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Indulge Into Self-Pampering with Beauty & Butter

4/26/2013 09:40:00 AM Chai Chen 68 Comments

I've been visiting their shop since last year ... some time since October I think. It's been a worthy routine. Every now and then, we need to treat ourselves with good skin care and other beauty regimen and treating out hands and feet with some love and care is definitely a must-have nowadays. Gone were the days when manicure and pedicure treatments are just luxury. It is now a necessity, given the amount of stress we all have to bear. Some relaxation needed.

Each shop would vary in terms of the way they do their services. The regular manicure and pedicure treatments will have different methods per shop. They will also vary in terms of the "ingredients" and the tools used. Overall, it's the way each nail technician would treat your hands and feet that may make all the difference. Are they caring enough? Do they really pamper you and do all the cleaning you need? And those, I believe; are present in this shop I'm featuring right now - Beauty & Butter. If only I had time to do these myself (and know how to properly do them on BOTH hands ... and yes, feet), I'd do them but since I know they're experts, I leave it to them. And just how do they treat me? Read after the cut to find out ...

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The first thing I noticed when I chanced upon their shop is the attractive interiors and how fun, and lively, and girlie it looks like. The setup is also rather different from regular shops I've been to.

Customers who avail foot spa and related services are strategically situated at the elevated area where there's a sink / washing area or whatever it's appropriately called (haha!) The other side of the area is where other regular customers are seated (i.e. manicure / pedicure treatments, and the likes). This is really innovative I believe.

Each customer is conveniently seated on cute, and colorful sofas and back and arm rests where relaxation is served at its finest! It's never boring inside because we also get a chance to do what we want to do while we are getting our services. The latest magazines are available for us to read; there's a flatscreen TV on each side of the wall playing DVD movies; we can also browse the web via their ipad; etc.

The regular servicing area ...

The elevated / wash area (under each foot rest comes the sink! Clever!)

iPad Access! Wee! Me on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

It's really a busy crew in here! Tons of customers to serve. Each of the staff come in with their bright, yellow, butter-y uniform with their cute crown headbands - the logo of the brand. I've been serviced by most of them already and I can say they are well educated about nail care and spa techniques. Their services on me are fast, neat, clean and efficient!

Each Buttercup or nail technician carries their own "kits" so you know they really value personalized services and you don't have to share their attention with other customers. They are focused on you. This is really worth the price you pay for them, I believe. The kits are complete with each nail care tools existing.

They're also highly organized with kits separated per package. Like for the spa services; notice the pink rubber tote bag below? They have tons of them in different colors and each bag has the spa tools in them, well prepared for each customer (i.e. towels, scrubs, lotion, tools, etc.) I think someone from their inside staff room is in charge of 'em. Well-prepared!

Since each set is complete, you don't have to worry about your services being incomplete in the end (like for example, missing the "minty massage" that's part of the package). They are properly rehearsed I guess. LOL. Or maybe not rehearsed but each staff really knows what they're doing.

Love this mint therapy! Soothing!

Some kind of lotion for a healthy massage! Relaxing!

The elevated area

Cuticle removal and nail polish session

You get to choose from a wide variety of nail polish from their display - whether at the counter or the sample nails. It is very noteworthy that they don't charge big extras even if you choose a known-brand like ORLY among others. Not sure if this is really a practice in all stores though or if it's dependent on package. So far for me, the L.A. Colors part of the package I choose suits me well. They have gel, matte, and other types of polish available.

And while waiting for my polish to dry; of course I get back to browsing via iPad. Pretty cool! See me browsing Facebook there? Haha. Looking at new shoes! Their dryer isn't the UV type so I don't have to worry about dryness, redness, nor skin darkening caused by the ultraviolet rays and stuff. I don't know what it's exactly called but it's just merely a fan - cold and hot air options. Ultimately, I just need like 5 minutes and voila! My nails are dry! No need for KWIK DRY anymore lah~

Some of the nail art options

More nail art options!

They also have other services for facial and body massage among others. Overall, you just need to choose how you want to pamper your self. It's really cool as well that each crew member knows how to upsell their products & services. Well trained! They also sell other nail care items from their partner brands and products displayed on their counters. I haven't really bought any yet LOL, so they probably aren't successful with me yet but since they're all kind and friendly, I'll buy from them in my future visits.

They also have interesting promos and cooperation that definitely gives the greatest discounts and affordable pricing for each customer. I can definitely say it's worth it! With the nail color choices and brand, the type of services, fast and efficient service; you get the value of what you pay for!

I can strongly recommend this shop to anyone. It is definitely the hippest destination for fashionable nails and luxurious pampering! They are true to their mission -- it is all about self-expression by way of beautification! Services live up to customer expectations; giving instant gratification via foot spas, paraffin treatments, customizable nail art, facials and hair removal and more!

Will I come back and bring friends? Of course! Highly recommended shop!
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
Visit the following for more information:

Do you have your shop recommendations too? Let me know on the comments field below. Have you visited Beauty and Butter stores too? Share your insights as well. :)


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