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BB Cream,

Pimples? Try Etude House AC Clinic!

5/11/2012 02:16:00 PM Chai Chen 34 Comments

I have sensitive and oily skin so I really can't use just any other product. Either I'd develop rashes or they will just complicate my skin condition - for whatever purpose I should've bought that product for. One of my most common skin problem is having pimples. There are many reasons why I have it of course - stress, night time work, oily foodies + oily skin, lack of sleep, lack of water ... among many others. My skin is so sensitive that oftentimes, even without stress and all those factors I mentioned, I get lots of pimples because of dirt & dust ... too hard to maintain, right?

My Etude House AC Clinic Set
I've tried many other products out there. Facial washes, scrubs, leave on creams, etc. but not all of them works. There were quite a few so allow me to share how a few of them indeed helped me.

Today, lemme share with you one of the product lines of my favorite beauty line - Etude House. This set is called AC Clinic! The set looks too "clinical" actually that the outside appearance makes it already work! LOL. Well, I believe the packaging is good enough that it ain't considered too-cosmetic-centered and that it's a specialized product line that'll really help, right? It starts with the mind set anyway!

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There are many products under Etude House's Special Care Line and this is one of them. I don't have all the product line completed though. I only have a few from this AC Clinic set. All photos you'll see by the way are just taken from my Samsung Galaxy SII (which I still wanted to post a review on ... after like, a year? Hehehe)

Anyway, this is my problem - too many pimples sprouting like crazy on the cheeks, on the forehead, and anywhere else. Crazy right? Considering my complexion, these pimples really look ugly and yucky! No offense lah~ Sometimes, having a fair complexion isn't really all it takes to be beautiful yah know? My sister has a little darker complexion and having pimples is also a problem. However, as she tells me - she doesn't bother too much because they don't really look as "crazy" when I'm the one who has them. Sheeesh! See those pink spots on mah fez? I hate 'em!

And so I discovered this AC Clinic Pink Power Spot + extreme with Super Advanced+ formula (as it claims) from the nearest Etude House boutique.

The set (as you can see in the picture above) came with the AC Clinic Red Spot Balm + whitening and a bottle of AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot + extreme, with a few specialized cotton buds - the other end has a pointed edge for the solution to be applied.

Since I still have a different set of facial wash and toners and moisturizers and all the other skin care stuff, the only other thing I bought was the AC Clinic Pink Daily Spot.

AC Clinic Red Spot Balm +whitening
The ideal routine as prescribed by the pack / set is to use the Foam Cleanser, then the Toner, then the Gel Lotion. I didn't have all the cash in the world and since it's a regular skin cleansing routine anyway, I did not purchase all those initials. Of course, results would vary right? Anyway, so I just followed my regular skin care routine, which involved Etude House products still anyway - the Mini Size U Set (which is now phased out). So after the wash + toner / astringent + serum; I followed that with this AC Clinic Red Spot Balm +whitening. Not that I need any other whitening though but since the pimples would leave a mark, I need to discolor the marks. This product helps, as promised by the team.

I let it try first, a little bit, and then use the next item ...

AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot +extreme

The very first thing you'll see in the directions is the warning: DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE. Alright then! Take it easy! Hehe. After cleansing, simply allow the powder to settle at the bottom. Perpendicularly, dip the cotton swab into the bottle to draw powder from it. Use the swab to dab into trouble spots and acne with swab tip to coat with powder. You will have that tingling feeling and a little bit itchy as I experienced but don't fret! It's just a sign that the product works. It hardens and dries up but that's ok. Just leave it.

I was advised by the beauty consultant who recommended this to me that I need to use it only for three (3) days - actually, two (2) nights leave on ... I guess that works best if I have the complete set huh? Well, I used it actually for a week because I didn't see the full results yet after 3 days. I did see minimal results when I wake up in the morning and the acne signs have lessened; or not too big anymore. I just follow my normal routine the next day day.

I use the next item in the product line recommendation then ... the Pink Daily Spot. Of course, I can't go out to work with those powder spots on, right? Hehe. That's why they stay on my face at night and then the Daily Spot on the day. I put it right before I put on BB cream and loose powder, as I was advised.

I let it dry up first as I was told as well, before I do put on any other additional stuff on my face.

After several days - I think almost a week, you can already see the difference on my face. The spots have really diminished and have somehow faded! Amazing right? Whoooaaaa! It really works!

After a week, I stopped using the balm and the powder spot. It might be overused and my skin might be too-immune to it. Everything too much ain't good anyway, right? But I still continued to use the AC Clinic Pink Daily Spot after my general cleansing routine. It is recommended to follow-it up with the "Calming Mist" but I don't have that so I learn to live within my means hehe. :p

A week or two after using AC Clinic Set
It took over a week before I really achieved a better look without too much pimples on my face. Both of my cheeks are populated by those pink spots I hate and now, they're almost gone and faded.

So far, it takes quite some time before the pimples really go back - unless I have a sudden surge of stress again and sleepless nights or too much oily foodies. All I can say is, the product set I've tried, so far, really works.

I'm yet to try the rest of the AC Clinic line. I've read from some other users who post on EH's Facebook wall that the mask sheet really works wonders too! In fact, they said it even works faster! Woo! That is definitely a must-try for me.

My pimples do go back and forth so I must be prepared right? Of course, it's always best to prevent than worry for the cure later. Too bad I didn't work too much on the prevention hehe. Can't help it right? My work is too demanding and I don't have much exercise to be healthier! Excuses lah~ Sorry! But I'm glad there are products like these that exist to help us with our beauty needs.

CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)

Visit the following for more information:

Get your pink cards too! Inquire now from the nearest boutique shop how to earn points & get exclusive discounts! (^_^)


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