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Outfit Post: ~♦◊ The Nude Truth ◊♦~

3/17/2013 08:59:00 AM Chai Chen 112 Comments

"If someone has a problem with you, always remember ... It's THEIR problem" 

I'm trying to motivate myself with quotes I see around and this one seems to be spreading like wildfire on social networking sites I go to so I thought, hey, it's applicable for me! LOL. It's been a rough year with all the issues I was brought with and me being sickly altogether. But I never faltered standing back up (despite my frail spine) ...

Blazer c/o
Sexy Fashion Women Apricot Jacket Black Line Lapel

Sometimes, I wonder, why people bother to constantly bring someone else down ... it's not human nature to be bad (I believe!) but at times, people tend to be bad. *sigh* How I wish people can just stay true and transparent ... though that's wishful thinking, for sure! Isn't it lovelier if people are just true ... showing the naked truth?

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Transparency and integrity I uphold! It's been a rough battle lately, for me, as I get to decipher who's staying real and who's been all phony and fake. Hmmm, well actually it's really easy to identify ... but I've probably just been denying it to myself; because I wanted to believe that these people are still real and have genuine personality; people I still trust ... despite the reality that they've probably been all two-faced all along.

Eyewear from Aldo Philippines

It's lovely to dress up in nude ... beige ... apricot ... such shades are awesome! I've been dressing up this way lately because it reminds me to stay real and still become transparent; even when everyone else (probably) around me, are not ...

Erica Gold Gilded Pumps in Patent Beige
from Comfit Shoes

"The way people treat you, is a statement about who they are as a human being. It's not a statement about you." It's pretty motivational. While I don't mean to step on the people who step on me by stating this quote, I just guess it's still true. It helps keep me going.

Quilted Design Handbag / Shoulder Bag by Céline

At these trying times, I'm glad to still have a few folks who remain true. They stay by my side and by hook or by crook. Like my friend who lent me this bag (just for the sake of the photo, LOL). I felt this bag matches the entire outfit's look & feel so we snapped away with it. The quilted design shows intertwined roads but in the end, it's all smooth and beautiful.

Rose Cameo Necklace (Pink)
by Tomato PH

The outfit requires less accessories as the style, cut, and colors are already speaking for themselves. So I only accessorized with this necklace. Kinda reminds me of the Titanic movie's famous line ... "Wearing ONLY THIS." LOL. The necklace is really pretty. Somehow vintage effect and the rose pattern and color gives that lovely, feminine vibe.

Tea for Two Beige Polka Dots Chiffon Skirt
from Tea for Two, People Are People

This look is normally what I wear on Corporate Monday dress codes we have at work. And to avoid looking too old for my age yet maintain the formal, corporate position-appropriate look; I add some touch of girlie vibes in my outfit like this polka dotted chiffon skirt. The print is very versatile and never goes out of style. Adding this print to this look tones down the serious mood, actually. Makes me turn my back on all those thrown against me ...

Gold Colored Yolina Bracelet WatchBy Sophie Paris Philippines

Only time will tell, when haters would stop hating ... and when insecure people would become confident within themselves and leave other successful people on their own. Success can grow further, if such people would share and just work together; than tear teamwork apart. Politics ... such a dirty game.

At the end of the day, I must keep that "smile" on my face and keep on going. I know God has a reason why he gave me such challenges to bear; and such people to deal with. I'm not sure how I can endure it further but all I can say is; I will keep up and never stop ...

Gold goes well with this ensemble. Black, beige, nude, camel colors ...

And I look back and think ... there are still those people I can consider as "real" and "not fake" ones building walls ... transparency and integrity ... Only people with genuine hearts can see.

What do you think?

  1. Aldo Accessories Nude Eyeglasses, ALDO Shoes - Philippines ALDO Shoes 
  2. CLN Quilted Design Hand / Shoulder Bag, CÉLINE 
  3. Black Velvet Ponytails, SM Accessories 
  4. Black Ladies Camisole Tank Top, People Are People
  5. Tea for Two Beige Polka Dots Chiffon Skirt, Tea for Two, People Are People
  6. Comfit Shoes Erika Gold Gilded Pumps in Patent Beige, Comfit 
  7. Nude Sexy Fashion Women Apricot Black Line Lapel Jacket, Pink Pudding, 
  8. Gold Colored Yolina Bracelet Watch, Sophie Paris Philippines 
  9. Rose Cameo Necklace, Tomato, TOMATO 
  10. Gold Pecan Beads Bracelet, (Gift from Jodie)
  11. Crystal Studded Half Hoops Gold Earrings, Butterfly Silver

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~♦◊ The Nude Truth ◊♦~
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Do you like this look? Hopefully! (^_^) I constantly pray for the truth ...


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