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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Secret to Playing Crane Games

I dunno what's with me but I think I'm lucky when I play these crane games! LOL.

I ain't boasting or anything but seriously, I always win something every time I play - whether that be Stacker Games and the normal old-school UFO / Dream Catcher crane games. I don't really pay a lot. I only load a hew hundred pesos ... okay fine P500 whenever I go to amusement parks. Then I play a number of games - Dance Dance Revolution; Guitar Hero; Technika ... etc. Most of them are music-inclined games. Then when I am about to rest already, I simmer down by playing crane games hehe.

"Happy" The Pink Bear - The Chai at Work
I swear I dunno but I do win lots! Freakin' serious! Call me maybe ... I mean call me lucky I guess. LOL.

There's quite a lot of "claw crane" games around. So far, I only play Stack N' Grab and Stacker and sometimes, UFO Catcher. I prefer the "stacker" games because the stacker itself is the game as I consider and the stuff toys that come later are just "consolation" prizes. Unlike the crane games alone, you get nothing - just rooting for the toy heheh.

My collection goes in this album --> Timezone Babies Collection. I don't consider myself an "addict" to it yet haha. I don't play it everyday anyway hehe. But I do make sure to play once in a while when I drop by the game zones hehe. So you wonder ... how I do it? Read more after the cut ...

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Whenever I don't get something, I always feel like I'm fooled or the machine is trying to trick me or something. Haha! I guess all players feel the same. I ain't anyone special. :p It just so happened I guess that I get more. (^_^)

My favorite is Stack N' Grab. Once you're able to stack up to the top, you get unlimited turns to get your toys. The crane itself has big openings so the opportunity to get more toys is much much more! I normally get about 2-5 toys in one grab! Hehe. But of course, it takes a number of turns before I get to that part.

I watched this video after I thought that I'm being played on. LOL. Funny though, it may be true I guess. Such games are rigged. It's needed to compensate the cost of the toys or prizes that you can get. The higher the prize, the more times of losing before the crane can give a good grip. The Stack N' Grab has given me more prizes though as you can see in the photos. (^_^)
Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and more toys from Stack N' Grab
Probably because they have little stuff toys for prizes (and nothing else), hence, I get more. These cuties don't cost too much I guess. Haha. So what do I do? I simply:
  • Keep focused & concentrate.
  • Any distractions - I veer from them (ex. noisy onlookers, kids around). I mean, I know it's hard but when there are lots of people around, I know I can't play well so I wait for the space to cleared off before I even play. O-C much? LOL.
  • I always wait for the bricks to stop at the far end. I don't stack 'em well when they're in the middle.
  • When I'm on the last block, I hit the button on the block right before where it should stop. Not 100% true but it works for me, most of the time.
  • When someone else has grabbed toys from that particular machine, I don't play on it. If it's indeed "rigged," it won't let me win despite how precise I can be. I wait a few hours or days before I even come back to play hehe.
  • Stay looking at the spot ONLY on where you plan to STOP or land your brick. Don't try to follow the lights - you'll get dizzy. I tried. I didn't succeed heheh. So I almost-always just focus my attention on the edge. This works better for me than closing one eye.
  • If the blocks stop at a point I don't like, either I continue the game as a free play then play again; or I push hard to concentrate (coz it might be the turn I'm waiting for and it can grab the toys regardless of my bad luck hahaha - it's "rigged" right? LOL So I will win it hehe)
  • My success rate at this game, take it a 1:10 --- or ok ... 1:15. After 10 failed attempts, I'll win again. And normally, I grab lots (not just one piece).
At Stacker, which isn't a crane game; I only got two (2) major prizes from there a year ago. I don't play it much because it costs me more hehehe. And nowadays, when I try to play this game, it's harder to get the prizes. I guess there was one time I consumed almost all my loads in my game card and I haven't claimed any prize yet. OMG! So I stopped, before I even lost my sanity. LOL. There's really no sure hit to winning, I guess. (^_^) But those tricks worked for me.
Red and Yellow Dragons; Plants vs. Zombies; Hello Kitty; and Chopper from One Piece
I haven't tried counting per se, in terms of exactly many tries it takes before a next winner can get a prize. I ain't an addict like that. LOL. I guess there may be posts online about it. I may have browsed some of those pages before but I don't memorize hehe. I can't believe everything written on the internet anyway so I guess I'll just rely on my own *lady luck* haha. I've collected a lot already so some of the duplicates, I give them away as gifts. (^_^) Hope these tricks will work for you too. Chai


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