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Friday, August 2, 2013

Trendy Fashion Options and Product Review With

Today, I want to feature one of my blog partner sites, and share with you my review of the items I got from the site. I've been linking them for quite some time now and have featured their products before but of course, there's a difference when I share my thoughts on actual products I got from them vs. what we see online only from the shop. is a trading company and on-line store based in China; and with management from Russia and Borneo Island. The shop mainly focuses on selling Japanese and Korean ladies fashion. Aimed at providing a wide range of trendy products and having a good business relationship with many Chinese suppliers, factories, Chinese Apparel gives an opportunity to provide really great prices for lovely customers likes you and me ... because their products are coming directly from factories to customers.

Go check after the cut to find out more about them ...

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Here's a compilation of my outfit posts wearing my Chinese-Apparel clothing. Click the images to go to my blog posts per outfit feature.

I'm sure you'll love to shop there too given the variety of fashionable clothing and accessories at highly affordable prices. They go straight from factories and sent to customers as per their commitment. I must say they stay true to their promise! So, what do I think of their products? Here's a few ...

  • All clothing items are very identical with the photos advertised online
  • The blazers came with replacement buttons. All complete set.
  • The beige blazer arrived with one (1) broken button
  • Size / measurements are accurate as how they're described online
  • Colors very close to the photos online. Slight variations only due to monitor settings
  • Good quality products. I've had them since December 2012 and they still look good until now.
  • Delivery time takes about a month 
    • I closed my shopping cart orders by Nov. 17, 2012
    • Order was dispatched Nov. 19, 2012
    • I got my parcel on local post office by Dec. 21, 2012
    • I was able to claim my package by Dec. 26, 2012
  • Customer service is friendly - answering all queries online via chat, facebook, and email
  • Quick response time on items not available - I got notified right away when one of my items were not available and they were quick to check if my replacement choice was available or not
  • They provide reassurance on delivery and gets back to their customers complaining (I initially couldn't track my order # and they were kind enough to always get in touch with me)
  • They do take care of their customers and fashion blogger partners

These are actual product photos I took when I got my items. You can click the photos to see it larger.

There's a lot of online shops out there. Of course, we want to get good value for the money we spend. And I must say, this shop provides that. Care to hype my looks? (^_^)

Probably, other than the missing buttons / broken pieces; which are very much tolerable anyway and I can fix them myself; I got nothing else to say. This shop is good enough for me and I can't wait to get more products from them. It's a breezy and cool online shopping experience!
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ (4 Stars!!!)
Visit the following for more information:
Do you have experiences with this shop? How do you find their services and style? Share them with me below in the comments section. (^_^)



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