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♥♥♥ Traffic Video Compilation 1 - Chai Chen 2015 New To This ♥♥♥

10/12/2015 09:26:00 AM Unknown 1 Comments

I've just recently downloaded this app called and after a week's time, I've been hooked! Yeah! I just found myself addicted to it haha! Specially with the recent posts here about the traffic in Manila! My-ged! What can you do in this helluvah-mess?

Traffic in Manila be like ... meeeehhhh! Got me doing these "musicals" like dubsmash stuff (well among other video blog clips) instead of me joining the road rage bandwagon lah~ *sigh* Everyday despite using Waze App, I end up stuck in whichever street I go to (and sometimes I also get lost hahaha). But lah~ Just keep on smiling and enjoy the music! ‪Are you on this app too? Here's my profile! Follow me and check out my cute peskiness! Haha!


Most of the vid clips are of me stuck in traffic ... and then some! Haha! Thanks to my friends who joined my kulit moments! Watch my first compilation video after the cut ...

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One thing I can say is, this app is definitely superb! I enjoyed recording the clips. I guess it's pretty obvious with how much fun I had with all these clips in this compilation video hahha. I was all laughs in it! And yes, they all happened just last week - just one (1) week. And I had all these 30+ clips already haha!

In my account, you can see I have probably more than 100+ "musicals" already. Most of them are private though. I'm having problems uploading some of the videos. Most of the time, it errors out. Good thing I was able to save them in my gallery so I was able to compile them in this video. Hope you guys enjoy! (^_^)

Most of the video clips are musicals while I'm stuck in Metro Manila Traffic (Philippines). It's getting worse everyday lah~ So got nothing to do but dub away and sing! Hehe! Instead of me getting on the verge of road rage fever and whatnots with the heavy traffic experienced ONLY when in Manila or "only in the Philippines" kinda stuff, I just do this lah~ For good vibes only (^_^) Beat traffic with Musically ... and Top Gear PH! Hahah! (^_^)

This one has a few random funny clips - Just goofing around with my friends too hihi! Thanks to Eric Ejercito for suggesting to download hehe. And we do have 1 vid with Alodia Gosiengfiao too when we had our Halloween Video Project for Hotel Transylvania 2. Check it out guys! (^_^) I do not own the songs. The clips are properly credited in this video and also listed below. (^_^) Also the Instagram Accounts :)

  1. One Last Time | Ariana Grande (with my friends @ic.mendoza @luisasistio @randolf_0903 @mikejaf ) IC Mendoza | Luis Asistio | Randolf Palanca | Mike 
  2. Where's the Pizza? (Video Originally Posted by @ericejercito with @alodiaalmira @izzy_quinzel @sloveene @lychiii @oh_liui ) Eric Ejercito | Alodia Gosiengfiao | Izabel Cortez | Leny Astralis | Lyron Aquino | Liui Aquino 
  3. Good For You | Selena Gomez 
  4. Bang Bang | Jessie J. featuring Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj (with Jodie Quiambao, Portia Capucion, Melanie Saban-Acosta, Ems Ualat) 
  5. Am I Really That Ugly? 
  6. Cheerleader | OMI 
  7. Like I'm Gonna Lose You | Meghan Trainor featuring John Legend 
  8. It's Monday Traffic Blues 
  9. What Do You Mean | Justin Bieber 
  10. I'm Out | Ciara featuring Nicki Minaj 
  11. Thoughts While Taking Selfies 
  12. Summer Love | Jessi Malay 
  13. Where Are You Now | Skrillex and Diplo with Justin Bieber 
  14. He Is Mine! 
  15. Pills N Potions | Nicki MInaj 
  16. Two / Look Good For You 
  17. Right There | Ariana Grande featuring Big Sean 
  18. Shut Up and Dance | Walk The Moon (With @kaycirdavid Kayci David) 
  19. Hey Mama | David Guetta featuring Nicki MInaj, Bebe Rexha, Afrojack (with @chiccosonofzeus Chicco Cleofe InDAK 247) 
  20. All About That Bass | Meghan Trainor 
  21. Don't You Talk to Me Like That / Girl Fight 
  22. Worth It | Fifth Harmony (with Randolf Palanca) 
  23. On My Mind | Ellie Goulding 
  24. Like That | Jack & Jack ft. Skate 
  25. Brokenhearted | Kalin & Myles @kalinandmyles 
  26. If You Love Me Let Me Go 
  27. Lollginer | Llama 
  28. Bed of Lies | Nicki Minaj featuring Skylar Grey 
  29. Okay Tyra (with Connie Fortich @fitconnie ) 
  30. 30. Nothing But Trouble | Lil Wayne & Charlie Puth (Documentary Soundtrack - "808") 
  31. 31. Pour It Up | Rihanna (with @saraah_v @denjen2011 ) Saraah Santos | Jensen Mariano-Manalang 
  32. Wristwatch | GOLDEN featuring Chris Collins @GOLDEN 
  33. Good Time | Owl City featuring Carly Rae Jepsen 
  34. Only Girl | Rihan na 
  35. Stupid Hoe | Nicki MInaj 
  36. Lips Are Moving | Meghan Trainor 

PS: The songs are my personal choices to express my creative thoughts and feelings - spur of the moment thingies (^_^) Yes, expressing the deepest sentiments of the heart! Aweee! (Mostly from my favorite artists)

Check out this other video I made with some clips from as well ... it was more of us in a party and dancing like a "dance university" of some sorts but the comedy relief in some clips, I must say, are hilarious!

"Musically App vine"
"Musically App vines"
"Musically App vine compilation"
"Musically App vines compilation"
"Musically App best vines"
"Musically App all vines"
"Musically App vines 2015"
"Musically App new vines"
"Musically App funny"
"Musically App girl vines"
" App" "Filipino VINES"
"Filipino Dubsmash"
"Twerk It Like Miley"
"Dance University"
"Fashion Is My Passion"

#Comedy #Funny #Sexy #MusicallyApp #ItsMonday #Two #Josh #Contest #YouIsABlessin #Flexin #Gym #YouSoCuteGirl #LipSync #Musers #GoodVibes #WhenInManila #TopGearPH

My quick top reasons for using this app ...

  1. Fun and easy to use app! The fast & lapse video effects definitely add crazy-factor to the final video product
  2. Trending hashtags / challenges and contests everyday! I get to participate every now and then too woohoo! Comedy at its finest!
  3. Save videos for personal use (if you don't feel like uploading it haha)
  4. No filter! Au naturele! Haha!
  5. Create your own music video and be as imaginative and creative as you can be

Overall, it's a fun app to use. Other than the fact that it consumes a lot of data and it errors out a lot when I upload from my phone (probably due to my network provider anyway); this app is very easy to use and will definitely get you hooked as well. Hope you'll have as much fun as I do as well.
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ (4 Stars!!!)

Visit following for more information:

Would I recommend this? I'd say, yes, I would. (^_^) Have you tried MUSICAL.LY yet or do you have an account? Are you a "muser" too? Share it with me too in the comments below and I'll follow. Hooray!

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