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eFoxCity Brings Retail Shopping at Wholesale Highly Affordable Pricing!

12/07/2012 08:51:00 AM Chai Chen 60 Comments - Discount Clothing OnlineOne thing that goes to mind for sure when we hear the word "wholesale" is that we need to purchase bulk orders of specific items at huge quantities at lower costs, wherein each item could sell at a higher retail price per piece. Wholesale definitely means, savings, for sure. This is a good trade - if you have the capital to start up your business. However, not all of us are business owners and neither do we have that big stash of cash to purchase at wholesale prices, correct? Yes! How I wish I could do it that way and open my shop and sell retail items. Maybe, some other time, I can achieve that dream! But for now, I'm just like an average Jane ... buying items at retail.

I'm glad I've found a new shopping haven where I can enjoy retail shopping at wholesale low and highly affordable pricing! Imaging the convenience of shopping your favorite items at such a lower per piece cost because you get it valued at wholesale price! Don't get me yet? I'd love to share with you the details but before I forget ... have you joined my giveaway yet? If not ... go ahead and hop over on this link ...

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Anyway, the shop I'm talking about is, an online fashion clothing wholesaler. They supply many wholesalers and boutiques worldwide. So given this setup, each shopper (like you and me) is assured of convenient shopping since their shop is available online at the reach of your fingertips; plus whole lots of savings because we purchase each item at wholesale price. Can't believe how awesome this shop is yet? Check after the cut ... - Discount Clothing Online

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--- - Discount Clothing supplies most wedding apparel, fashionable clothing & Korean style ladies’ apparel internationally. You guys know how I love Korean fashion and how my style evolves to Kpop-looking style to glamorous outfits for parties, like prom-like cocktail dresses right? This shop surely suits my taste then! It's like a one-stop shop without being a hodge-podge of sorts!

Being one of the the flagship online stores that deeply understands the fashion market - knowing that shoppers like us want unique and special ladies / women's clothes primarily (wholesale women's clothing that is!), they make sure that they always add beautiful and new styles to their collection. Knowing that the shop has this commitment to always replenish their stocks because of the high demand and the rapid pace in the fashion market; they definitely get a huge plus brownie points from me! (^_^)

Aside from women clothes, they also offer men's fashion clothing from suits, shirts, pants, hoodies, and loads more. Of course, the men have their needs too and being fashionable is still one of their main concerns. Talk about who's more vain now right? LOL. 

The shop takes pride on offering exceptional low wholesale price but good quality at the same time. Customer Service is definitely a key factor in customer engagement and repeat buying and based on what I read so far, this shop has good ratings on that aspect - from other fashion bloggers to review sites. They don't just stop there, mind you! The key people still work hard to improve. With the mind set on constant change and improvement and meeting the demands of the fickle-minded customer market; no wonder they can provide this good shopping experience to us and still continuously meet the expectations of shoppers like us!

Here's a few of my favorite picks from their current selection ...

It's that time of the year to stock up on knitwear ... glad to see the shop with wholesale women sweaters ready for the chilly season! (^_^) And since it's December, it's time to glam up as well with wonderful jewelry and accessories as well - its that time of the year when we have multiple parties and events! I'm also eyeing some of their special occasion and prom dresses! It's good to find all of them in this shop, now a one-stop-shop for all the clothing and jewelries - the new addition to their offerings. Check out the items below for my picks ... All below $10!!! Amazing!

Vintage Bronze Peach Heart Red Diamond G Letter Rings @SP40543
Euro Style Vintage Hollow-out Petals Fake Neck Necklace @SP46382
Vintage Red Heart Bracelet@SP45606

I am so into vintage accessories, did you notice? Haha!

Do check out the following links to start your shopping right now! (^_^)
And now of course, don't forget to join my giveaway to get your shopping spree from Asianvogue Shop! (^_^) Click this photo below to find out how to join!

Don't forget to join my giveaway (^_^)

Happy shopping and good luck!


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