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Combat Dark Eye Circles with Etude House Eye's Cream

4/18/2013 08:52:00 AM Chai Chen 83 Comments

One of women's worst nightmares I guess is having dark eye circles, alongside deep eye bags, fugly eye packets / puffiness. Agree?

I just recently talked about one way to care for the areas around our eyes and using Etude House's Collagen Eye Patch may help for that care. But of course, that may not be enough right? Especially when you've already acquired those dark eye bags ... uuugghhh!!

Similarly, I also carry that burden. Don't be fooled by my outfit photos - of course I get good lighting and some of those taken by photographers are already post-processed. And with proper make up (ehem BB cream), they get carefully hidden with concealers as well. But with my bare face, especially with close up of my face / self capture photos - you can see that I have those imperfections too. Nobody's perfect and I've accepted that (more of, a fact anyway so that makes me feel lesser angst vs. my dark eye circles haha) and so should you so you start feeling better about your self. I do that too hehe. Of course, I've somehow prevented those dark circles from further worsening already so now you see me with better aura and the darkness have lessened, somehow ...

But then again, I know we all want to find ways to still help alleviate that problem right? We've read about those proper eye care and eye make up and beauty products to combat them. I personally have tried several other ways but of course, not all were effective. So how about this product from Etude House then? Let me share with you how I find it ...

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The one I'm using now is the Cooling Mint variant. This is actually my 2nd eye cream already. I've totally consumed the other one, Vanilla Moist.

That's how long I've been using this product so yes, somehow, I believe the product works. Because despite the fact that I almost-always have sleepless nights (or days since I work nights), using this have helped prevent further darkening than how dark it was already. And maybe, have even improved it.

The Vanilla Moist variant has a moisturizing, brightening, and anti-wrinkle formula that promotes youthful skin around the eyes. The Mint Cooling stick, on the other hand, is the one formulated to relieve dark patches and swelling around the eyes with an invigoratingly soothing sensation. It also has SPF30 that helps protect against harmful UV rays. That's the difference between the two (2) variants.

Should I have used them alternatively then? At the same time? Haha! Maybe! Since they have varying expected results - why not? Well right now, I'm only using one. On average, the stick lasts for about 3-4 months if I'm not mistaken (well that's also because I haven't used it regularly daily). With regular daily use, maybe it will last about a month or two? I should try hehe.

Yeah so that's what I'll do with my 2nd stick - use it daily and use it probably 2x a day (or more often?) - before work and before going to sleep. Sounds like a plan right? Hehe. The Mint Cooling stick is bigger than the other though. This should last me longer. (^_^)

Both packaging is very unique and cute and both have plastic cap covering before usage to prevent unnecessary glides I guess. Once opened, just remove the cap and twist to dispense stick. Then just glide over the lower eyelids, around the corners of the eyes, and below the eyes. Gently massage around the eyes by using your fingers - gently pat the cream into skin.

I love the effect of the Mint Cooling stick actually as it really has that "minty" effect without the sting on the eyes. The Vanilla Moist has a sweet smell and also doesn't sting. I prefer the minty one though as it feels better ... cooler on the eyes. Here's what the website has to say ...

It unclogs pores and smoothes skin to promote clear skin. It cleanses and soothes skin without irritation. A water soluble moisturizing agent with low alcohol content suitable for acne prone skin.  

It contains moisturizing ingredients, smooth the delicate skin surrounding your eyes and a 2-in-1 wrinkle free and under-eye circle free.  

Overall, I am satisfied with the results. Nothing happens overnight and with me consuming the other stick and now on my 2nd stick has a lot to show how I'm comfortable in using it. It takes time but the investment on skin seems worth it!

Good enough for repurchase and recommendation! Try it and care for your eyes too and smile and project better on camera!
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 Stars!!!)
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