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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Celebrity Style at the Oscars with eFoxCity - A Review

As I write this post, the Academy Awards Night / Oscars 2013 has not yet commenced and yes, I'm one of those who are eager to watch this much-awaited annual event.

Aside from the top actors and actresses winning for their caliber and talents; of course, we're all patiently waiting as to who will top the Best and Worst Dressed Lists once more. Fashion has definitely shaped how viewers look at the red carpet and I, for sure, am I of those guilty of such. From the astounding gowns to the sleek coat & tie attire we see, to even those street style fashion donned by celebrities; we're all scrutinizing and betting our picks. We all play favorites as well in terms of colors, designer, style, among others.

Of course, we all can't afford to get the exact, same designer gowns and outfits we see down the red carpet. I bet we'll all lose fame & fortune first to acquire one, an authentic one. LOL. I guess I'm speaking for myself haha. But thankfully, there are shops like efoxcity that offer cheap celebrity dresses like those we see in awards nights. The impossible, is now possible!

You've seen me write about them here before. They really have a good selection of products at affordable prices as they offer them at wholesale pricing. I've just received my first jewelry from them and I must say, it's really good! Allow me to share my thoughts on them in this post ...

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The pack came carefully packaged and properly labeled, well, except for the product type - in this photo you'll see it said "case" vs. gift or accessories or something. Nevertheless, it came in safe airtight packaging and has bubble wrap to protect the actual jewelry from scratches or breakage while getting shipped. Good job to that!

efoxcity packaging

The first thing I scrutinized as I opened the pack was how far the actual product looks from the ones advertised on the site. I must say I was fairly impressed as the product looks really good as it was on the website photos. There were no signs on tarnish nor breakage or defects as I received my jewelry.

White Heart OL Individual Small Exquisite Diamand Earring @ SP46529

It's pricing is definitely affordable and costs around the same as average fancy accessories in other retail shops and the malls. In fact, it even costs just half or a fraction of regular high street brands or mall shops around. And of course for me, I am grateful for them for giving me this item! It's so beautiful! Lovely accessories!

Actual vs. Advertisement

Wedding Dresses Less Than $200
I guess the only "con" I could say is the timeline it took for shipment & delivery. It took a little over a month before the product arrived at the local post office (Shipped December 13, arrived January 28 at the post office, and I got it on February 21); and almost another month before I actually got the product. But right now, all that matters now is that, I already have it and I can use it for my daily office attire or in awesome events! I'm happy to have received this cute item for efoxcity!

So how do we style this new product then? Well, I envision it to match any casual outfit given that it looks very versatile with its color. In gold and mainly white, it looks elegant and classy in its own little way. I believe this can also look good with any formal event / occasion. Remember the article I wrote last time? Get Ready for Your Prom & Homecoming Parties with - I'm sure this cute jewelry will also match any prom outfits. eFoxcity also offers high class and good quality, trendy, and in-style 2013 prom dresses so you have a one-stop-shop for your dress and jewelries altogether.

Did you know that you can also get your wedding dresses less than $200 from efoxcity? It's true! They have a wide-selection of wedding gowns, bridesmaids, and the whole wedding entourage gowns and dresses available at your home shopping / online shopping convenience! Amazing!

Oh well, before I plan my wedding too early (LOL) ... lemme just go back to the Oscars hehe. My cute earrings are definitely a good match as well. Here's how I styled my set ...

Angelina Jolie Look Oscars 2013 Ready with eFoxcity

Angelina Jolie Look Oscars 2013 Ready with eFoxcity

Peep toe heels

Skull handbag

Rose jewelry

Ippolita clear jewelry

H m
$4.57 -

H m
$6.10 -

Cream eyeliner
$5.74 -

Nars cosmetic
$33 -



Nude eyeshadow

Silver eye makeup



Russell’s blind Oscar picks

drop shadow


Cool styles huh? From casual to formal to the red carpet - I believe this cute piece of jewelry will fit. And I picked Angelina Jolie's look because ... well, she's just full of awesomeness! Sexy, sultry, classy, elegant ... and her outfit is always much-awaited as well. You can get her Oscars Looks as well from efoxcity as well and scout from the wide range of cheap celebrity dresses like these gowns.

So my take on this shop ...
CHAI'S VERDICT: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ (4 Stars!!!)

Do check out the following links to start your shopping right now! (^_^)

Do you have a review of this shop? Share them with me too! (^_^) If you're also on Polyvore - you can check out my creations and like my sets. We can also follow each other (^_^)

Who were your bets for the Oscars? Did they win? How about your fashion lists? Share them with me too! (^_^) And thank you efoxcity for this wonderful piece of jewelry!

EDIT: Didn't see Brangelina on the Oscars 2013 >.<



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