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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Colgate Plax Fresh Tea Fresh Lines

Call it "FRESH LINES!"

There will be two films uploaded on the website and will show famous “confrontational” scenes from famous Filipino movies.

You can download and edit these videos to give their own creative and fresh take on the dialogues. Participants must replace the harsh lines with playful, funny, or witty lines that will take the sting off the featured scenes.

Enjoy! :D

Uhmmm ... just what exactly am I talking about? What movies? What lines? What harsh words? And what does it have to do with Colgate Plax? Check after the cut ...

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Pinoy Classic Movies have such memorable lines that truly captured our hearts and minds. Be it from the era of black and white films or even remakes, adapted from novels, and such ... for sure you'll be able to identify which movies would some classic lines come from ...
Memorized mo ang eksenang ito ‘di ba?  #pinoyclassiclines
Ang sakit naman sa puso nito. #pinoyclassiclines
Fan ka ba ni Popoy and Basha? #pinoyclassiclines
Can you beat Popoy’s Three Month-Rule? #pinoyclassiclines
Should relationships have rules? #pinoyclassiclines

Colgate Plax Fresh Tea bring you FRESH LINES!

Take the sting out of harsh words! Dub lines from popular films. Add your own fresh twist and get a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy SIII! The contest is brought to you by as well. I'm sure video fanatics out there will try to get their chance on this new, hot, Android phone!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the mechanics through this link NOW and submit your video! Do let me know ok? I'd like to see your entries! (^_^) Good luck!



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