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SheInside Christmas Grand Giveaway and Product Review

4/15/2013 09:07:00 AM Chai Chen 56 Comments

SheInside is probably one of the most successful online fashion shops around. With close to about 99,000 fans on Facebook; countless users and fashion bloggers around the world; multitude of giveaways; and loads more.

I am one of those fans who always look after the next giveaway - be it from other fashion bloggers, their Facebook giveaway, Polyvore set giveaway, or their site's own giveaway. And in one of those giveaways, I luckily won. I mentioned that in a few of my past posts (and this one is long overdue again hehe) and I just found time to blog about it now. And even if this is now posted; it was a long road before this even got posted (with many other posts in queue lah~ Sorry!)

That giveaway I joined was the SheInside Grand Christmas Giveaway found also on SheInside Blog Post. The mechanics were pretty simple - for a series of 5 weeks 'til Christmas, we just had to share the photo of the featured products (new coats to be exact) on any social media platforms. There were 3 winners each week and the winners have to come from 1) most likes in Facebook; 2) most pins on Pinterest; 3) random winner. I won category 1 in one of the weeks. Read on to find out more ...


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The prize was very promising! So I had to work really hard to win it. Knowing I don't have a Pinterest account (and I don't think I'll ever create one - can't maintain it anymore lah~); I relied on my Facebook page and my other social media accounts to share the products.

There are six (6) products to share each week and the winners can get a chance to win one (1) of those items. The prizes are:
  • $50 Gift Card (to use in SheInside website)
  • Sweater of choice (any of the 6 products shared)

And on the week I joined, this was my choice of product. There were other sweaters but this one is what I chose given that I know I can use it at work without further discrimination. LOL.

SheInside Beige Turtleneck Multi Knit Ribbed Long Sweater

What I like about this is how accurate the product was as soon as I received it, compared with the product described and photographed on the website. I was expecting that it might have differences given that, well, some online shops use "best model" in their photos but the actual products aren't the same. Mostly, there are big variances. This one, it's close to none.

The parcel came properly labeled with customs declaration, EMS Speedpost particulars, and well, I must say all the needed documentation. Given that it's only a giveaway item and a piece of clothing in terms of category, I only paid P40 (roughly $1.00) to claim it from the post office.

It was soft and warm and definitely a comfy product. There were no damages and satisfied with how it looked, compared to the advertised product on site.

And since my prize came along with a $50 SheInside Gift Card for me to use (and abuse LOL) on any items from the site, with free shipping and all that ... I chose the products I've been drooling for from the site hehe. I bought:
  1. GUESS White Crystal Gold Triangle Stud Earrings - worth $11.93
  2. Beige Rose Flowers Print Ripped Distressed Long Sleeve Jumper - worth $42.88

The actual products appear below ...

The design of these pair of earrings is gorgeous! Packaging is neat and it also comes as close as it looks like in the product description and photos on the website. I was expecting it to be slightly bigger though - you can see on the photo above when I've worn it, it was too small.

The other fashion piece I got for myself was, well, the ultimate fashion blogger sweater. This gorgeous beige knitted jumper with adorable rose floral prints that has been on my wishlist since last year. It's good for Spring and winter ... any season actually! And the moment I got it, I definitely fell in love with it! So chummy lah~ But this is really gorgeous!

Given that it's currently summer time in the Philippines, it's not too appropriate for me to wear this (unless I wear it alone and just showcase my bod and my fancy bra hehe). I'm yet to find time to wear it and style it. Once available, I'll upload a photo for sure~

To summarize my thoughts ...

  • Prizes are generous and worth it!
  • Shipment seems fast enough (placed order on Jan. 2 > shipped on Jan. 5 & 11 > received items on Jan. 28 and Feb. 13 respectively)
    • The sweater prize was sent separately - came in first
    • The $50 purchase for earrings + jumper was also sent separately
  • Mechanics are easy to follow
  • Unique giveaway ideas and not repeatedly done, boring the customers later on. I think their giveaways are cool!
  • It could be better if the orders were sent at once so customers don't have to pay customs fees at separate instances
  • Put a disclaimer that previous winners are no longer eligible to join or win
    • I joined weekly and the 2nd week after I won (Jan 8-12); I was supposed to win again given that my post had more likes in Facebook than the one chosen as the winner
    • SheInside did not give me feedback anymore on PM, email, and blog post comment
    • I won another fashion blogger's giveaway (SheInside sponsored it) not related to this same giveaway; and I did not get contacted until a few weeks after my blogger friend followed up constantly and myself as well)

  • Products appear close enough to the advertised products. Very minimal variance (i.e. for the earrings I got)
  • Good quality items
  • If I were to buy the items at regular price, I think the product has value to it
  • Products keep up with the trend and suits the taste of customers

Will I consider to repurchase from this shop? Definitely! I will post another review about the shop when I receive my other items from them.
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ (4 Stars!!!)
Do check out the following links to start your shopping right now! (^_^)

Do you have a review of this shop? Share them with me too! (^_^) I'd love to hear your thoughts about them too. 


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