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Outfit Post: ⊱ Safe and Sound ⊰

6/16/2013 09:01:00 AM Chai Chen 94 Comments

I'm a fan of the Hunger Games movie. And while this look isn't anywhere near the costumes or looks in that flick, one of the songs in the movie's soundtrack keeps on playing in my mind as I donned this look. It's Taylor Swift's Safe and Sound. I dunno ... probably the ghostly voice and video, the song's lyrics, and the mood I had lately ... all plays the tune. Hence this look is entitled as such. I believe I'll be safe and sound soon too ...

The calming color of my blazer does match the lyrics ... soothing, relaxing ... a mood and feel I've been waiting for ...

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You’ll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I’ll be safe and sound 

I know I'll be alright ...

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This is one of the looks that can pass my company's / work place dress code of course. Perfect for Corporate Mondays' look. Do you have a work place dress code too?

And speaking of dress codes, you know by this time I've launched a new section in this blog called Project Dress Code - my venue for sharing office-friendly outfits, among other events. You've probably heard this from me multiple times now - because I either dress too old for my age or too young for my position. So to look better while still adhering to dress codes; this is my way of sharing my thoughts by featuring my fashion inspirations.

My dress code inspirations include both local and international persona - fashion bloggers, celebrities, among others. I work in a corporate environment and I grew up in this world already so my fashion sense have gone from teeny-bopper like looks; to corporate chic fashion statement.

People who knew me years ago could probably attest to how I've grown in my fashion scene. Though I must say, gone were the days I wore too-loud and funky clothing haha. Or maybe, I still do ... only in none-office events hehe.

It's really challenging sometimes to dress up. We come to a point when we say, Help!!! I've got nothing to wear!!! But this is despite the fact that we have tons of clothing to mix and match in our closet hehehe. It happens to me too.

You can also see, however, that I just mix and match my outfits. Like this top and skirt and shoes ... I've already worn them before but I just used a new blazer to top it off and voila! It looks as fresh and new!

Lately, you can also notice that my wardrobe has changed ... well, I normally just go with lackluster dressing. The lack of motivation in dressing up is parallel to my lack of motivation in life and work ... there's a lot of distraction, destruction, detractors and what-nots. And even my way of dressing has been a topic ...

These "forces" shouldn't really affect us in anyway ... I'm trying to believe in that and hold on to that thought. The best way to fight them is to really show you're not affected. But sometimes, it just becomes unbearable ... so I tend to be lazy in dressing up now ... but no ... I still try to add a pop of color in my outfits ... a spark of hope that shows, hey, I'm still fighting! Though I just repeat clothing; I can still be stylish with additional "pop" - I don't have to wear clothing that's always new. But I can always reinvent my look. Something they can even get more envy about - my creativity.

And this look is one of those. I am still stylishly fab and chic despite those "forces." I believe they can all stay jealous of my passion and envious of my achievements; and they can never take me down ... I'll be safe and sound too ...

Dressing up is my passion. Nobody can take that away from me. If they dress up differently, it doesn't mean I have to jump and join the bandwagon ... I can be myself and be the way I want to be and dress up as me without anyone dictating.

All those shadows may have seem to kill my light. But as I close my eyes, the morning light comes ... I'll be alright. I'll be safe and sound. My way of dressing have changed too because of my own free will to keep up with the trend I want - not because somebody said I dress up as Hello Kitty or those stuffs ... I got more inspired by the fashion bloggers I see around and they are the ones who "influenced" me - not anyone who claimed I dress up now just because of them. So you too! Stick with the fashion that expresses more of you and not dictated by anyone else. (^_^)

What do you think?

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