportunity already and bought it (so this is another delayed review already hohoho~ it was like October or November last year when I got this). I mean, who knows when Etude House will have stocks of mineral powder again? Haha. Talk about hoarding lah~

I only got one though since as per the product's promise, this is highly concentrated (or equivalent - LOL! I dunno how to call it right hehe). A small amount will already do wonders and no need to retouch that much as per the consultant I spoke with. Sounds promising? Let's see ...

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The Precious Mineral SunBB Finish Powder promises to promote a silky complexion and brightened look with Pearl Mineral Powder infused sheer coverage.

Since I use Etude House's Precious Mineral SUN BB Cream, this is a perfect match then. The BB cream has SPF 50+ / PA+++ already and with this one one having SPF 15 / PA++ I think it's twice the fun & protection then. Of course, I ain't a skin expert to explain the SPF levels and the benefits of the "pluses" that come along but with some google searching, we'll find out how much better it is then. With these 2 combined; as their name suggests, i.e. "sun BB cream" - it gives better protection under the sun.

While I do work at night (BPO / call center industry in the Philippines); it doesn't mean I don't need UV protection anymore. The florescent lights also emit harmful rays equivalent to those UVA / UVB rays we all are scared off hence the sunblock creams / lotions. Plus after work, that's when the heat of the sun is at its strongest so I still need all the protection. So I believe that these 2 combined are the best partners for healthier skin!

The packaging comes in a normal box but a really small one - for only 5 g imagine that! LOL. It's really very small but the contents are the same as as regular-sized compact powder kits. That time when I bought it, there were no other mineral powder variants available so I opted for this. With the promise to last long anyway (concentrated, remember?), I thought this would be good enough. It's cute that way anyway. Very convenient and lightweight. Space-friendly in the bag!

It comes with only one shade if I'm not mistaken - the lightest one. Given my skin tone, this fits me well. Anyway, it blends with the skin. And with just a small amount, it already suits the need. I only dab a few on the puff / brush to gather powder.

LOL! Shine-prone areas! Dab it with fun!

As per the pack, apply the powder on shine prone areas of the face and so I did! LOL. Trying to add fun into it hehe. The powder has very fine texture, making it easy to fully spread it on the face and neck. It achieves a satin-like smooth finish for that silky effect on the face. I am actually impressed with its results. I don't have to use that much yet the effect is overwhelming! Really cool! So even if I use a little dewy BB cream or foundation when I do my cosplays, this would achieve a matte-effect if I put it on top. That's a major plus for me!

It has a soft, sweet scent that I can't fully describe - you have to try it to find out! I actually like it that way. Knowing that I'm actually sensitive to stuff with strong scent as I normally develop rashes easily, this one seems pretty tolerable and hasn't caused me any irritation. Sensitive-skin-friendly!

Overall, I am satisfied with its effect on my face. It has great oil-control I must say. I tend to be really oily all throughout the day but when I use it, I only need to retouch once or twice (given that I have to face a client or go to a meeting in the office). When I'm in a hurry, I actually almost-always don't need to retouch anymore. That means I save a lot of its contents then hehehe~

Will I consider to repurchase? Yes. And I would also recommend it to everyone. At first I thought the P395 price that I bought it with was too much for a small pack. But I learned to appreciate it more now given its convenience, contents, and end results.
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
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