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Call To Action: Prayers and Donations for Ann Marie Ventura Macaspac

1/13/2016 06:10:00 PM Chai Chen 1 Comments

Ann Marie Ventura Macaspac, or "Anpac" as we called her back in UST; is one of the closest friends I had. She's always been a bubbly and cheeky girl. A fighter! Really tough and mean to the point that you'd really call her a brat. She's an only-child anyway. We both love food and ... Chinovelas. Well, among many others.

Right now, it's with my deepest sentiments to write this post as I seek help for her medical condition. She's recently been hospitalized. Just last week actually, January 6, 2016 as she had stroke. It's actually a miracle that she woke up just two (2) days after. Last Friday, she did wake up as if nothing happened ... you lucky girl!

The bubbly Ann Marie Ventura Macaspac

But waking up is just one step of the way ... she has a long way to go. Her family needs help ... a very big help ...

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It's no joke but as much as possible, we'd like to make happy memories for Ann, especially so that while she recovers, she won't be too-stressed about this ordeal. I started asking about aneurysm too and this one is seriously a pain-in-the-a$s. I wonder why she had to suffer such at a young age ...

Last Monday, January 11, a few of us friends from US, visited her at the hospital. Only one of us (Guada) was able to get in the ICU as the visiting hours were strict enough that some of us were not able to catch up anymore. We did get a few happier & good news from Guadz and her mom; which is a good sign for her recovery. But like what I said, she has a long way to go. Us and other friends have started a fundraising campaign for her and we hope you kind netizens can support ...

A few notes about her now include:
  • She's bubbly and very talkative again last Monday. She did not recognize Guadz though until she introduced herself.
  • Her mom said Ann was looking for a few relatives who have already passed away; and talking as if they were alive, picking her up already. 
  • Ann can eat well but feels numb from the waist down.
  • Doctors advised that she still has to undergo another operation as there's still blood clotting found, blocking some veins in her brain.
  • She was lucky enough to get operated on right away when she was brought there by her colleagues from Convergys. Had that been done a little more late than when her parents arrived for the waiver, it would've been worse.
  • Per the stories shared by her colleagues, she just felt dizzy and the fainted due to high blood pressure and then that's it! We really don't know when fate will play a joke with us huh?
  • She does remember talking to some fellow Thomasians / schoolmates as if they were present memory
  • She knows she was supposed to go to work / has work but doesn't know what
  • Ann started to struggle with speech as she woke up but now she's ok to talk again
  • She does remember a previous love / ex-lover and thinks that's a current memory ... as if she didn't get that much heart-broken with the guy. Nobody has told her yet what the real score is. We need to consult the doctor.
  • She was advised to have six (6) months rest
Knowing that while her current medical expenses may be covered by her health provider / HMO from the company, medications and ongoing treatment will not be easy; especially since she's the only-child who's earning for her family. Her parents are already old too. With six months of no work, she will definitely need financial help.

Fundraising with a GoGetFunding

Your help will be highly appreciated! God bless!

The following links are related to this campaign:

For anyone who'd help, we certainly thank you on behalf of her family! God bless you more!

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