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Etude House's Precious Mineral SUN BB Cream! My Cool Fix!

10/13/2012 09:30:00 AM Chai Chen 48 Comments

Judging from the title, you know that my post will be highly biased and subjective to the newest type of BB cream that Etude House has recently introduced. I was intrigued by the new packaging and the system of application it entails, as explained or shown in their commercials (which of course, are cute videos with Sandara Park).

I've been using it for about 2 months now and of course, I'm not just posting my review without me gathering proper thoughts and insights about the product. I don't post product reviews just as soon as the product gets released. I need to try it and get a good feel (or even bad) before I do my write ups. And now is the chance! Woot!

I posted my new haul sometime, like a month ago with this product included. I've been so excited to write about it since then but contained that excitement as well until I'm really confident about it. And now is the chance ...

There are three (3) different shades available and knowing that my skin needs the lightest all the time; the sales lady at the Etude House Boutique recommended this one - Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream N02 Light Beige. I wasn't so convinced initially because, while it's the lightest in shade, it still appears a little darker than my previous BB cream. Anyway, it's worth trying ...

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This was the video I saw that made me not hesitate in purchasing my first tube ...

From there, the message was clear enough! This product does speak out loud and I interpreted it this way ....
  1. Higher SPF protecting you more from the sun's harmful rays
  2. The tube is lightweight and the cream is very easy to apply with this packaging
  3. It comes with a foam applicator, making it a perfect quick fix for summer makeup touch up!
Don't you agree?

It's ergonomically designed with its cap pin inside. Because it has foam applicator and you wouldn't want to lose your precious BB cream from clutter since the hole is in the middle of the tube, the pin helps secure that hole for closure in the middle and prevents the cream from spilling. Brilliant idea!

The sponge is washable and soft enough not to cause harm on the face. Rubbing stuff on my face normally causes rashes and allergies because of my sensitive skin. For face powder, if the sponge is rough and ... let's just say, not the right match for my skin; I develop redness right away. Thank goodness, this one is smooth!

The tube easily dispenses the cream with a light squeeze. It can be applied using the sponge applicator where we can gather the cream first and then apply on to face with even coverage; or via direct application where the sponge cap can be removed and squeeze more cream on to the hands for direct and additional application. Whatever works!

I really love how this product has the sponge technology that helps me apply the cream evenly on my face. It avoids the hassle of messy hands / fingers due to excess cream. With this design, the application process gets controlled by sponge so if ever there are "excess," it gets absorbed easily.

Don't fret! It's not like you wasted more cream anyway. You can dab and tap the sponge more and squeeze on to face (which I've already tried as well); to apply more without getting additional cream from squeezing. So far, this process hasn't caused me any problems - whether that'd be pimples or anything. It's very easy to use!

When the sponge gathers as much cream already, just take it off and wash with soap & water. No worries! It dries up easily and then poof! You can use it again!

Etude House Total Age Repair (on my finger) vs. Sun BB Cream Shade
I think my only comment here, which I've already spilled as well initially, is the darker shade /color though it's already the lightest in its line. My previous BB cream (and creams before that) are all lighter shades to avoid achieving darker face color (while it normally blends with my skin tone later). It's no biggie though. It was just an observation. It's not something that'll hinder me from buying it again.

To get the best results, I follow the normal Etude Routine - apply it with the Volumer! Hohohoh~

On the right, you can see a sample stufid photo of me doing just that hurhurhur~ I use Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream in N02 Light Beige combined with Nymph Aura Volumer #2 in Brilliant (pinkish glow) shade.

This product promises Top 3 Efficacies:
  1. UV Protection
  2. Whitening
  3. Anti-Wrinkle
These offerings are actually the best so far combined with that application technology. No mess and hassle-free! Plus, all those benefits in one!

At this time when we really should be taking better care of our screen, and with all consciousness put into making skin look younger and more vibrant, of course; you wouldn't want to use products that may worsen your skin conditions. And for you to be more beautiful, of course you need to use trusted products like this line - only from Etude House!

So far, this BB cream provides the highest UV Protection with SPF 50+ / PA+++ compared with the other BB creams even from the same brand. The last one I used (EH Total Age  Repair) has only up to 30++ SPF. There's nothing then to be afraid of in going out under the sun!

I used to have dermatological prescriptions due to developing more freckles and dark spots. I'm always asked to put on sunblock cream on my face with 42+ SPF at least. My work may start at night but ends normally from noon time 'til the afternoon where the suns rays are more harmful. And given that this BB cream has SPF 50+, that comes as a big relief! I don't have to use too many products then on my face since this is all in one!

Coming with whitening & anti-wrinkle solution makes this product more desirable for me then to prevent premature aging. I ain't always young. And while I think my Chinese roots make me maintain a more youthful aura, my skin can't deny the fact that it deteriorates as well due to all pollution and sun's UV rays. And to cure those developing moles, freckles, and dark spots;I was prescribed with whitening creams since before. I don't want to use whitening creams though ... I mean, I'm already "white enough" but because of my problems, I had to. Good thing I have that in this BB cream now as well!

This "Cool Fix" product boasts of long lasting & waterproof formula; making me love it even more. Why? Because my oily face too, makes me look more sweaty and makes me need more powder retouching. With that, I'll need to re-apply BB cream too, sometimes, because it already smears and causes uneven color on my face. This product however, makes me worry of that less!

The final effect on my face has a matte finish which makes it even more exciting! Normally, when I apply BB creams, I need to cover it with face / loose powder later on my face because my face still looks greasy. This one is unbelievable! Makes me not need a powder retouch right after!

And given all these; I strongly recommend this product! I'm sure you'll love it too because of its ultimate effects and value. Just for P978 SRP, you get all those I blabbered about hehehe~ plus more! You're really getting the value of your money with it lasting an average for 6 months in your kikay kit! If you want to spend on skin care, really; Etude is the way to go!
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
Visit the following for more information:

Get your pink cards too! Inquire now from the nearest boutique shop how to earn points & get exclusive discounts! (^_^)


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